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Vrod wheels dilemma

by Editor on 09/04/20

So excited to have these wheels back from Ruthless Designz after they cut their #930 design that I placed them by the bike to see how they'll look. 

Love it, but now I've reached somewhat of a dilemma, my intention was to sand and polish them by hand and then install them, but that takes a lot of time. Being that it's already September 4th,  part of me is saying put them on now and enjoy the rest of the riding season with them on the bike and sand & polish in the winter. 

Having the wheels in their current state without tires and rotors is perfect to do the work. If I put them on now I'd being paying to have the tires installed, then pay again in the winter to have the tires removed to do the sanding and polishing, and then pay again to have the finished wheels installed again... 

The dilemma...

vrod wheels mock up

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