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VROD shifter linkage

by Editor on 02/22/20

The Vrod shifter rod I ordered from Fitzgerald Motorsports arrived for the carbon fiber bike! 


VROD cam tensioner covers

by Editor on 02/14/20

When it comes to customizing a motorcycle I'm a firm believer that, "the Devil's in the details" it's the little things that make the over all presentation pop.  Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports has come through once again with this beautiful cam tensioner cover! 

Visit the Fitzgerald Motorsport's website for this cam tensioner and exhaust systems, motor building, case machining, 26 tooth pulley, 32 tooth pulleys, Vrod shifter rods, B2 handlebars, straight cut second gear, drag handlebars, engine brace, aluminum oil pan, heads, 58mm throttle body, and he is also a distributor for the DAYTONA TWIN TEC VRFID.

VROD cam tensioner cover

Motorcycle riding videos

by Editor on 02/08/20

Extended length videos

Escape Parked Motorcycle Syndrome with VRIDETV....
We know there's a lot of people out there that have had to park their bikes until Spring...

We asked the question: Would you like us to post some motorcycle riding videos 30 to 60 minutes long, with no editing, no music, just the sounds of the wind in your face and the motorcycle's engine and exhaust?
The response was overwhelmingly YES : )

BEST Motorcycle riding videos are at VRIDETVcom

3 camera mount set up on motorcycle

by Editor on 02/04/20

Our carbon fiber Harley Davidson V-Rod camera bike is ready! After many, many, hours of design, fabrication and finishing the three camera mount set up is complete. Since starting VRIDETV in 2006 I've built countless camera rigs for our motorcycles and these were the most challenging. On this bike the goal was to have a rock solid steady shot of course but also have it compact and aesthetically pleasing. 

BEST motorcycle camera mounts

Selfiecam installed

by Editor on 01/31/20

It's a tight fit but the selfiecam is mounted and ready to go!

selfiecam on motorcycle

Vrod clamshell

by Editor on 01/30/20

While waiting for the speedo to arrive, I stripped off all the factory silver paint on the clamshell, sanded with 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper, then polished it by hand with Autosol. 

VROD clamshell

Camera mount parts

by Editor on 01/28/20

Here's a look at all the selfie camera mount parts polished and ready to be installed on our carbon fiber Vrod.

camera mount parts

Vrod instrument cluster arrives

by Editor on 01/25/20

It's been quite the journey for this instrument cluster for our 2003 Carbon fiber Vrod build. It was caught in a USPS computer glitch that caused it to bounce back and forth from Texas to Chicago for 67 days before it was finally returned to the sender. Due to this debacle he resent it via UPS ground to me here in Langley BC and they got the job done in 8 days! 

VROD gauges

Update on Selfiecam

by Editor on 01/23/20

Made a lot of progress on the selfiecam mount for the carbon fiber bike. The shaping is complete and it has been sanded with 220, 320, 400, 600, 800 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Still have to finish it off with 1000, 2000 grit than begin polishing, in the home stretch now!

Here's a link to the video we posted on our Tik Tok:

DIY selfiecam for motorcycle riders

Facebook like VRIDETV

by Editor on 01/22/20

Have you checked out our Facebook posts recently?
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by Editor on 01/21/20

Have you checked out our Instagram posts recently?
We've uploaded hundreds of images, videos and post on a daily basis!

BEST motorcycle travel on Instagram

Youtube motorcycle touring and travel channel

by Editor on 01/20/20

Have you check out our Youtube channel recently?
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by Editor on 01/19/20

Have you check out our Twitter feed?
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Twitter follow VRIDETV

Tik Tok

by Editor on 01/18/20

We have posted over 240 videos on our Tik Tok.
If you're asking yourself, "What the heck is Tik Tok?" It's one of the fastest growing social media platforms to showcase & watch video content from around the world!

If you're on it follow us here.
If you're not on Tik Tok you can still watch our videos here

VRIDETV on Tik Tok

Carbon fiber Vrod video

by Editor on 01/16/20

Here's a screen shot of the carbon fiber V-Rod video we're working on in Final Cut Pro. There has been a lot of upgrades done to this bike since it was the "Red Rod" when we first got it. We shot over 45 minutes of footage that has to be edited and trimmed down to tight video package around four minutes in length. 

carbon fiber vrod video in final cut pro


by Editor on 01/13/20

It was such a relief to have been sent this picture today and here's why...

On November 7th 2019 a friend in Burleson Texas USA sent this package to me in Langley British Columbia Canada via the United States Postal Service. It has been caught in some sort of computer glitch loop that had it bouncing back and forth from Texas to Chicago approximately 20 times.... 
The person shipping has been going above a beyond trying to sort this mess out with the USPS with many phone calls and multiple trips to the USPS speaking to managers, supervisors and even the inspector! 

Finally today, January 13th, 2020 it made it's way back my friend in Texas after being stuck in this "Ground Hog" loop for 67 days! 

NOW, for the best part.... What was inside the package?

A speedometer..... Oh the irony 

A HUGE THANK YOU to my friend in Texas for all your help it's greatly appreciated!

image courtesy of RC

Time to reset and try this again... He will be shipping it via UPS or FedX this time : )


Outstanding Tech Support

by Editor on 01/11/20

A huge thank you goes to the folks at A-Count On Us Consulting LTD. for getting our Mac Pro up and running again! 

My computer problems started on Dec. 13th 2019 (Yes, Friday the 13th go figure) causing the gap in our blog and website posts up until now. For weeks I tried to sort out the problems the best I could but then I realized that I needed to call for help. The folks at A-Count On Us Consulting LTD. were absolutely awesome, got to the source of the problem right away and got my old dinosaur of a Mac Pro performing to the best of it's ability. 

Outstanding customer service, thank you once again! 

If you need any Mac & PC Computer Repair Service, IT/Network Consulting, Accounting or Management Consulting here's the direct link to their website

Tech support

Friday the 13th

by Editor on 12/13/19

Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

This picture was taken of a Franklin Mint V-Rod on top of a glass cake plate in front of our fireplace.

vrod on fire

Midwest Thunder Vrod Rally

by Editor on 12/07/19

Mark your calendars for the 2020 Midwest Thunder Vrod Rally hosted by Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports!

Here's his invitation:
"Calling all vrod owners the 15th annual mid west thunder vrod rally will be this coming June 25-27 2020 in beautiful Greenville Ohio at fitzgerald motorsports we will have details coming out along w hotel info. So pencil in your calendar and turn in those vacation forms at work because this MWT 15 will be EPIC!"

Midwest Thunder Vrod Rally MWT15 2020

Hydro Dipping

by Editor on 12/05/19

I'd like to get these saddlebags, lids & chin fairing Hydro Dipped to match our Carbon Fiber V-Rod camera bike. They will need a few scratches smoothed out then painted black before Hydro Dipping a Carbon fiber pattern.

Who does the BEST work in the Lower Mainland? 
Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Abbotsford, Chilliwack and everywhere in between.

Hydro dipping

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