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Love and Hate relationship

by Editor on 07/17/20

Love & hate relationship... Sometimes a picture doesn't tell the whole story....
While riding yesterday I went past the Glen Valley Regional Park and noticed that there wasn't anyone there, amazed, I turned around and went in. It was perfect opportunity for a photo op, or so I thought... 

Parked the bike as close to the bank as I safely could and with in seconds a swarm of relentless blood sucking mosquitos were in full attack mode. I was able to grab a couple of pics and a 15 second video clip for our Tic Tok account before I had to get out of there. 

Seems like I've always had a love hate relationship with mosquitos,  they love me and I hate them... 

I was the all you can eat buffet at the "Mosquito River Restaurant"

I got bit up pretty good so hopefully, you like the pic and enjoyed the back story.

Harley Davidson at the Fraser River 

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