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Sticker Stash in Fort Langley. VRIDETV and FusionCine

by Editor on 03/26/15

 I was out in Fort Langley & stashed one of our Ride Safe stickers

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads."

There's also a sticker from our friends over at FusionCine, they're in Vancouver and the place to go for professional camera gear and rentals.

So if you're out for a ride I left it at the Marina Park, stop by and see if it's still there,
if it is..... it's yours : )

Vridetv sticker stashes will be taken place on some of our rides, you can track where we're riding here

Sticker stash VRIDETV and FusionCine

Facebook Likes and shares without Boost post

by Editor on 03/24/15

Vridetv has a Facebook business page with 3,368 people that have liked it, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of them for their helping us set a new personal record.
Our "Good Bye Winter, Hello Spring" graphic has seen the most shares and likes since Facebook started their Boost post campaign. If you're not familiar with this it's basically paying Facebook to have your content seen. We haven't used Boost post nor start using it anytime soon, we believe that when you have engaged viewers they will help spread the word of who you are and what you do.
THANK YOU for the likes and shares, you guys and gals are awesome!

Check out our Facebook page at

Delorme inReach advertising campaign

by Editor on 03/21/15

We are very pleased to be included on the DeLorme"InReach Life" campaign. The picture in the center was taken while riding in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia Canada. 

more info on the inReach Explorer

(image courtesy of Delorme)

inreach life

Spring 2015

by Editor on 03/20/15

Today at 3:45 PST we can officially say goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring : )

winter spring transition harley davidson vrod motorcycle

British Columbia Classic & Custom Car Show / Custom Motorcycle Show

by Editor on 03/19/15

Show Office 604-539-7223

Show Hours

Friday April 17 5pm to 10pm

Saturday April 18 10am to 10pm

Sunday April 19 10am to 5pm

Admission Prices

Adults (19 - 55 years old) $18

Seniors (55 and up) $15

Youth (13-18 years old) $10

Children 12 and under FREE when accompanied by an Adult

2 Day Adult pass $30

3 Day Adult pass $40

Show Tickets

Show Tickets are available at the door and the First 1000 fans through the gate on Saturday and Sunday will receive a complimentary pass to the Street Legal / ET Brackets Drag races at Mission Raceway Park.

Advance Discount Tickets

Available at West-Can Auto Parts (Abbotsford location ONLY!) during the month of April

Event Parking

Tradex Parking is only $6 per vehicle. Pre 1979 Specialty Vehicles get extra wide VIP Parking on the Grass in front of Tradex (Saturday & Sunday only)

Mustang Seats LowDown solos for FLH touring bikes

by Editor on 03/17/15

LowDown Solos For FL Touring Bikes Launched
March 16, 2015, Three Rivers, MA. The secret is out! No need to keep it on the down-low any longer..... announcing Mustang's newest Solo seat for touring bikes. The LowDown Solo was specifically engineered for 2009-2015 Harley-Davidson FL Touring models to give riders a lower seat height without compromising on comfort.
Touring riders asked, Mustang listened, says Mustang's Director of Business Development, Marilyn Simmons. Now riders can be lower on their FLs without compromising long-distance comfort. The Solo's 13" wide bucket is shaped and angled for optimal touring posture on the go, according to Simmons. But the real bonus is the fact that the LowDown really does drop the rider down closer to the ground. The Solo seat is also cut narrow at the front so you can plant your feet firmly on the ground at a stop.

(images courtesy of Mustang seats)

Mustang Seats LowDown solo
Available with or without studs, riders can opt for chrome studs or really bring on the bling with black pearl-centered chrome studs! Pair it with a Mustang passenger seat if you want company, or run it solo to go it alone, suggests Simmons.
The LowDown seats also come with slotted mounting nuts and Mustang's mini bib for a complete custom look. For even more long-distance comfort, add Mustang's fully adjustable, easily removable driver backrest,” says Simmons. Bottom line for the LowDown: it puts your butt closer to the ground, without being a pain in the posterior... or your wallet!

Mustang Seats Lowdown solo

Part numbers for LowDown Solo Seats for 2009-15 Harley-Davidson FL Touring models

76078 LowDown Vintage Solo

76079 LowDown Chrome Studded Solo

76082 LowDown Black Pearl-Centered Studded Solo


For ultimate back support comfort, add in the driver backrest:
79910 LowDown Vintage Solo with Driver Backrest

79911 LowDown Chrome Studded Solo with Driver Backrest

79912 LowDown Black Pearl-Centered Studded Solo with Driver Backrest 

For more specifics, check out the website:



In addition to seats for FL series touring bikes, Mustang has replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles. How would you like a free seat for your bike or trike? Mustang's customer GIVEAWAYS program kicked-off during Bike Week in Daytona and the next winner will be announced at the Laughlin River Run. See the website for details on how to win the Mustang seat of your choice here:

St. Patrick's Day

by Editor on 03/17/15

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, have a great day & ride safe : )

st patrick on bike

Friday the 13th sticker stash at the Bates Motel

by Editor on 03/13/15

Friday the 13th seemed like a good day to visit the Bates Motel and stash one of our Ride Safe stickers

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads."

So if you're out for a ride in Aldergrove, stop by and see if it's still there,
if it is..... it's yours : )

Vridetv sticker stashes will be taken place on some of our rides, you can track where we're riding here

Bates motel Friday 13th

DYI: How to install a Tiffen UV Lens Protector to a wide angle lens without threads

by Editor on 03/12/15

I recently purchased a couple of Sony wide angle lenses for our HXR-MC1 professional POV video cameras, upon there arrival I noticed there were no threads on the outer edge. This posed a big problem for me because of the amount of debris that it will come into contact with while riding, a Tiffen lens protector is a must.  I couldn't even count the number of times their lens protectors have saved our camera gear over the years...
I called my contact at Tiffen and explained the issue, between her, a tech & myself we figured out a solution......

sony lens cover
sony hxr mc1 wide angle lens with tiffen lens protector
Sony hxr mc1 pov video camera with wide angle lens and lens protector

VRIDETV Sticker Stash on the Highway Thru Hell

by Editor on 03/11/15

On my way thru Hope British Columbia yesterday I stopped the Highway Thru Hell trailer and photo bombed it for my sponsor Schuberth North America. BEST Helmets EVER!!!!

Highway thru hell

Then I continued on to the Coquihalla Summit & stashed one of our Ride Safe stickers

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads."

So if you're out for a ride I left it at the Coquihalla Summitt Snowmobile Club, stop by and see if it's still there,
if it is..... it's yours : )

Vridetv sticker stashes will be taken place on some of our rides, you can track where we're riding here

coquihalla summit snowmobile club

While I was stashing the sticker I got a phone through the SRC System in my Schuberth C3PRO helmet and it was my contact at Schuberth North America!!! What great timing : )

Direct link to our February Newsletter

by Editor on 03/10/15

Just incase you haven't subscribed to our newsletter and you want to see what all the buzz is about
here's the link

Need a subscription? it's free at

click image for direct access to newsletter

VRIDETV February Newsletter

Happy International Women's Day to all the women of the world : )

by Editor on 03/08/15

Happy International Women's Day to all the women of the world : )

Happy International Women's Day to all the women of the world : )

Was Tagging the first Social Media?

by Editor on 03/07/15

Hmmmm, do you think tagging was the first Social Media?

Vrod with saddlebags

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Robin Esrock: Great Canadian Bucket List

by Editor on 03/06/15

Diane and I went on a Motorcycle Media Tour last year with Tourism Kamloops, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Tourism, Kamloops Harley Davidson/EagleRider, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association, & Destination British Columbia.

There were several different Motorcycle publications on this tour a few photographers and writers, one of which was Robin Esrock. He is the author of the Great Canadian Bucket List and was on this tour to check off, Ride a Harley-Davidson on his list.

His new book was just released with this story as well as many other exciting adventures and we wanted to share this announcement with our viewers.

"Hot off the press! Robin Esrock's latest addition to The Great Canadian Bucket List - the Western Canada version - featuring words and images from our summer Harley tour of BC's interior. Look for it soon in finer booksellers near you. Rock Hard, Ride Free."

Great Canadian Bucket List

Sidecar Willy's Customs in Hope British Columbia

by Editor on 03/05/15

Yesterday I rode out to Sidecar Willy's Customs located at 63883 Tom Berry Road in Hope BC and met with Sandy who was kind enough to give me a tour of the shop.  The lifts were full getting customer's bikes ready for the riding season and Sandy pointed out their new tire machine and balancer. It's nice to know that if you get a flat in or around the Hope area they can help you and even pick you and your bike in their truck and trailer.

Check them out in social media at:

sidecar willys and Vridetv

Mustang Seats 35th Anniversary Campaign Takes Off In Daytona

by Editor on 03/01/15

Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC is ready to celebrate the launch of our 35th anniversary in style. The iconic Pegasus winged horse logo is set to soar to new heights in 2015. New products, a new look and a new catalog commemorating this milestone kick off a yearlong celebration from the seat manufacturer… all starting at Bike Week when the campaign officially takes off on March 6th in Daytona.


Daytona is when the riding season takes off and it is the perfect venue to launch our anniversary campaign, explains Mustang Marketing Director Marilyn Simmons. Our name comes from the legendary P-51 Mustang airplane, so that became the theme for our high flying 35th Anniversary celebration. We are proud of the fact Mustang seats are still handcrafted in Three Rivers, Massachusetts, and we really wanted to spread our wings to commemorate this historical happening. Now is the time to get the message out to a new type of rider who might not know Mustang's history or quality.

A two-pronged campaign will see Mustang's big rig (complete with a 35th Anniversary Logo wrap) headquartered in its customary location at Daytona International Speedway, with a second front taking off at J&P Cycles Destination Daytona Superstore in neighboring Ormond Beach, Florida. Stop by either Mustang display to see all the latest seats and pick up the 2015 catalogs hot off the presses, says Simmons. 

Daytona Bike Week will also see the first of the 5-For-35 seats awarded to the winner of the ongoing social media campaign. Even if you can't ride to Daytona for Bike Week, you are still eligible to enter the contest as Mustang will be giving away a free seat to the top vote-getter during the run-up to five different rallies this year.

More details can be found at:

images courtesy of Mustang Seats

Working media are invited to visit the Mustang truck at the race track to get your 2015 catalogs and some Mustang swag... you can not miss it! There will be experts on hand at Mustang's display all during Daytona Bike Week to give you the scoop on what's new.

About Mustang: Flying high for 35 years, Mustang has been making superior seats and related motorcycle accessories since 1980. We are proud of handcrafting the most comfortable seats in the world in our state-of-the-art facility in Three Rivers, Massachusetts. With an unwavering focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Mustang has grown to be the leader in the design and construction of aftermarket motorcycle seats. No one is more dedicated to building a more stylish, functional and comfortable seat than Mustang. Mustang earns its wings with riders around the globe with every ride!

Canadian Gears third interview with Jeff of VRIDETV

by Editor on 02/27/15

Here's a screen shot from part three of the interviews that Johnny Racine & Canadian Gears shot with me at Vridetv.

Johnny Racine interviews VRIDETV

VRIDETV sticker stash at Hell's Gate AirTram.

by Editor on 02/24/15

I rode to the Hell's Gate AirTram yesterday in the Fraser Canyon & stashed one of our Ride Safe stickers

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads."

So if you're out for a ride in the Canyon, stop by and see if it's still there, if it is..... it's yours : )

Vridetv sticker stashes will be taken place on some of our rides, you can track where we're riding here

hells gate

Kamloops Harley Davidson events

by Editor on 02/19/15

kamloops harley davidson

Check out these upcoming events at Kamloops Harley-Davidson

March 8th Garage Party "Ladies Night"
April 11th Men's Night
April 24-35th Salomon Arm Road Show
May 1-2nd Williams Lake Road Show
May 9th "Test Our Metal" Demo Days
May 29-30th HOD Poker Run

kamloops harley davidson events

Visit their website at:
Follow them on Twitter:
Follow them on Instagram:
Subscribe to their Youtube channel:

Canada Flag 50th Anniversary

by Editor on 02/15/15

canada flag 50th anniversary

Today the Canadian flag celebrates it's 50th anniversary, Inside Halton posted these seven interesting facts about the flag.

With Feb. 15 marking the 50th anniversary of National Flag of Canada Day, here are some facts about our country's flag:

1. Every province and territory in Canada has its own flag. The one symbol that represents us at home and abroad is the red and white National Flag of Canada.

2. The Canadian Red Ensign flies at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Vimy, France.TodT

3. The maple leaf has been used as an emblem in Canada since the eighteenth century. It has often served to distinguish Canadians abroad, as was the case with Canada's first Olympians in 1904.

4. Red and white were proclaimed Canada's official colours in the proclamation of the Royal Arms of Canada in 1921 by King George V.

5. Dr. George Stanley, a professor at Royal Military College in Kingston in 1964, suggested a red and white single maple leaf design for the flag because it could be seen clearly from a distance.

6. Vexillologists (flag experts) often cite the National Flag of Canada as one of the world's most beautiful based on its simple design and limited number of colours.

7 In 2005, one of the original maple leaf flags that flew over Parliament on Feb. 15, 1966, was returned to Canada by its owner, Ms. Elisabeth Hoffmann-Lamoureux. The flag was presented to Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson during the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.

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