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Vrod saddlebags. Genuine Harley Davidson. forsale

by Editor on 06/27/16

For sale: Genuine factory Harley Davidson Vrod saddlebags for 2002-2006 VRSC. part number P/N 90956-02a
These were taken off a bike with only 9,950 kms on it and are in very good shape and come with all the mounting hardware.

vrod saddlebags

Harley Davidson Dyna custom build by TDMC Customs in Vancouver

by Editor on 06/25/16

The team at TDMC Customs division has done it again with another incredible Dyna build! Get that vintage look on a modern day bike! Remember when ever you but a TDMC Customs bike you get an exclusive TDMC Customs patch!

Stop by Trev Deeley Motorcycles today and check out this wicked Dyna!

Russ Wernimont Designs (RWD) FXRT Fairing & Mount
Sawicki 2 into 1 Exhaust
Paint by Bike FX
Harley-Davidson LED Headlamp & Mirrors
Harley-Davidson Premium Ride Emulsion Shocks
12" Drag Specialties Buffalo T-Bars

custom dyna

Kuryakyn and Mustang To Support Sisters' Centennial Ride

by Editor on 06/23/16

SOMERSET, WIS, JUNE 22 Kuryakyn Holdings, LLC and Mustang Motorcycle Products, LLC, two leading brands in the aftermarket motorcycle industry, are proud to announce their support of the Sisters Centennial Ride. The historic group ride pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of Augusta and Adeline Van Buren's remarkable two-wheeled expedition from Sheepshead Bay, N.Y., to San Francisco, Calif., aboard their 1916 Indian motorcycles.

The Sisters Ride will depart from Brooklyn, N.Y., on July 3, with official registration held at the Launch Party in Springfield, Mass., on Independence Day. On July 6, more than 100 female riders will begin their epic trek across the United States, arriving in San Francisco on July 23 for the Grand Finale celebration.

sisters centennial ride

For almost 40 years, Mustang has been proudly handcrafting seats in a renovated, historic mill building near Springfield, said Mustang Director of Business Development Marilyn Simmons. We are very excited that the Sisters Ride Launch Party is here in the original home of Indian Motorcycle. I remember how rare it was to see a fellow woman rider back in 1968 when I got my license, so I have the greatest respect for the accomplishments of the Van Buren sisters over a half-century earlier. I look forward to meeting the riders and giving them a great sendoff as they head out on their historic ride.

Notable stops along the way include the AMA Hall of Fame in Pickerington, Ohio, for Vintage Motorcycle Days, the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa, as well as the group's ascent of Pike's Peak in Colorado to honor the Van Buren sisters feat of becoming the first women to reach the 14,115-foot summit by motorcycle.

Kuryakyn is thrilled to support this amazing event honoring the Van Buren sisters journey that sparked a movement to shift the mindsets of men and women across the country, said Kuryakyn Marketing and Communications Manager Undria Davis. Today there are more female riders than ever enjoying the open roads; a number that continues to increase every day. The participants, organizers and supporters of the Sisters Centennial Ride will undoubtedly encourage even more women around the world to take that leap into the lifestyle.


It's exciting for us to have two complementary brands such as Kuryakyn and Mustang on board with the Sisters Ride," said event organizer Alisa Clickenger. We all know that rider comfort is essential on long rides, and both Kuryakyn and Mustang demonstrate a passion to enhance the riding experience for all motorcyclists.

The Sisters Centennial Ride's charitable efforts include support of Final Salute Inc., an organization providing temporary and permanent housing for homeless female veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, as well as the Women's Coalition of Motorcyclists, which provides scholarships for motorcycle training to promote the growth of female instructors and coaches for all disciplines of motorcycling.


For more information on the Sisters Centennial Ride, visit


Father's Day

by Editor on 06/19/16

Diane and I would like to say Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's of the world, and especially to ours....

fathers day sunset

10,000 Twitter followers

by Editor on 06/16/16

A big Thank You goes to all our viewers that helped us reach 10,000 followers on Twitter, you guys & gals are Awesome!!!!!

10000 twitter followers

Project Vrod unveiled at Trev Deeley Motorcycles Show n Shine

by Editor on 06/13/16

The Trev Deeley Motorcycles 20th Annual Show n Shine was the perfect event to unveil stage one of Project Vrod. This premier event brings in motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the lower mainland and for good reason, they know how to throw a party! Lots of bikes, great food, music and an enthusiastic crowd, the weather was perfect, no rain and even the sun showed up!

I took this picture at 9am just after finishing up our display.

trev deeley show n shime

 Thank you to everyone that stopped by the VRIDETV booth and checked out Project Vrod in person!

Special thanks to the official Sponsors of ProjectVrod stage one:

Getting the bike ready for the Show n Shine

by Editor on 06/10/16

We are getting our display ready for this Sunday and the first thing we wanted to do is find the perfect spot for this signage for the bikes specs & sponsors of Project Vrod.


Placing it at eye level with a suction cup on the mirror seemed like the answer!

vrod sponsors

Project Vrod to be unveiled at Trev Deeley's Show n Shine

by Editor on 06/07/16

After months of work on our 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA Vrod it time to unveil it publicly. We have chosen to do this at Trev Deeley's 20th Annual Show n Shine on June 12th at 1875 Boundary Rd in Vancouver between 10am and 3pm. This premier event attracts riders and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the lower mainland.

Here's the direct link to Trev Deeley Motorcycles Show n shine event on Facebook for all the details

Be sure to stop by the VRIDETV booth and check out Project Vrod in person!

Special thanks to the official Sponsors of #ProjectVrod:

2003 harley davidson VRSCA Vrod unveil

Harley Davidson Vrod Bagger. 91492-01BDJ

by Editor on 06/03/16

We've equipped Project Vrod with Harley-Davidson Saddlebags: color-matched molded: 91492-01BDJ. Waterproof bags from Ortlieb USA including five Protect camera bags, three Aquacam camera bags and and Moto Zip'N Go Duffle. This keeps everything safe and dry that we need to be self contained for filming, riding and living on the road.

Vrod Bagger.

Vrod test ride #3

by Editor on 06/01/16

Test ride #3 
I was able to get a few pictures before the bike started acting up.....
The front right brake is dragging and heating up, the right side rotor was hot to the touch while the left one was cool. So I headed back home and once there I realized the second and bigger problem, the engine was taking way too long to cool down. The valve covers, engine block shouldn't be hot to the touch an hour later... I'm going to have to call the crew at TDMC Customs and have them diagnose and fix the problem. The Techs there are outstanding!

2003 vrod

Project Vrod update

by Editor on 05/28/16

Test ride #2
The bike is running great thanks to the crew at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver. This 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary Vrod is getting close to completion, many of the sponsored accessories are installed and the tank and shocks are next!

vrod in front of old barn

5 gallon kit for 02-06 Harley Davidson Vrods from Unlimited Engineering

by Editor on 05/27/16

I can hardly wait to get this installed!!!!!
Unlimited Engineering has sent their newest version, the 2020D, Five gallon conversion kit for Project Vrod. 
This tank holds an astonishing 53% more fuel than the stock tank!

The crew at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver will be installing it into our 2003 Harley Davidson 100th anniversary VRSCA Vrod.

5 gallon tank for vrod

Mustang Seats for Harley Davidson Softtail

by Editor on 05/26/16

Comfort for Softails:  The Mustang Solution to Passenger Complaints

There's only one thing that the riders and their passengers of 2016 Heritage and 2015-16 Softail Deluxe models need: Mustang's new seats that have been specifically engineered to provide truly uncompromising comfort for both the riders and their passengers. Their new Softail solo seat allows the rider to sit comfortably back into a 16.5" wide bucket, which provides ample lumbar support. Selecting the fully adjustable and easily removable Mustang driver backrest option will provide all-day back support. Mustang's solo seat fits perfectly with the Deluxe's stock chrome trim bar.

mustang seats for softtail

Mustang's new matching passenger seat is an improvement that will be greatly appreciated by every Deluxe passenger for every mile. Unlike the narrow, cramped stock passenger seat that the factory squeezed in between the rider's seat and the luggage rack, Mustang has created a recessed passenger seat that fits over the top of the luggage rack. This innovative design provides the passenger with a generous 10" wide bucket that is properly contoured for comfort--absolutely the solution to passenger complaints.

mustang seats for harley davidson softtail

Available with or without studs and conchos, these seats feature a marine-grade fiberglass baseplate, proprietary comfort foam and individually sewn covers that are proudly handcrafted and assembled in Mustang's New England facility (tours are available by appointment).

For more information, visit or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100.  
Feel the difference that Mustang makes!

Vrod handlebars

by Editor on 05/24/16

Stock handle bars replaced with another set....
Sitting on the bike I noticed that the left side of the handlebars looked lower than the right, it wasn't much, but enough that it would have been a problem on long rides. I reached out to a Vrod group on Facebook, lots of Vrodders switch the stock bars for custom set and I hoped that there was a set collecting dust somewhere. Sure enough a fellow rider, K.S. from Tennessee, came through and sent me his old bars, BIG Thank you to him!

When the folks at TDMC Customs had by bike in the shop I asked them to install the bars and Willie G Hand grips from another Vrodder D.C. from Surrey.

Vrod handlebars

Skull head licence plate bolts

by Editor on 05/23/16

I've never seen another pair of these Skull head licence plate bolts, they were given to me by a friend over 20 years ago. I have had them on my shovel head chopper, a wheelchair, walker, crutches, canes and for 152,000 kms on a 2003 Harley Davidson Vrod that went across Canada from coast to coast. Then they were on a 2104 Harley Davidson Vrod Muscle for 11 months and 11,000 kms.
Now they are going on ProjectVrod

The person who gave these to me passed away in 2003 and has been missed greatly... 

Skull head licence plate bolts

Motorcycle accident: Grateful to be alive

by Editor on 05/21/16

Today marks the 18th anniversary to the motorcycle accident that changed my life forever...
I am so grateful to be alive and thankful to my wife, family, friends, doctors, nurses, and rehab team.

Everyday is a gift.

skull xray VRIDETVcom

Trev Deeley Motorcycles & TDMC Customs saves the day

by Editor on 05/20/16

It sure was great to see the TrevDeeley HarleyDavidson truck & trailer arrive yesterday morning. They were dropping off Project Vrod after the team at TDMC Customs diagnosed & solved the over heating issue.
Thank You very much for getting it done so fast! 

Awesome Customer Service

trev deeley motorcycles truck and trailer

Seven new VRIDETV headers

by Editor on 05/17/16

We've added seven new rotating banners at the top each page, so every time you refresh the page you see a new header.

Here's all seven, which is your favourite?








Trev Deeley Motorcycles and TDMC Customs Save the day

by Editor on 05/14/16

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the team at TDMC Customs and Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver for saving the day in a BIG WAY...

They picked up Project Vrod to find out what happened yesterday....
I took the bike out yesterday for it's first ride and about an hour into it I noticed the front brake seemed to be sticky, shortly after that the instrument cluster stopped working,  and the bike seemed to be running very hot. I was close to home so I high tailed it back and got home safe and sound. I could see a definite black line on the front right brake rotor and it was very warm to the touch. I popped off the airbox to check the fuse for the instrument cluster and sure enough it was blown. I replaced it and the gauges worked again, the error code suggests that it's most likely a ground problem. Now that the bike had been sitting for over an hour I was shocked to find out how hot the valve covers still were and even the frame was very warm to the touch on the radiator hose side. This is about when I started freaking out, the engine should definitely have cooled down by now and even an hour an a half afterwards I couldn't touch it for more than a second or two. (My guess is it's the thermostat or water pump failure)

Keep in mind that this is all happening on Friday the 13th, a full moon, and the very first ride...

I knew I needed help,
I called the folks at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles and explained what the bikes symptoms were and they said we'll pick the bike up in the morning get it back to the shop and diagnose the problems. 

Sure enough, the bike was picked up around 11:30 am today and is on its way! I can't thank these guys enough, they truly take care of motorcycle riders, their bikes, and have unbeatable customer service!!!!

Special thanks to Chris, Walter and Dave.

trev deeley harley davidson truck and trailer

Friday the 13th

by Editor on 05/13/16

We took this picture using a 2002 Harley-Davidson model from the Franklin Mint, placed it on a glass pedestal cake plate, then put in front of our fireplace... Behind the scenes.

motorcycle and fire friday 13th

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Mustang Seats comfort on a harley davidson.