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Wildfire damage in British Columbia

by Editor on 09/05/21

The wildfires in British Columbia have been very bad this year and have been all over the news and social media. I decided to take a ride up McKinney Road towards Mount Baldy to shoot a video of the damage they caused. It was a very eerie riding when every corner would reveal another part of the fire's path. Some areas were completely ravished while others untouched, while the next area's trees were scorched on one side only...

There were many places I wanted to stop for a picture, but there was nowhere to pull over, or too much incline, or the shoulder was too soft, finally this spot was safe enough.

motorcycle in wildfire aftermath British Columbia Canada

The NK'Mip wildfire is still 20,066 Hectares in size and stretches from Osoyoos to Oliver British Columbia Canada.
Thank you to the brave Men and Women who risk their lives battening this wildfire and the rest in our Province. 

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