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BEST Vrod exhaust and tuner

by Editor on 11/16/18

NEW VIDEO shot at the Columbia Icefield:

This "SuckerPunch" pipe from Fitzgerald Motorsports has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. The performance is outstanding and the sound is phenomenal, It's more than an exhaust system it's a work of art!
While talking with Scott Fitzgerald he asked if I had a tuner, I told him I didn't and asked what he recommended. The best tuner out there is made by Daytona Twin Tec LLC he said and it actually replaced the oem ECU.
I really liked that because many of the piggy back type tuners have problems.
Now, my thought on this was, if the guy who makes the best exhaust system recommends the DTT then that's the one for me!
After I got off the phone with Scott I immediately went to the Daytona Twin Tec's site to check out the tuner for myself and I was blown away!!!!

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