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by Editor on 12/03/21

After sanding the front wheel the last couple of days, decided to take a break & let the elbow grease regenerate. Shifted my attention to detailing the front fender assembly.

First thing I did was to spray the four nuts on the underside of the fender with a little penetrating oil, then removed them separating the chrome mounting bracket and fender. 

Next I cleaned all the parts with Harley spray cleaner.

Then I polished the chrome with Mothers and also use their 3 stage waxing system on the Sterling Silver painted fender. I also used a small amount of AutoSol where needed to remove marks in the chrome.

(I know some of you are wondering if I did the underside of the fender? No of course not that would be crazy) (Okay, I confess I did)
The four fender fasteners were also cleaned of the old loc-tite and new blue loc-tite was applied on reassembly.

Here it is reassembled and fully detailed ready for installation. 

VROD front fender

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