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Corbin Beatle Bags 2002 - 2006 Vrods saddlebags

by Editor on 08/20/22

For Sale:
These Corbin Beetle bags are even more rare than the Harley-Davidson hard shell saddlebags & are almost double in capacity size.
The colour is orange/orangey red/red, depending on the lighting. 
I was going to have them sanded down & painted 2 tone blue with graphics to match my CVO but the cost of the paint job has got me second guessing my initial thoughts...
That, and this blue CVO Vrod has become a money pit... I have sunk so much money into restoring this thing it's crazy and I keep finding more things wrong with it...
These Corbin saddlebags are no longer available & have been discontinued for quite some time, but when they were the price was $2,000USD + tax + shipping and were not painted. I don't mean this paint job I mean no paint at all on them....
When I bought them I was told they were in excellent condition, well I have a different opinion on that. On the inside of the lid on one of the saddle bags I noticed what appears to be a defect in the lid at the hinge site, still open and closes fine but not pristine like the other one. Also noticed what I would call spider web cracking in area of the bottom of the same lid (possibly dropped on the lid when handling?). Seems someone had made some homemade mounting brackets for them & in order to get them to fit they drilled an extra hole in each saddlebag, not too big of a deal, but WHY! Because of those brackets one of the saddlebags has made contact with the shock taking a small piece of the fibreglass off. Lastly there were no keys for the locks.
So I reached out to Corbin & they did a "special order" and made a set of original mounts for me. The brackets fit the bike perfectly BUT the studs don't match up to the holes on the saddlebags. I cut the one stud off that was out the most, then I was able to slide the bag onto the two studs but the shock doesn't line up in the well. Going to have to remove the two studs, secure the bag in the proper position for the shock & shock relief in the bag and also space the turn signal lens. Then I'll be able to put some bolts through the inside of the bags to see where the contact points are on the mounts on the bike and have the studs welded there, looks like they need to be moved a half inch to the right. Not a big deal just some extra tinkering.
The plan was to sand these down & paint them two tone dark candy blue and light candy blue with matching graphics airbrushed like the airbox and rear fender but just about when I found out how much that was going to cost....
I'm already into these bags for over a $1,300 USD and can't justify spending another $1,500 - $2,000 on a custom paint job.
So, like I mentioned at the beginning of this long post I'm thinking on selling them. 
Just looking to get the $1,300 I'm into them for.
Price $1,300USD + shipping and all PayPal fees. If you would like to buy them click here

corbin saddlebags for 02 06 vrod

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