Gerbing's Heated Clothing has been keeping us safe and warm since 2005, and our choice for heated motorcycle gear years before they were our sponsors.
Gerbing's high performance heated riding gear has kept us warm since our 2006 motorcycle ride across Canada.

For a full list of all Gerbing's heated clothing that we use, visit our 2011 equipment list. Each item will link directly to Gerbing's site for a full description.
Vridetv would like to thank our sponsor Gerbing's Heated Clothing, for their continued sponsorship for the 2011 riding season. Visit their website at:
Made from a perspiration-wicking 4-way stretch material, these socks are the ultimate in cold weather comfort for your feet.
First, they're extra tall, so they ride up over your calf. No matter how tall or short your boots are, these socks work. Second, the socks are cut specifically for left and right feet, so they fit you even more snugly to deliver extra heat, particularly to your toes. Finally, that heat comes from Gerbing's patented Microwire heating system, with wires so thin you won't feel them. And with heat delivered both above and below your feet, you'll be riding wrapped in soothing comfort.

Gerbing's Heated Socks
Key Features
  • Avaliable in Black
  • Wide elastic top band
  • Constructed with 4 way stretch wicking fabric
  • Heat is on the bottom of the sock toward the toes and on the top toward the toes
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology that uses micro-sized heating fibers to surround the foot with warmth.
  • Lifetime warranty on the Microwire® heating elements
Gerbing's Heated Clothing has done it again, they have designed the perfect heated sock!
I slid these over my riding socks with ease, they went up to my knee and stayed in place with the elastic cuff. I plugged them into my Gerbing XE heated pants, the microwire heated up instantly providing the warmth that make a person smile.
OK now for the big question: Are they comfortable? Answer: Definitely, the fit is great and the soft cushion padding makes the microwire virtually unnoticeable. I'm looking forward to wearing these for this riding season.
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Gerbing's Heated Socks
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