On May 21 st, 1998. I was riding to work on my 1995 Harley Davidson ultra-glide classic. I was heading down 176th street when a tow-truck turned left in front of me with-out looking. I collided with the tow truck hitting the passenger side of it. All I remember are a few seconds before the impact and a mysterious good Samaritan who held me and talked to me till the ambulance arrived. I still remember     
saying to her, “Tell Diane (my wife) I love her”. The good Samaritan replied, “Tell her yourself”. People got out of their cars and gathered around, but no one besides her was willing help. The next thing I remember is being in the ambulance and over hearing the paramedics saying, “We can't take him to Peace-Arch Hospital we have to take him to Royal Columbian Hospital because of his injuries”. I arrived in emergency shortly before my wife did, the doctors tried to get my wife to sign the papers allowing them to amputate my leg, she told them no.  The  next thing I remember is waking up in Acute-Care.
When I woke up I saw various machines and hoses connected to me and a nurse standing next to me.. I had a lengthy surgery the night of my accident and another surgery two days later. The Acute-Care was a small four person room with two nurses available at all times, most people were only there for three days and they would either die or become stable enough to move to a different ward, I was there ten days.  I didn't understand the severity of the situation till I saw the look on other peoples faces that were around me. I drifted in and out of consciousness for ten days as many died around me. They moved me to an orthopedic ward after my ten day stay in Acute-Care giving me a private room, I spent the next twenty days in the orthopedic ward under extremely heavy medication not remembering much at all...
On June 19th, I was sent to the Burns and Plastics unit at Vancouver General Hospital because of a failed muscle flap that had turned gangrenous and infected. Three more surgeries were performed over the next several weeks in efforts to save my left leg. On August 6th, I was released from V.G.H. and the long rode to recovery began...
Over the next couple of years multiple surgeries were performed, confining me to a wheelchair until bone grafts were completed. I was then allowed to weight bear in a swimming pool,  starting the  process of learning to walk again, a lengthy procedure that was full of challanges. Eventually I was fitted with leg braces and went through various types of equipment; wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, two canes then one cane, and finally, unassisted...
This is a very condensed version of the most tramatic event in my life, I am grateful to be alive and feel fortunate to have the mobility that I do...

I would like to thank the doctors, the rehab team, my family and friends for all their help...
Most of all I would like to thank my wife Diane, whose love and devotion was and still is, incredible...
More Indepth Accident Information

Warning: The materal listed below contains graphic images and detailed information on surgical procedures and may not be suitalble for all viewers.
The Motorcycle Accident
X-rays of leg after horrific motorcycle accident. vridetv.com
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