O ring will need to be ordered from a Harley-Davidson dealer.
• Made in America by Americans for your American motorcycle.
• 5.3 US Gallons (20 Liters) after normalization*. This will yield approximately 5 1/4 gallons of useable fuel capacity which is a 54% increase over stock useable of 3.4 gallons - almost 2 gallons.
• State of the art molding process gives unparalleled safety. The crash testing lab performed tests to American and European safety standards. The tank passed easily. They were instructed to increase the forces until the tank failed. They were unable to achieve a failure even when hitting the tank with many times the force set forth in the standards - they maxed out their equipment without failure.
• Relocates the ignition out from under your butt to an easy to reach and much more natural position for the key.
• Included parts to stop the key fob from flapping in the wind.
• Retains normal operation of the ignition and seat latch.
• Designed to fit 2002-2006 VRSCA, B, D, SE and SE2 models.

Included in the kit:
  • SuperTank
  • Tank Strap
  • NASCAR developed thermal barrier
  • Ignition Relocation kit
  • Ignition bracket
  • Ignition wire harness extension
  • Extended seat release cable
  • misc hardware
  • Skid Plate kit
  • Formed skid plate
  • Aluminum Rivets
  • 3/16" drill bit
  • Misc hardware
  • Detailed installation instructions

Unlimited Engineering 5 Gallon kit for 2002-2006 V-Rods
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5 Gallon Tank kit

Vridetv's shop sponsor Sidecar Cycles is installing the 5 gallon kit for us, here's a few pictures.
This is without a doubt the BEST upgrade you can do to your V-rod. It's so nice to be able to carry 54% more fuel and pass gas stations that I used to have to stop at....
Alan at Sidecar Cycles now V-Twin Audio said the installation went very smoothly and that the detailed instruction were spot on!
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