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motorcycle tire punctured & blows out at 100kph

by Editor on 04/10/14

It was a great day for a ride yesterday, sun was out, heated gear plugged in and I had a couple of meetings in the Fraser Valley. The first was to pick up a Avon jacket from our sponsor Avon Tyres North America, had a short visit with a very cool lady. Then I was off to the Ruby Creek Art Gallery to meet Mike to discuss and upcoming video shoot for the gallery.
After wrapping up the meeting I headed out to Hope, grabbed some gas and started the ride back to the office. Then it happened......  at 100kph on the #1 Highway in Chilliwack I ran over something and it punctured and blew out my rear tire. Luckily I was approaching the Vedder exit and was able to pull of the highway and come to a safe stop. Within minutes a rider on a yellow/black Kawi stopped to see if I needed help, thank you Aris, it was very nice to meet you and I appreciate you taking the time to check on a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. 
I was approximately 1 1/2 kilometers from Mountainview Harley Davidson I called them at 5:10 and asked if they could send their truck and trailer to pick me up but it was in Surrey. Now how cool is this..... I asked him what time they are open until he replied 5:30, but don't worry, we'll stay here until you arrive. He asked exactly where I was and called O'Connor Towing and sent them to pick me up.

A BIG thank you to Jeff & Kyle for getting to me quickly and getting my bike safe and sound to the shop!

Here's a shot of the size of the blow out on the tire..... I'm guessing it was a bolt or something (what's your guess, add it to the comment) I had a mini air compressor and tire plug kit with me but because of the size of the hole I was unable to seal it myself to get to the shop.

When we arrived at at Mountainview Harley Davidson at approximately 6pm, the guys have already been waiting a half an hour past quitting time but you would never have known it. What a great bunch of guys, hand shakes, smiles, super friendly and helpful. They got my bike unloaded and safely tucked away into the shop. BUT it doesn't stop there... They asked how was I getting home, I'm not sure yet, where do you live, Aldergrove. No problem I live there says John and offers me a ride home!!!!!!
BUT it doesn't stop there... While on the drive home John offers to take the AVON tire I have at my house to the shop in the morning to save me the trip, how cool is that!!!!

AS much as it sucked having the tire blow out yesterday, It couldn't have worked out any better. Normally I'm out of cell service on rides (got to get a satellite phone) but this time I was lucky... 

I am very grateful to be safe and sound and appreciate the help of Aris, for stopping. Jeff & Kyle of O'Connor Towing and especially to Mountainview Harley Davidson staff members Dave, Jack, Murray and John. (I'm missing another name) You all went above and beyond customer service, thank you so much for all your help, it's greatly appreciated.

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1. Sukoshi Fahey said on 4/10/14 - 10:56AM
Jeff, glad you had such friendly service in the Fraser Valley. My Mom will get a kick out of being called a cool lady.
2. Dale said on 4/11/14 - 08:11AM
Looks like metal shrapnel for sure.
3. Aris said on 4/12/14 - 02:59AM
Hi Jeff! Thanks for the kind words...I'm not sure how much i helped, but I never like to leave a rider stranded. Sometimes it's nice just to have some company while you're waiting for a tow truck (been there). I'm just glad you're OK, no one wants a blowout on the highway at 100kmh. But it was nice to meet you and learn about this site and your program. I'll be checking it out! Oh and it's awesome to hear that Mountain View Harley Davidson went above and beyond the call of duty for you. I can't afford a Harley, but really want one, so it looks like Mountain View is the place to go! Stay safe Jeff!

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