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Selfie cam build

by Editor on 11/16/19

Now that the front & rear cameras are built, tested and proven on the carbon fiber Vrod it's time to tackle the selfiecam. It's important on the build to keep it stealthy & as clean looking as possible. First off I had to see if there was enough room behind the carbon fiber nose cowl to fit the SONY HXR-MC1 professional video head at the angle needed. There was but without much room to spare, so it was over to the box of previous camera builds to find some material to start the mock up procedure. This has allowed me to make up a cardboard template that I'll transfer over to 3x3x1/4 aluminium angle to support the video held and mounting plate & that will be attached to a piece of 2 inch 1/4 aluminum flat bar, head in place with 5/16 stainless steal ready-rod. 

here's the link to the video I posted on our TikTok feed. click here

cardboad template for selfiecam

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