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VROD exhaust alignment issues

by Editor on 06/10/22

Still finding things that make me shake my head on the VRSCSE CVO VROD.
After throughly cleaning the auxiliary volume mating tubes and applying anti seize the lower muffler slid into place with ease. 
The top however is another story...
The large tube slide in easily but when it got to the smaller tube just clunked edges. I tried all possible angles, wiggling and a healthy amount of swearing but to no avail...
Looking inside with a flashlight shows the small tube appears to be bent...
Then it all started to make sense, whoever changed the rear tire last must have tried to force it on and bent the smaller inner tube. Which is the reason there was such a large gap between the clamps and collector & also how and why the front muffler mounting bolt was stripped as it was forced in.
Not sure why people do stuff like this...
I should be able to go get a pice of tubing slide it and bend it back to where it should be easily enough but still makes me shake my head...

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