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32 tooth VROD pulley made by Fitzgerald Motorsports

by Editor on 01/25/19

32 tooth Vrod pulley made by Fitzgerald Motorsports

I'm really excited about the new 32 tooth pulley made by Scott Fitzgerald at Fitzgerald Motorsports. The majority of our riding is long distance and I've always thought it would be great if these V-Rods had a 6th gear, but unfortunately that is an impossibility. This 32T pulley will be as close as it can get by dropping the rpms and this will result in better millage. Big shout out to Scott for listening to his customer's needs and building these!

I've already pre-ordered mine because i think these will sell out quickly!

These will be ready for shipping on February 11, 2019.

Here's all the specs:

Price $280.00

Who doesn't want overdrive or a 6th gear on a VRod?
Well unfortunately it will never happen so the next best thing is purchasing a 32T Aluminum Pulley and HD Belt Kit from us.

Pulleys will be ready for shipment on February 11th, 2019!
  • Made from 6061 Billet Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • All Pulleys Receive HARD Coat Anodize treatment in Black this insures the pulley will last! (Pictures are the pulleys before anodizing.)
  • A new HD Belt is required for ALL Vrods bought in North America! This insures proper installation and more importantly proper tension.
  • Kit includes (1) 32T Pulley, (1) HD Belt, Hardware, and Detailed Installation Instructions
International VRod owners CLICK the 32T Pulley ONLY Option cost is $280USD plus shipping your VRSC is equipped with the proper belt length.

  • North American VRod Current Setup 28T Front at 60 MPH = 3860 RPM Equipped w our 32T Front at 60 MPH = 3380 RPM that is a difference of 480 RPMs
  • International VRod Current Setup 30T Front at 95 KM/H = 3605 RPM Equipped w our 32T Front at 95 KM/H = 3380 RPM that is a difference of 225 RPMs

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