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Custom derby cover

by Editor on 03/02/23

I decided to make a one of a kind design for the derby cover on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD. I have sent this design with a chrome derby cover to VicBaggers in Myrtle Beach and they will laser it on. 

click here for more on this restoration / show bike

Two-Tone Candy Blue and Dark Candy Blue 446 bikes produced in that colour.
The blue is the rarest and after calling Harley-Davidson customer service line they were able to break that number down further for me:

Out of the 446 VRSCSE CVO Vrods produced:
  • 325 were domestic USA
  • 36 were for California guidelines
  • 65 were HD International (assuming in kilometers but depends on country sent to. No information available on exact numbers of KPH and MPH
  • 20 were for Canada.
custom VRSCSE CVO VROD derby cover

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