We are teaming up with the best of the best in the motorcycle industry to transform
this stock V-Rod into the ultimate touring motorcycle...
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Liberty Sport
2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod VRSCA 100 year Anniversary Motorcycle

V-Rod Specifications Engine and transmission
Displacement: 1130.00 cm (68.95 cubic inches)
Engine type: V2 REVOLUTION
Stroke: 4
Torque: 105.00 Nm (10.7 kgf-m or 77.4 ft.lbs) @ 6600 RPM
Compression: 11.3:1
Bore x stroke: 100.0 x 72.0 mm (3.9 x 2.8 inches)
Fuel system: Injection
Cooling system: Liquid

Physical measurements
Fuel capacity: 14.00 litres (3.7 gallons)
Dry weight: 285.0 kg (628.3 pounds)
Seat height: 660 mm (26.0 inches)
Overall length: 2,377.4 mm (93.6 inches)
Ground clearance: 141 mm (5.6 inches)
Wheelbase: 1713.2mm (67.5 inches)
Saddle height: 660.4 mm (26.0 inches)

Avon Cobra Touring Tyres
Front tire dimensions: 120/70ZR-19
Rear tire dimensions: 180/55ZR-18

Daytona Twin Tec
TCFID Gen 4 Fuel Injection controller. P/N 17500 direct link

Fitzgerald Motorsports
"SuckerPunch" Exhaust System direct link
Ceramic Coated Heat Shields and stainless steel hose clamps

MotoHooligan Airbox + /K&N hiflow filter

Progressive Suspension 444 Series Shocks: 444-4057C
Progressive Suspension Fork Spring Kit: 11-1525

PIAA LP270 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit: 73272
PIAA: Xtreme white plus bulb H11:15211 (low beam)
PIAA: Xtreme cool blue white plus bulb H9:70955 (high beam)
PIAA: Miniature Xtreme white plus bulb 1157 (fr. signals/brake)
PIAA: Miniature Xtreme white plus bulb 1156 (rear signals)

Pingel Steering stabilizer: 9040

Super Brace: Fork stabilizer. Product ID: 5192

Unlimited Engineering Super V 5 gallon conversion kit: 2020D

Harley-Davidson Leather Saddlebag kit  90956-02a (Replaced)
Harley-Davidson Saddlebags: color-matched molded: 91492-01BDJ
Harley-Davidson Touring rider seat
Harley-Davidson Touring passenger pillion: 52023-01a
Harley Davidson 100th anniversary V-rod backrest pad: 53315-03
Harley-Davidson Passenger back rest pad 52748-02 (Replaced)
Harley-Davidson Fender Base plate kit: 51156-06 Chrome
Harley-Davidson Chrome Hardware kits - VRSC
Harley-Davidson Chrome sissy bar upright: 51162-06
Harley-Davidson Chrome Hardware kit - sissy bar 94112-04
Harley-Davidson Chrome luggage rack 51119-01A
Harley-Davidson Chrome Hardware kit -  luggage rack 94263-04
Harley-Davidson Chrome Contoured Tour Pack Rack: 79148-06A
Harley-Davidson Chrome coolant hose cover kit: 29770-01
Harley-Davidson Chrome oil temperature dipstick VRSC: 62962-01A
Harley-Davidson Chrome upper belt guard: 60469-01
Harley-Davidson Chrome lower belt guard: 60484-01A
Harley-Davidson Foot pegs: Slotted chrome and rubber: 43280-01
Harley-Davidson Foot peg heel rests: 50227-01
Harley-Davidson Willie G heel rest pegs: 34699-04
Harley Davidson 100th anniversary hand grips: 56679-02
Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary clutch cylinder cover: 34812-03
Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary derby cover kit: 25373-03
Harley Davidson Vrod polished stainless steel gear shift linkage. V-ROD scripted: 33867-02
Harley-Davidson Chrome Rear Axle covers: 45621-02
Harley-Davidson Chrome Front Axle covers: 43317-01
Harley-Davidson Chrome passenger footpeg brackets: 51000-02
Harley-Davidson Chrome rear master cylinder cover kit: 42204-04
Harley-Davidson Chrome tail light cover: 68478-05
Harley-Davidson Chrome Contoured Headlamp Trim Visor: 69236-04
Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator: 74494-02
Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator cover: 74497-03
Harley-Davidson Chrome hardwear for original equipment shocks: 54013-04
Harley-Davidson Battery Tender: 750mA Supersmart: 94654-98B
It took a lot of elbow grease but I was able to bring the chrome back to life on this 1130cc Revolution engine.My favourite Harley Davidson emblem ever....Front camera mount fitted, now it's time to disassamble for fine tunning and polishingFront & Rear camera mounts mocked up, PIAA lights installed, SuperBrace installed, Avon cobra tyres mounted. and last but not least the "Unicorn" saddlebags are installed. Why Unicorn? They were brand new in the box stashed away at Wilkins HD for the last 12 years... Before and after shot of the front wheel. This rim was badly pitted from years of neglect by the previous owner, but with a lot of elbow grease and Autosol aluminum polish I was able to bring it back to how it should look.Project Vrod being dropped off by Trev Deeley Motorcycles after the crew at TDMC Customs performed a safety inspection on the bike and fixed all the problems they found.PIAA's new LP270 2.75" LED Driving Light Kit mounted
Two LEDs running at total 8.5W  for low power draw
Reflector Facing Technology puts more light where the driver needs it
6000K White Color Temperature to replicate daylight
SAE Compliant Long Range Driving beam pattern for superior visibilityPingel Steering Stabilizer mounted and ready to go! These aren't just for drag racing, there are many benefits for everyday riding noticeable at low and highway speeds and definitely in the corners. LOVE this stabilizer!!!SUPERBRACE: The Ultimate fork stabilizer
Improves stability in tight cornering
Reduces low and high speed wobbles
Improves tire life and reduces cupping
Improves steering precision and handling
Decreases sensitivity to rough road surfaces and rain grooves.Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear is an official sponsor of #ProjectVrod  So much chrome you're going to need a pair of Piston glasses just to look at it!!!!
Check out Liberty Sport's full lin of biker glasses from their Rider collection at LibertySport.comFour pics on the progress of the rear cam mounting brackets. All hand tools: hacksaw, drill. files. sandpaper and lots of elbow grease.I originally had 1 inch by 1/4 aluminum flatbar supports but had some flex in them when the camera plate was mounted and tightened down. These 1 inch by 3/8 supports did the trick!Rear camera mount complete with camera plate, camera case, tour pack luggage rack and quick release tripod clips.Project Vrod sponsors:
TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles
Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America
Progressive Suspension
Liberty Sport
Unlimited Engineering
SuperBraceFriday the 13th test ride for Project Vrod2003 Harley-Davidson Vrod equipped with: HD saddlebags, Avon tyres, Pingle steering stabilizer, PIAA led lights, Superbrace, Ortlieb cmaera bag, more parts still to be installed from Progressive Suspension & Unlimited Engineering.were given to me by a friend over 20 years ago. I have had them on my shovel head chopper, a wheelchair, walker, crutches, canes and for 152,000 kms on a 2003 Harley Davidson Vrod that went across Canada from coast to coast. Now they are going on ProjectVrodEngineering has sent their newest version, the 2020D, Five gallon conversion kit  for Project Vrod. That's right we're building another 2003, 100th anniversary VRSCA Harley Davidson Vrod.
This tank  holds an astonishing 53% more fuel than the stock tank!  Project Vrod sponsors:
TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles
Avon Motorcycle Tyres North America
Progressive Suspension
Liberty Sport
Unlimited Engineering
SuperBraceWe are very proud to have Avon Tyres North America as an official sponsor of Project Vrod. We have been riding exclusively on Avon cobras for the last 5 years & love them. Best tyres I'v ever had!The bike is running great thanks to the crew at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver. This 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary Vrod is getting close to completion, many of the sponsored accessories are installed and the tank and shocks are next!Motorcycle ride to Fort Langley, the birthplace of British columbia.We've equipped Project Vrod with Harley-Davidson Saddlebags: color-matched molded: 91492-01BDJ. Waterproof bags from Ortlieb USA including five Protect camera bags, three Aquacam camera bags and and Moto Zip'N Go Duffle. I am very pleased to announce Progressive Suspension's continued sponsorship of Vridetv for 2016. They have sent their 444 rear shocks and fork springs for Project VrodProgressive Suspension 444 Heavy Duty shocks mounted on #ProjectVordHarley-Davidson 100th Anniversary clutch cylinder cover: 34812-03 VROD VRSCAHarley-Davidson 100th Anniversary derby cover kit: 25373-03 VROD VRSCAHarley Davidson 100 anniversary vrod backrest pad 53315-03.jpg
VRSCA touring This jet airplane is at the entrance to the Abbotsford International Airport YXX, I could't ride past without taking a pic.

Harley Davidson Vrod vs JetBiker Umbrella... Waiting out the rain underneath the Golden Ears Bridge.Fort Langly National Historic SiteMotorcycle camera rig proven to be steady and reliable.Two-bit Bat in Glen Valley Regional Park in Langley, British Columbia Canada.Our interpretation of a V-Rod BaggerIt looks so naked without all our camera gear....Harley Davidson Classic Chrome axel covers. part number: 44117-07AOur choice of video head is the Manfrotto 500AH on a carbon fiber tripod. We've bult a quick release mounting system for our motorcycleThat silver post is the borderline between Canada and the United States2016 was an exciting year as we took a stock 2003 Harley-Davidson V-rod and began transforming in into the ultimate touring motorcycle. We teamed up with some of the very best in the motorcycle industry and the results were exactly what we had hoped!
Now that 2017 has arrived we are entering Stage 2The devil is in the details.... These rear axle covers finish of the polished swingarm nicely.  

Harley-Davidson Chrome Rear Axle covers: 45621-02What an incredible way to start my day.
Trev Deeley Motorcycles dropped off my bike at 7:30 after the team at TDMC Customs installed this SuckerPunch Exhaust System from Fitzgerald Motorsports & a tuner from Daytona Twin Tec.
Special thanks Scott "The Vrod Guru" Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald MotorspotsA friend gave me a 100th anniversary secondary clutch actuator cover but it had a large dent on the top. There was no way to repair the dent so I cut out the centre and now use it as a fork stem cap.The only thing I don't like about this suckerpunch pipe from Fitzgerald motorsports is: When I blow a shift, everyone hears it...... Lol, true story... My bad, not theirs...The lower legs have been needing some TLC for a long time, scratchesfrom rocks, road debris and the previous owners kids liked leaning their bikes against Dad's bike...

Wet & dry sandpaper starting with 320 grit, 400, 800, 1000, 2000 then polished with Autosol, a soft cloth & elbow greaseSliders polishedDaytona Twin Tec VRFID Gen 4 EFI SystemHarley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator: 74494-02Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator cover: 74497-03Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator cover: 74497-03Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator: 74494-02


Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator cover: 74497-03Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator: 74494-02


Harley-Davidson Chrome voltage regulator cover: 74497-03
Harley-Davidson Chrome hardwear for original equipment shocks: 54013-04
Harley-Davidson Chrome hardwear for original equipment shocks: 54013-04
Harley-Davidson shifter pedal spacer: 34747-04

Harley-Davidson shifter pedal: 34696-04Harley-Davidson shifter pedal spacer: 34747-04

Harley-Davidson shifter pedal: 34696-04Vrod rear master cylinder cover kit in chrome.
part number: 42204-04
This bullet-shaped chrome cover is designed to add a custom look while hiding the working components of the V-Rod rear master cylinder. The two-piece design covers both the brake line banjo bolt and the cartridge housingFinally got a rear master cylinder chrome cover kit 42204-04 for our VROD. These are extremely difficult to find & when you do they fetch top dollar...Moto Hooligan airbox for the Harley Davidson V-Rod. Compleetly replaces the factory air box.  Includes all hardwear and instructions. Gains of 3-5 HP have been seen without extra tuning over the stock box topless with K&N and SE filter.  More images and details in our review sectionBirds eye view of what you see when the airbox cover and filter assembly has been removed.I initially rode past this freshly cut field and thought that it looked pretty cool, decided to turn around for a photo thinking the contrast of the straight lines of the field & round lines of the bike would have a nice contrast.
Stock mirrors and signal lights before Muscle mirror conversionI just couldn't bring myself to cut into the stock wiring of my 2003 Vrod, so I picked up  6 socket connectors from Harley & 3 feet of dual wire with outer jacket. Then I opened up the multi-lock connector pulled out the stock 3 wire signal light wiring & replaced it with this harness.Before
stock 2003 Vrod mirrors & signal lights.

2014 Vrod Muscle mirrors with integrated  LCD signals.It was pretty awesome rolling into Allison Lake Provincial Park and be the only ones there!
That picnic table was a perfect spot for a saddlebag lunch.
We are looking forward to staying at the Comfort Inn & suites in Merritt this riding season while we film in their area.
Here's a closer look at our 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA Vrod camera bike equipped with 3 Sony Professional Video Cameras that we use to shoot VRIDETV
Fitzgerald Motorsports
Daytona Twin Tec
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Underneath the Golden Ears BridgeI've ridden over the Mission Bridge many times but this was the first time riding under it. This was a great little park for a pic and a cold water from the saddlebags!Genuine Harley-Davidson colour-matched radiator cover and spoiler part number: 57621-06DH vivid blackOur 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA VROD has come a long way since we bought it.
Here's a before and after with all the changes and mods up to date. There will be more work invested into it over the upcoming winter and we'll be posting the progress updates here and in social mediaWhen it comes to customizing a motorcycle I'm a firm believer that, "the Devil's in the details" it's the little things that make the over all presentation pop.  Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports has come through once again with this beautiful cam tensioner cover! It happened again,
I fell down the rabbit hole of sanding and polishing. What started out as sanding out a couple of marks on this brake arm, turned into a full blown OCD marathon.What a great spot!
This is Yellow Lake, it's alongside Highway 3A in British columbia Canada.The welcome to Osoyoos sign speaks the truth...
"Canada's Warmest Welcome"
It was 36 degrees celsius that day and it's only the beginning of June!Taken between Keremeos and Osoyoos British Columbia Canada.The beginning of Yellow Lake in British Columbia Canada.
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