MDI Carbon Fiber Rear Fender for Harley Davidson V Rod.

All our carbon fiber Front Fender are made with an Autoclave process, which uses the highest quality TORAYCA® PREPREG carbon fiber fabric from Japan.
More information on the manufacturers specifications: Finishes and Materials!

Cures at 400 degrees and a pressure of 5Kg/cm. One of the most advanced techniques for making composite components is by using PrePreg carbon fiber reinforcement, cured under heat and pressure to produce professional quality Rear Fender parts with a high quality surface finish, low resin content and excellent structural performance for your Harley Davidson V Rod.

UV protective coating and hand-polished to a perfect finish.
Maximum strength and durability.
Quick and easy assembly.
Most of our products are direct bolt-on replacement of OEM Harley Davidson parts.
Lighter and stronger than the original V Rod plastic parts
3 months limited warranty, unless product is drilled, scratched, painted, or altered in any way
SKU: HA005

Carbon fiber freny fender for VROD

Harley Davidson Carbon Fiber V Rod Rear Fender Mudguard Hugger Fits V Rod mod
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MDI Carbon Fiber
VROD Carbon fiber front fender
MDI Carbon Fiber front fender weight: 460 grams

HD stock anodized front fender weight: 503 grams