When searching out an exhaust system for our Vrods we did a deep dive to research out who made the best and Fitzgerald Motorsports was the answer. While talking with Scott he asked if I had a tuner, I told him I didn't & asked what he recommended.
The best tuner out there is made by Daytona Twin Tec he said and it actually replaced the oem ECU.
I really liked that because many of the piggy back type tuners have problems.

Now, my thought on this was, if the guy who makes the best exhaust system recommends the DTT then that's the one for me!

After I got off the phone with Scott I immediately went to the Daytona Twin Tec's site to check out the tuner for myself and I was blown away!!!!


Daytona Twin Tec VRFID Gen 4 EFI System
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VRFI Features and Benefits

· Fully programmable plug-in replacement for 36 pin Delphi® controller with J1850 data bus.

· Quickly auto-tune fuel curves for front and rear cylinders on a dyno or on-road with new WEGO IIID dual channel wide-band oxygen sensor interface

· Robust alpha-N (throttle position and RPM based) fuel control eliminates problems with long duration/high overlap camshafts

· Extended data logging and diagnostics. DataFLASH memory stores full 60 minutes of operating data at 10 samples/second.

· Powerful Windows software for custom programming and data analysis

· Programmable user input for functions such as two stage RPM limiter, nitrous retard, and shift kill

· Programmable user output for functions such as shift light, nitrous activation, and electric shifter

· Billet aluminum housing with black anodized finish

· Easy plug-in installation

Major VRFI Advantages over Competitive Systems

· Real-time and continuous auto-tuning with monitoring, control and override capability. No other commercially available system offers all these capabilities. For a more in-depth explanation of what this means and why it so important, please visit the VRFI Tech FAQ.

· User friendly PC Link software with 3-D graphics and easy spreadsheet editing capabilities. For example, changing a block of cells in our advance table takes only a few mouse clicks. But don't take our word for it, check it out yourself. Download and play around with our PC Link VRFI software. Then try the same editing in the ThunderMax® SmartLink software and draw your own conclusions.

· Built-in data logging. Competitive ThunderMax® systems lack built-in data logging. Without built-in data logging, it is almost impossible to diagnose real-world problems. Download our VRFI Log software and look at the sample data logging file.

· Knowledgeable and prompt technical support. At Daytona Twin Tec, you can always reach a technician during normal business hours. You won't be told to send an email and wait for a response. In some situations, we may ask you to email us your current setup file and a data logging file that shows the problem, but an initial conversation is always with a trained technician. After hours and weekend support is available for racers.  
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Daytona Twin Tec
If your looking for the best tuner for your bike, look no further than this Daytona Twin Tec VRFID Gen 4 EFI System It is a complete replacement for the stock ECU from Harley-Davidson. All of the components are of the highest quality and the interface is user friendly with the programming options necessary for all applications. Autotune is one of my favorite attributes and being able to log and review data is important to every rider.
I've ridden many kilometers with the DTT tuner and in all kinds of conditions from below freezing temperatures to extreme heat of 41c. Elevation variances from sea level to the Rocky Mountains, and ridden in extreme heavy rain for hours on end. This tuner has performed flawlessly no mater what I've thrown at it!