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Here are some of the key features. Mustang’s Sport Touring seats offer riders and passengers the comfort of a touring seat with a sporty, stylish look. The 14” wide solo angles back to hold the driver into the pocket and keep him from sliding forward, with more than an inch of increased leg room. Passenger seats are thicker than stock. Mustang recommends using the improved sissy bar pad for best fit. The rear seat is supported by internal steel support wings to hold up the full width of the foam. Mustang solos and rear seats can not be mounted alone and will not fit with Harley solos and rear seats.

Front Width: 14"
Rear Width 12"
Weight: 11 lbs
Part Number: 75885

Mustang Seats Vintage Two-Piece, No Studs
for Harley-Davidson® VRSCA & VRSCB 2002-2006
As soon as our camera bike returned from the shop I removed the old seat to make room for this Mustang Vintage Two-Piece seat. Installation only took a few minutes using a 13mm wrench for the passenger's seat and two 10mm wrenches for the rider's. Both seats fit very well, hugging the frame and fender nicely, I took a few steps back and liked what I saw.
Now it's time to for the fun part, go riding......
I've put on over 60 thousand kilometers on this seat and it literally save my _ _ _. Best seat ever!
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