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Mustang Seats does it again with their Revere Seats

by Editor on 01/19/17

Mustang Seats new Revere Seats article in Hot Bike Magazine

"Truly an extension of the rider's personality, Mustang's new line of Revere seats are available in solo or two-up versions to fit FL, XL, Dyna, and Softail models. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your passion for the open road. Revere seats are proudly handcrafted in Mustang's New England facility."

mustang seats

Harley Davidson V-Rod Remote control motorcycle 9.6 volt R/C

by Editor on 01/15/17

For sale: Harley-Davidson V-Rod Remote control motorcycle
9.6 volt R/C
Box is 34 inches long... 16 inches in height and 12 inches wide
The bike looks to be 24 inches long... 12 inches in height and 10 inches in width (estimated measurement because the bike is still sealed in box)
Engine noises, horn, headlight and turn signals light up
Made by New Bright under licensing of Harley-Davidson.

Harley Davidson Vrod remote control motorcycle

Motorcycle touring and adventure travel

by Editor on 01/14/17

Visit Vridetv's motorcycle touring and adventure travel channel on Youtube
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Motorcycle riding videos

TDMC Customs 2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

by Editor on 01/12/17

The team at TDMC Customs a division of Trev Deeley Motorcycles has done it again with another incredible build! This 2017 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special is awesome! 
Remember when ever you but a TDMC Customs bike you get an exclusive TDMC Customs patch!

Stop by Trev Deeley Motorcycles today and see it in person!

2017 Harley Davidson Road Glide Special

If you like to dial up the comforts for endless miles on the wide open road, you're in for one hell of a ride.
Set your own boundaries.
Those who appreciate the aggressive look and wind-cutting power of the frame-mounted shark nose fairing and dual Daymaker Reflector LED headlamps on the Road Glide Special model wouldn't ride anything else. And now the ride gets even more aggressive thanks to the all-new Milwaukee-Eight 107 engine with a stage 3 114 upgrade, all-new suspension and Reflex Linked Brembobrakes. The Special features the top-of-the-line 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system with integrated GPS and the BOOM! Box 6.5 GT audio system, standard ABS, a gloss black inner fairing and color-matched fairing skirt. It's time to make your own assault on the wind.

Choosing the Best Online Payment Processor for Students Who Own Businesses

by Editor on 01/10/17

Merchant Account Solutions

Today's small business owners are a diverse group. While a few decades ago, it might have been considered absurd for a young individual to start their own business, the phenomenon is actually quite prevalent among today's youth. This is due, in large part, to the spread of the internet. As the internet made it easier than ever to put products up for sale and find relevant audiences, the difficulty of starting a business gradually lowered to a point where even tech savvy students can run a successful business! That does not mean that there are not things to keep in mind in order to guarantee success, however, or that the process is an easy one. Let's look at the best online payment processor for students who own their own businesses, and how integrated card services factor in. 

Integrated Card Services

One of the most important services that a good online payment processor will offer is the ability to use integrated card services. These exist to make the life of a business owner a bit easier, and can integrate different processes directly into the online payment processor. Some even offer things like an integration with QuickBooks, for example, which will help make your life a little easier when it comes to keeping track of finances.

Good Technology

Finally, you want to ensure that you select an online payment processor that offers the best in technology to their customers. This includes physical technology like the best credit card swiper you can find. Investing in solid technology will help you in the long run by ensuring that your business stays up and running, experiencing minimal down time and profit loss. 

When it comes to great online payment processors that offer excellent integrated card services, it doesn't get much better than Merchant Account Solutions. Take a look at their website today!

Vrod shifter linkage. PN 33867-02

by Editor on 01/08/17

Wanted: Harley-Davidson polished stainless steel shifter linkage
V-Rod Scripted part number: 33867-02

I'm looking to buy one of these, preferably NOS (new old stock) but might be interested in a used one in mint condition with all the pieces. If you have one please let me know, thank you. 

V-Rod Scripted shifter rod. pn 33867-02

Project Vrod stage 2

by Editor on 01/05/17

2016 was an exciting year as we took a stock 2003 Harley-Davidson V-rod and began transforming into our version of a touring motorcycle. We teamed up with some of the very best in the motorcycle industry and the results were exactly what we had hoped!

Now that 2017 has arrived, we are entering Stage 2 of Project Vrod and the build continues! 

Project Vrod

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

by Editor on 12/31/16

We would like to thank all of our viewers and sponsors for another great year, it's amazing how fast 2016 came and went. We have a lot of exciting things planned in 2017 and look forward to sharing them here on VRIDETV and on our social media networks.

Happy New Year everyone, all the best to you and yours in 2017.

happy new year 2017

Merry Christmas. Santa Rides a Harley Davidson

by Editor on 12/25/16

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends!
Thank you for watching VRIDETV

Santa on a harley davidson vrod VRIDETVcom

Christmas Eve

by Editor on 12/24/16

Ho, Ho, Holy Smokes it's Christmas Eve

This picture was taken near the Coquihalla Summit in British columbia Canada.

Christmas Eve harley davidson motorcycle ride

Christmas time

by Editor on 12/23/16

Christmas time already, enjoy your holiday with family and friends!
Thank you for watching VRIDETV

vrod snow christmas

5 Things To Take With You On Your Next Motorcycle Trip

by Editor on 12/22/16

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, then you know that nothing compares to a long distance trip out on the open road. However, if you're used to daily commute trips and not long, meandering adventures, then you may not know exactly what you have to bring with you for the journey ahead. 

Fortunately, we've compiled a list of the top five things to bring on your next trip: 

Weather Bug

1. Smartphone: These days, we rely on our phones for everything. Not only can you use it as your GPS, but you can also use it to pay attention to the environment. Using a local weather app, you can check the hourly weather forecast and make sure that you won't get caught in a downpour. 

2. Extra Clothes: Riding out on the road for a whole day means that you will be a hot sticky mess by the time you arrive at your destination. Don't get stuck wearing the same, smelly clothes each day. Instead, bring extra clothes so you can change on the road. Socks and a shirt are a must. 

3. Earplugs: Ideally, you are using earplugs on a regular basis, but in case you aren't, you have to have them on a long trip. Otherwise, you'll arrive with ringing in your ears, meaning that you won't be able to use them properly for a few hours. 

4. Phone Charger Adapter: If you are serious about checking the hourly weather forecast, then you have to make sure that your phone stays charged. To do this, get an adapter so that you can plug it into your bike. That is, unless, you want a dead battery once you arrive. 

5. Seat Pad: It should go without saying that having a thick pad over your seat will do wonders for your body after a long day's ride. 

While this list is by no means comprehensive, it should help you figure out what you need and what you don't. As long as you plan ahead and get prepared for any eventuality, your journey will be thoroughly enjoyable. 

The Best Gear for Motorcycle Travels

by Editor on 12/19/16

Bike Bandit on VRIDETV

For many motorcycle riders, taking your bike on the road is something that we love to do every day. But, for some of us, we also like to venture further out and take long distance trips on the back of our bikes so that we can better enjoy the journey. If you are interested in taking a motorcycle road trip, however, you will need to bring along some extra gear to help you stay on top of everything. 

The best gear for motorcycle travel

If you're used to taking quick daily trips, then you should pay attention. You don't want to be stuck out on the road and be unprepared. Here are five motorcycle parts and gear that you should take with you on your ride. 

1. Tire Repair Kit: Even if you have high-quality Avon Tyres, things happen out on the road, and you can get a flat. If that happens, you may be outside of civilization, which means that you might have to wait for hours before you can expect any kind of assistance. Having a tire repair kit ensures that you aren't stranded. 

2. Extra Clothes: If you ride all day long, then your clothes will invariably get wet and dirty. You don't want to put on nasty gear for your next leg, so bring along extra pants, gloves, and a jacket, so you aren't wearing sweaty clothes all day.

3. Battery Charger: Since we all use our phones for everything, you want to make sure that you keep your phone fully charged. After a full day of driving, however, you might be running on empty in more ways than one. Have a battery charger to keep your smartphone in peak condition, so you aren't stuck with a brick. 

4. Tool Kit: Even with the best Yamaha bike parts, things still break down. When that happens, you should be able to perform some quick surgery on your ride so that you can make it to the next pit stop. Otherwise, you will be stranded on the side of the road. 

5. Ear Plugs: Even if you don't use ear plugs on your daily ride (although you should), on long distance trips they are absolutely necessary. Unless you don't want to be able to hear anything when you arrive.

Mustang's Super Tripper

by Editor on 12/14/16

Mustang Seats Super Tripper VRIDETVcom

Feeling a bit cramped?  Looking for a lean seat but need more room when you ride?  Sit lower and further back with Mustang's new Super TripperTM seat for 2008-17 FL models.
The 13.5" wide driver seat provides maximum seating radius plus sits the rider slightly lower and 1" further back compared to Mustang's top selling DayTripperTM seats.  The passenger seating area is 10" wide.     
Choose from two different cover patterns to reflect your personal style:  the Super TripperTM "Classic" with traditional black stitch lines or the Super TripperTM "Carbon Fiber" that features a carbon fiber vinyl center panel with detailed gun metal stitching.
As with all Mustang seats, the marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers are proudly handcrafted and assembled in their New England facility (tours are available by appointment).  For more information, visit or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100.  Feel the Mustang difference!
Super TripperTM Classic seat for 2008-17 Fl models:  #75201   MSRP $399

Mustang Seats Super Tripper VRIDETVcom

Super TripperTM Carbon  seat for 2008-17 Fl models:  #75202   MSRP $419


Coquihala Lakes Road in British Columbia, Canada

by Editor on 12/13/16

This picture was taken on Coquihala Lakes Road in British Columbia, Canada.
It was a beautiful day for a ride...
We included this image in our new Christmas video we posted, you can see it here

motorcycle blue sky and snow. VRIDETVcom

Eye Health

by Editor on 12/11/16

Diane and I have been wearing Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear for the last 5 years, fantastic glasses that we wear while riding but also off the bike in our everyday lives. We are getting ready to order another pair each but before we do, we decided to go to the optometrist to have our eyes checked. Glad we did, both our prescriptions have changed. Diane's not very much but mine changed a fair bit in one eye do to a cataract that the Doctor discovered. It's not a big deal but goes to show you how important it is to see an Optometrist once every two years.

EYEBALL with cataract VRIDETVcom

Now we are set to order a new pair of Liberty Sport Chopper glasses with our prescriptions. 

Photos with Santa at Trev Deeley Motorcycle in Vancouver

by Editor on 12/09/16

Ho, Ho, Holy Smokes...
Santa will be at Trev Deeley Motorcycles (1875 Boundary Road in Vancouver) on December 10th and 11th from 10am to 3pm

"Come join us again for Photos with Santa! Photos will be by donation of either an un-wrapped toy, non-perishable food item or cash. More detail to come. All proceeds will go to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau."

Santa at Trev Deeley Motorcycles

Virtual Motorcycle Rides

by Editor on 12/06/16

Escape Parked Motorcycle Syndrome with VRIDETV....
We know there's a lot of people out there that have had to park their bikes until Spring...

We asked the question: Would you like us to post some motorcycle riding videos 30 to 60 minutes long, with no editing, no music, just the sounds of the wind in your face and the motorcycle's engine and exhaust? The response was overwhelmingly YES : )

We've built an interactive map below using Google Maps. Click on a red marker and a video of that exact area opens up showing you exactly what it's like to ride that road.
To help everyone get through the winter, turn on a space heater and fan in front of your monitor, pick a destination, push play and you're virtually riding....

Virtual motorcycle rides

Tilley Vancouver Pop Up Store

by Editor on 12/03/16

Today's the Grand opening of Tilley Vancouver's pop up store at the Lonsdale Quay : )

tilley vancouver pop up store

iPhone and GoPro charger for motorcycles

by Editor on 12/02/16

ZootFresh USB charger adapter connects to your bikes SAE plug (Battery tender or heated vest plug) and will charge your all your devices: smart phone, GPS, GoPro. camera, bluetooth headsets etc. 

Impact resistant ABS plastic. 
Made in Texas, USA. 
No splicing, no soldering, very small and fits in your pocket. 
Hooks right up to your battery tender SAE cable. 
USB charging port with LED light to confirm connection with your powered SAE (battery tender plug) connection.
12 volts input and 5 volts, 1 amp output.
Limited 1 amp output to save your bike's battery and phone

Click here for Free shipping 


Mustang Seats comfort on a harley davidson.
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