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Worlds Largest Gnome

by Editor on 04/06/19

Have you ever seen the World's largest gnome?
We did in February when we were travelling on Vancouver Island to attend my Grand Mother's 100th Birthday.

This is Howard, 

Guinness World records info:
"The largest garden gnome measures 7.91 m (25 ft 11 in) tall and was created by Ron Hale (Canada). It was built in 1998, but was measured for the record on 19 August 2009. The gnome was part of an amusement park that no longer exists. It is currently standing on the grounds of a petrol station. The gnome's maintenance is a condition of sale for the land deeds for the property, giving it legal protection and assuring that it will remain as a permanent fixture."

This big guy has been in the news lately, CTV reports:

"After 21 years waving on passersby in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island, the world's 'largest garden gnome' is in need of a new home."

UPDATE: He now has a new home in Saanich awaiting his arrival!

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