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Kaleden abandoned hotel

by Editor on 09/04/21

While riding on Highway 97 I took the turn off at Kaleden to check out the lake and also to stop at the iconic Kaleden Hotel. First saw this on Global News during one of their "My Community" segments and wanted to see it in person, it did not disappoint! 

Kaleden Hotel British Columbia Canada

Here's some info I found online:

History of the Kaleden Hotel
The park itself gets its name from the shell of an old hotel that was built back in 1912 when Kaleden was in its heyday and was fast becoming a boomtown. The hotel only operated for two years until World War I broke out the hotel was forced to close its doors. The hotel never did reopen as improving roadways reduced the need to stop in Kaleden and the town never fully reclaimed its former glory. Over the years the empty hotel was stripped of anything valuable and now all that remains is the ghostly frame and the remnants of failed dreams. That being said it is a neat place to visit especially for history buffs.

source: https://www.exploratoryglory.com/travel-blog/kaleden-hotel-park-okanagan-valley-bc

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