Motorcycle camera crew in the Rockies
Extended length videos

Escape Parked Motorcycle Syndrome with VRIDETV....
We know there's a lot of people out there that have had to park their bikes until Spring...

We asked the question: Would you like us to post some motorcycle riding videos 30 to 60 minutes long, with no editing, no music, just the sounds of the wind in your face and the motorcycle's engine and exhaust? The response was overwhelmingly YES : )

We've built an interactive map below using Google Maps. Click on a red marker and a video of that exact area opens up showing you exactly what it's like to ride that road.
To help everyone get through the winter, turn on a space heater and fan in front of your monitor, pick a destination, push play and you're virtually riding....
Go directly to the Video page by selecting one of these thumbnails:
Click a red pin marker on the map, then click the image to start the video.
Buttle Lake Vancouver island British columbia Canada
Duffey Lake road British columbia canada
Duffey Lake road British Columbia
poer canal bridge VRIDETVcom
highway 31 & 31A
icefields parkway VRIDETVcom
biker on icefields parkway
highway 5 a
Fraser Canyon British Columbia
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Alberta Videos
coquihalla highway
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Motorcycle ride on highway 7 mission to kilby
Medicine Lake video
Osoyoos to Kermeos
Kermeos to Kaleden British Columbia