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Moto Hooligan airbox for the Harley Davidson V-Rod. Completely replaces the factory air box.  Includes all hardware and instructions. Gains of 3-5 HP have been seen without extra tuning over the stock box topless with K&N and SE filter.  More dyno results will be posted as they become available.  Comes in black anodized or raw aluminum. Fits all V-Rod models with 53mm & 58mm throttle bodies including the Muscle.

Moto Hooligan Airbox
This airbox looks like a sculpture, a piece of art, the craftsmanship is outstanding, the design is flawless and the fact that it adds between 3-5 horsepower is the icing on the cake!
The amount of air that can now be consumed is an enormous amount compared to the stock snorkel. The difference is like a person breathing through a straw, then taking a breath with out the straw...

I really like the fact that the MotoHooligan has all aluminum parts the stock HD components are all plastic... there is also so much more room is now available, re & re of the battery is so much easer,  I can now get at the ground wires attached to the cylinder heads, they can loosen off over time, easy access the idle screw, and also makes it easier to run additional wiring for accessories.

I've seen a lot of pictures online but it wasn't until I had one in my hands that I could truly appreciate the amount of machining and engineering that went into these!
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MotoHooligan Airbox
MotoHooligan Airbox
Moto Hooligan air intake for VROD