Check out Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson of Kelowna's killer truck and trailer that delivered my bike.Harley-Davidson only made 4,570 Screamin' Eagle CVO VRODS.
If you are lucky enough to own one you're invited to join the CVO VRODS Group on Facebook. to believe we found a brand new in the bag CVO bike cover on Craigslist but we did!That CVO cover looks much better than the sheet I had over it.VROD cast and chrome mini sissy bar. part number 52759-04VROD rear master cylinder chrome cover kit. part number 42204-04VROD UNICORN PARTS
rear master cylinder chrome cover kit 42204-04
cast and chrome mini sissy bar 52759-04My Custom Vehicle Operations key has arrived for my 2005 Harley-Davidson VRSCSE CVO VROD. It came in what I can only describe as a jewelry box for a ring. 
I almost feel the need to propose to my bike... LOLThe detailing on this CVO key is impressive.This VROD base plate, luggage rack and backrest will be installed on our longer rides.The originally pulley's chrome was pealing quite badly and finding this brand new one that a Facebook friend had was a relief.
The quest for more mint parts continues.The Vrod mini backrest and baseplate for when I'm riding solo.The Vrod mini backrest and baseplate for when I'm riding solo. The narrow backrest, luggage rack on baseplate for when Diane is along for the ride.These Genuine Harley Davidson hard shell saddlebags and mounts for 02-06 VRODS are extremely difficult to find and fall into the Unicorn parts category. Very happy to have found a set for the VRSCSE CVO build. The pewter colour may work but I'm considering having them painted to match.Found the antifreeze leak!Not sure who thought it was a good idea to do this....
Looks like the bottle lid nipple broke, someone put the upgraded rubber cap/plug on but not the whole replacement bottle.... Then placed this line over the cam cover on the left side, so when it needed to draw from the reservoir it couldn’tFredy in Estona now mak the replacement coolant bottle caps and his are a lot stronger then the OEM.2005 VRSCSE VROD parts catalog 99458-052005 VRSCSE VROD service manual supplement part number 99525-05Time to order a new throttle body gasket. part number 29439-01
While I have the air filter assembly off it's a good time to clean and tighten the grounds and do a full OCD clean.Not sure who was responsible for checking the the belt tension but they failed.
It was very, very loose, so loose in fact it was rubbing on the frame.
Had well over an inch of play... should only have 6mmPulled the rear fender off and was happy to see there were no surprises under there. Judging buy the amount of dust & grime this may have been the first time the fender has been off, I like that!Removed the inner fender allowed me to see the condition of the supports. Nothing out of the ordinary, just mucky but once I cleaned the area it revealed un unhealthy amount of rust. Luckily I have a mint set stashed away, so off these come.Completely dissembled the licence plate assembly for a deep cleaning with a toothbrush and HD spray cleaner/polish. All the wiring and sockets were sprayed with electrical cleaner, turn signals were polished with Mothers and the smoked lens were also detailed inside and out. VROD chrome billet muffler clamp kit part number 65271-03.
Very happy to have found this brand new in the box unicorn parts for the VRSCSE CVO restoration.VROD chrome rear master cylinder cover part number 42204-04
Very happy to have found this brand new in the box unicorn parts for the VRSCSE CVO restoration.VROD script hand lever insert part number 44514-02
Very happy to have found this brand new in the box unicorn parts for the VRSCSE CVO restoration.Disassembled the forward controls for cleaning and inspection. I cleaned everything with HD spray cleaner, some parts needed to be replaced but now it's back together and minty!  I’ve done this to 4 of my Vrods and I gotta say this rad has the least amount of debris in it.
Yes I picked out the tiny little rocks out from the fins.
A lot of debris, (dirt, mud etc.) collects behind the over flow tube that runs down the center. better air flow and to prevent leaks from rocksMeanwhile back at the asylum:
This 3 stage polish/wax system by Mothers did a good job with the shine but didn’t help that much with any of the scratches. 
I’ll have to get something especially for that, then re due these.Unicorn Blood
2 Pak of Genuine Harley-Davidson VRSCSE CVO VROD touch up paint. Dark candy blue and light candy blue. part number 94275Right radiator side cover and forward controlls back on after a deep cleaning and polishing.Left radiator side cover and forward controlls back on after a deep cleaning and polishing.Looks much better with the chrome rear master cylinder cover on. part number; 42204-04One more to go...
Think i may have gone to far this time, polishing the airbox clips is excessive even for me LOL.2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD o ring breather. part number 11391KTook another picture with the saddlebags on now that the bike is all back together.
Still having a hard time deciding on painting the saddlebags 2 tone blue or leave them as is.Removed the front fender for a deep OCD cleaning. Ended up having to replace the chrome fender mounting bracket & the four bolts & nuts due to rust.
Fender was cleaned the Mothers 3 stage wax system was applied.First attempt to clean this neglected lower muffler on the VRSCSE CVO Vrod. There is different progress but another round of polishing is necessary.Still finding things on the VRSCSE CVO Vrod that make me shake my head.
Not sure who thought it was a good idea to use this bolt on the muffler but it was clearly the wrong one & wrong thread...
Hopefully I’ll be able to run a tap through the the hole and threads.BIG SHOUTOUT to Ned Dixon for sending me these mirrors for my 05 VRSCSE CVO VROD. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and I will be very proud to have your mirrors on my bike. Thank you SirStill finding things that make me shake my head on the VRSCSE CVO VROD.
After throughly cleaning the auxiliary volume mating tubes & applying anti seize the lower muffler slid into place with ease. 
The top however is another story...
the inner tube is bent...Bringing the chrome back to life have been challenging, lots of elbow grease and expensive due to replacing some parts. However seeing it now makes it all worth it.Still finding things needing to be fixed on this bike...
Right from the day I got this in November I could smell coolant. (I’ve only ridden the bike for an hour & half that day & it’s been parked since) Turns out the the metal tube mating surface for the rad cap is damaged & had to be replaced.Meanwhile back at the asylum...
Got a little sidetracked & added:
Chrome voltage regulator
Chrome voltage regulator cover
Chin spoiler for a test fit. (Will paint blue to match the radiator side covers.Very happy to have been able to track down these brand new rear wheel spacers for the 2005 CVO. The ones that were on the bike were in terrible condition, chrome was badly pitted on the large one and the small one had no chrome left and the steel was very rusted. 41189-04Another piece to the 2005 VRSCSE CVO Screamin’ Eagle restoration puzzle.
Stoked to have found these BNIB fork slider dust covers on eBay.Making a templete for the Baseplate & mini backrest with 3M clear protective film onto the fender to prevent any marking on the unicorn paint. Baseplate & mini backrest mounted after adding a 3M clear protective film onto the fender to prevent any marking on the unicorn paint. Standing beside the bike it’s unnoticeable, but close up you can see a 1/4 inch of the 3M film on the fender around the baseplate. Making a template that will be transferred to 3M clear protective film for the airbox to prevent any marking on the unicorn paint from jacket, zipper etc.The 3M invisible bra is done  
Between all the measuring, taping, making 2 different templates then transferring to film & laying it down, I spent way more time on this then I care to admit.
But the unicorn paint is protected from my jacket, zipper & anything else..This Reactor pulley has spots of chrome missing, some blisters and won't be going back on the bike. Not sure if I'm going to sell it as is or keep it for a winter project and sand off all the chrome, then polish the aluminum.
I have a brand new one that I will be installing onto the bike.Very happy to have found this set of genuine Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle mufflers, chrome end caps, chrome billet muffler clamps and volume collector. This set will be replacing what's on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO V-Rod.Spent some time detailing the volume collector and heat shields. Cleaned everything with Harley Davidson spray cleaner than polished with Mothers chrome polish. On the mating surfaces for the pipes I cleaned them with Autosol, this will make installation a breeze.Very happy to have found this brand new chrome swing arm (rear fork) for the CVO money pit.Brand new chrome swingarm for the CVO MP all taped up to protect the finish while the bearing & bushing get pressed in. 
Also please note, I have my OCD completely under control or the different tape colours would trigger me. New pivot bearing p/n: 9208 for the brand new chrome swing armNew rear engine mounts p/n: 16298-05A will be installed with the chrome swing arm.Stoked to have found this 2005 Harley-Davidson VRSCSE INTERNATIONAL Owners Manual.
There’s lots of Domestic ones available but these International ones are very hard to pinch bolts for the fork slider clamp part number 4042New chrome inserts for the front brake calipers p/n: 44477-99New brakeline gaskets 41731-01VROD VRSC Chrome cylinder base covers part number 50303-04.jpgVROD VRSC Chrome cylinder base covers part number 50303-04.jpg2005 Harley Davidson VRSC VROD Electrical Diagnostic Manual arrived to complete my set of books for the bike.Chrome rotor bolts and new spring washers for the front wheel.took off this exhaust mounting bracket and gave it a through scrubbing, cleaning and waxing.Replacing all the original hose clamps for the heat shields with these full stainless steel ones.I spent ridiculous amount of time cleaning, polishing and detialing these shocks and hardware.I might have gotten a little carried away with the masking tape here...LOLWhat’s your opinion?
Left side with spacer.
Right side without spacer.
Think I like the way the shock sits more vertical with the spacer. Progressive Suspension 444HD shocks on our 2005 CVO HARLEY-DAVIDSON VROD
The 2005 VRSCSE Screamin' Eagle V-Rod came stock with:

  • Liquid-cooled, 60 degree V-Twin Revolution engine
  • 5-speed transmission
  • Carbon fiber belt final drive; gear primary drive
  • Electronic sequential port fuel injection (ESPFI)
  • Multi-plate clutch with diaphragm spring in oil bath
  • Chrome, 5-spoke forged aluminum Reactor wheels
  • Chrome, slash-cut dual exhaust (except where prohibited by law)
  • Electronic speedometer, odometer, dual resettable tripmeter, tachometer, LCD clock and diagnostic readout
  • High beam, neutral, low oil pressure, coolant temperature, engine diagnostics and turn signal indicator lamps
  • Color-matched, clear-coated, hydroformed perimeter frame
  • H-D® factory security system
  • Two-tone silver and charcoal engine with chrome covers
  • Two-up, textured vinyl seat with flip-up fuel access
  • Chrome, low-rise handlebars with internal wiring
  • Custom sport front fender
  • Bullet-style rear turn signals with smoked lenses
  • Rider and passenger footpegs
  • Custom rear shocks with chrome upper collar
  • Chromed: air box console, clutch and brake master cylinders, front fork sliders, rear swingarm, rear shock spacers, upper and lower side covers, brake pedal assembly, upper and lower triple tree cover, headlamp bucket, rider and passenger footrest supports, dipstick, front sprocket cover, valve stem caps and front axle nut covers

In 2005 there were three color options available. Here are the production numbers for each:

Two-Tone Electric Orange and Vivid Black: 1,097 bikes produced in that colour.

Two-Tone Candy Cherry and Dark Candy Cherry: 790 bikes produced in that colour.

Two-Tone Candy Blue and Dark Candy Blue 446 bikes produced in that colour.

The blue is the rarest and after calling Harley-Davidson customer service line they were able to break that number down further for me:

Out of the 446 VRSCSE Vrod produced:

325 were domestic USA

36 were for California guidelines

65 were HD International (assuming in kilometers but depends on country sent to. No information available on exact numbers of KPH and MPH

20 were for Canada.
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2005 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Custom Vehicle Operations VRSCSE VROD
Two-Tone Candy Blue and Dark Candy Blue (Only 20 in Canada)
It’s finally arrived after a long journey from Nova Scotia to British Columbia...
Shot a quick video on my iPhone moments after the bike was delivered.
This 2005 Harley Davidson V-Twin Racing Street Custom Screamin Eagle, Custom Vehicle Operations VROD is the rarest of all in this colour. Only 446 were produced in this beauty two tone dark candy teal and light candy teal, but only 20 were sent to Canada.

Odometer Reading: 20,586 kilometres. I’m the fourth owner & it sat in the third owners living room for seven years, the gentleman I bought it from had it for only two months before selling it to me.

The odds of me finding this motorcycle:
It’s like seeing a unicorn, under a double rainbow, drinking a four leaf clover smoothie out of the holy grail, then being stuck by lightning twice, while holding the winning Lotto ticket…
Day and Ross shipping was the company that safely and securely transported the motorcycle I bought on the other side of the country. They picked it up at Privateers Harley-Davidson in Halifax Nova Scotia and delivered it to Gasoline Alley in Kelowna for a distance of 5,494 kilometers