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Carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

by Editor on 03/27/20

I was very happy with the arrival of this carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover made by MDI Carbon Fiber. This will be a very nice addition the the rest of the carbon fiber parts on our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCcf V-Rod. 
One thing I wanted to do to it was find something to fill the hole for the ignition cylinder since mine had been relocated after the 5.3 Unlimited Engineering fuel tank was installed. I tried a lot of different things to fill that hole and wanted to find something that looked as how it would have come from the factory, then I finally found the perfect piece, a 100th anniversary handgrip end cap. Next thing to do was try and figure out a way for it to fit in there the way I wanted it to. Several different methods came to mind, then a few attempts with results making me thinking there must be a better way, then it hit me... I cut off approximately 3/4 of an inch off the soft rubber sleeve from the hard plastic tube of the grip, popped on the end cap and slid that into the hole allowing me to make the adjustments for precise fitment. 

carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

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