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by Editor on 10/09/21

Here's a picture after cleaning her up a bit, I'll be doing a full "OCD clean & polish' over the winter. more pictures here.

2003 Harley-Davidson Two Tone Sterling Silver and Black 100th Anniversary VRSCA V-ROD 
Odometer Reading: 23,480 kilometres. I'm the third owner & the gentleman I bought it from had it for six weeks, decided to sell because it was to small for him. (He was a very big man)

  • Genuine Harley-Davidson Accessories:
  • 100th Anniversary Clutch Cylinder Cover p/n 34812-03
  • 100th Anniversary Derby Cover Kit p/n 25373-03
  • Chrome Billet Sprocket p/n 4019-01
  • Chrome Front Sliders 46526-02A
  • Chrome Swingarm p/n 48410-01A
  • Chrome Swingarm Pivot Bolt Covers p/n 48893-01
  • Chrome Upper Belt Guard p/n 60469-01
  • Chrome Lower belt Guard p/n 60484-01A
  • Chrome Rear Axle Cover p/n 45621-02
  • Chrome Front Axle Nut Covers p/n 43317-01
  • Chrome Coolant Hose Cover Kit p/n 29770-01
  • Chrome Upper Fork Stem Cover Kit p/n 46213-02
  • Chrome Billet Cam Cover Medallion Kit p/n 44497-02
  • Oil Temperature Dipstick p/n 26962-01A
  • Nylon Saddlebags p/n 91441-06
  • Saddlebag Mounting Hardware Kit p/n 91440-06
  • Chrome Fender Baseplate p/n 51120-01A
  • Chrome Luggage Rack p/n 51119-01A
  • Chrome Luggage Rack and Sissy Bar Hardware Kit p/n 94112-04
  • Tallboy Rider Seat and Pillion p/n 52927-05
  • Smooth Look Touring Passenger Backrest Pad p/n 51783-07
  • Low Sissy Bar Upright p/n 51126-01A
  • Quick-Release Detachable Touring Windshield p/n 57211-05
  • Headlamp Visor p/n 67750-88T and visor Screw p/n 3383
  • Chrome Engine Guard Kit p/n 49267-01
  • Chrome Billet Muffler Clamp Kit p/n 65271-03
  • Screaming Eagle Slip On Mufflers: Top p/n 65028-02 Bottom p/n 65015-02
  • Custom Hand Control Lever Kit p/n 45533-02
  • Rider Slotted Chrome and Rubber Custom Footpegs p/n 43280-01
  • Passenger Slotted Chrome and Rubber Custom Footpegs p/n 43280-01
  • Slotted Chrome Shifter Lever p/n 34555-01A
  • Slotted Chrome Rear Brake Lever p/n 42964-01A
  • Rear Master Cylinder Chrome Banjo Bolt Cover
  • Slotted Polished Stainless Steel Gear Shift Linkage 33796-02
  • Contoured Chrome and Rubber Hand Grips p/n 56799-04 (small)
  • Chrome Jiffy Stand p/n 49742-01
  • Chrome Pin for Jiffy Stand p/n 49742-01
  • Chrome Cam Tension Bolt p/n 17673-02
  • Polished Stainless Steel Foot Peg Mounting Pins p/n 42679-01 (rider)
  • Polished Stainless Steel Foot Peg Mounting Pins p/n 42679-01 (passenger)
  • Chrome Rider FootPeg Mounting Kit p/n 50809-02A
  • Chrome Rear Passenger Foot Peg Brackets p/n 51000-02
  • Chrome H-D Motor Co Logo Allen Head Hole Plugs p/n 94529-95
  • Chrome H-D Motor Co Logo Allen Head Hole Plugs p/n 94531-95
  • Three Ignition Keys
Bike also came with:
  • 5.3 Gallon Unlimited Engineering Fuel Tank (new in the box)
  • Unlimited Engineering Lock Ring Tool
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Electric Vest Wiring Harness
  • LED Headlight
  • LED Turn Signal and Running Light Replacing 1157 Bulbs
  • LED Turn Signal and Running Light Replacing 1156 Bulbs
  • Tab Performance Slash Cut Exhaust Pipes (Baffled)

Two tone sterling silver and black harley davidson 100 anniversary VRSCA VROD

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