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Vrod wheels

by Editor on 05/17/19

I finally had a chance to go for a longer ride (630 kms) to test out the wheels that Ruthless Designz cut and chromed for our Vrod camera bike. Firstly they are beautiful, the machining is precise and the chroming is flawless! Secondly the bike handles so much better on the highway because the cross winds can flow through the wheel instead of catching the air like the stock solid wheels did.
Oh my goodness I should have done this a long time ago!

Highway 3 motorcycle ride VRIDETV

Allison Lake Provincial Park

by Editor on 05/13/19

It was pretty awesome rolling into Allison Lake Provincial Park and be the only ones there!
That picnic table was a perfect spot for a saddlebag lunch.

Allison Lake British Columbia Canada

Mother's Day

by Editor on 05/12/19

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world and especially to ours : )

Mothers day flowers

Motorcycle ride recommendation

by Editor on 05/11/19

Here's a motorcycle ride that will take you through mountains, alongside rivers, lakes, rolling hills, desert like conditions, canyons and seven tunnels! 
The elevation changes will have your ears popping, the temperature changes yesterday went from better do the vents up to OMG it's 37c 

Langley - Hope - Princeton - Merritt - Spences Bridge - Hope - Langley

click here for the interactive map

Motorcycle ride princeton to merritt by VRIDETVcom

Tracker Ap / Stocker Ap / Safety Ap

by Editor on 05/10/19

We take that Explorer with us on each and every ride, it's a two way satellite communicator with GPS. You can track where we are riding here

Remember to click on the map filters for current tracking.

Roadpost explorer at medicine lake VRIDETVcom

Camera bike ready for Hollywood North

by Editor on 05/09/19

Our Harley Davidson V-Rod camera bike is dialled in and ready to shoot!
We are based out of Langley British Columbia Canada and would like to offer our services to the TV & movie industry affectionally know as Hollywood North.
We use four Sony HXR-MC1 Professional video cameras and can configure them to the shot you need.

Hollywood North camera bike for hire VRIDETVcom

Vrod mirrors

by Editor on 05/08/19

Carbon fiber build update: I've decided to take off the 2003 stock V-Rod mirrors & signal lights (left) and go with the 2015 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle mirrors with built in LED turn signals for a cleaner look.

Vrod mirrors VRIDETV

Social media marketing

by Editor on 05/03/19

A message for our colleagues in the motorcycle & travel industry. We all know the importance of social media & we also know that Facebook is "Encouraging" us to pay to have our content seen with "Boost Post"
This is something I've never done for VRIDETV and I never will.... 
I recently discovered another platform to add our content to.
I encourage you to give Tik Tok a try and here's why, I uploaded a video at approximately 1pm today and it already has 5,800 views in 5 hours. Now imagine how much you would have had to pay Facebook for that exposure.... 
If you are already there, awesome. If not, what are you waiting for.... 

social media advertising

May is motorcycle awareness month

by Editor on 05/01/19

May is motorcycle awareness month and this campaign really hits home with me. On May 21st it will be 21 years since my near fatal motorcycle accident with a towtruck. To help bring attention to Motorcycle awareness month, I've designed this logo using my own x-ray.

if you would like to read more about my accident, click here

Motorcycle awareness

Ruthless Designz

by Editor on 04/29/19

I'm still in "awe" with the job Bill Gorby of Ruthless Designz did cutting and chroming my stock solid wheels, my only regret is that I didn't do this sooner...

more images, prices and patterns available here

Vrod front wheel

Harley Davidson Vrod bike build update

by Editor on 04/27/19

It's taken years to get our 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA V-Rod to this stage, we've sourced out the best parts from the leaders in the industry to bring it to this point. I am beyond happy with the transformation of this bike, all of the upgrades we've done turned a stock motorcycle into my vision of a high performance touring bike that we can shoot our videos from.
The build is not complete yet, and most likely never be, that's the fun of customizing a motorcycle....


Project Carbon Fiber Vrod update

by Editor on 04/22/19

We're getting close now...
Front and rear camera mounts on and ready to go, all the carbon fiber body parts have been fitted and the over all stealthy look we're going for is coming together. I still need to decide on which headlight manufacture I'm going to go with and a few other details but the transformation is nearly complete.

Carbon fiber Vrod

Motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 04/19/19

On the carbon fiber Vrod we want to have a more stealthy camera mount setup for the front and back in contrast to our main camera bike that has the big waterproof cases.
You've already seen the posts of the rear mount from earlier this week, well here's the front mount that I just finished. That started out as a 8 1/2 inch piece of 2x2 aluminium angle that slowly but surely was cut, drilled filed, sanded and polished into what you see here.

front camera mount for motorcycles

VRIDETV is now on Tik Tok

by Editor on 04/18/19

We have recently joined the social media platform Tik Tok, If you're on it follow us here.
If you're not on Tik Tok you can still watch our videos here

tik tok motorcycle

Rear camera mount update

by Editor on 04/16/19

The rear camera mount has been completed for the carbon fiber Vrod and is ready for testing.

motorbike tailcam mount

motorbike rear camera mount

Vrod nose fairing fitment update

by Editor on 04/11/19

The bracket I made placed the headlight cowl pretty close to where I want it. Ideally I would have liked it closer to the clamshell but but it's not possible, there's just no room to move it back any farther. The big thing for me was the height issue and this bracket has solved that to my liking.

vrod cowl

Worlds Largest Gnome

by Editor on 04/06/19

Have you ever seen the World's largest gnome?
We did in February when we were travelling on Vancouver Island to attend my Grand Mother's 100th Birthday.

This is Howard, 

Guinness World records info:
"The largest garden gnome measures 7.91 m (25 ft 11 in) tall and was created by Ron Hale (Canada). It was built in 1998, but was measured for the record on 19 August 2009. The gnome was part of an amusement park that no longer exists. It is currently standing on the grounds of a petrol station. The gnome's maintenance is a condition of sale for the land deeds for the property, giving it legal protection and assuring that it will remain as a permanent fixture."

This big guy has been in the news lately, CTV reports:

"After 21 years waving on passersby in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island, the world's 'largest garden gnome' is in need of a new home."

UPDATE: He now has a new home in Saanich awaiting his arrival!

Worlds largest gnome VRIDETVcom

Vrod nose fairing fitment

by Editor on 04/03/19

The rest of the brackets came in allowing me to do a test fit of the MDI Carbon Fiber Vrod nose fairing / cowl. It fits but I would like to have it fit tighter to the clamshell and also be a little higher than the chrome bezel of the clam shell.
I'm using a stock Harley-Davidson headlight assembly bracket part number 69271-06 and a DX-TL-7 bracket made by Wayne Motorsports that is adjustable and will allow me to use a 7 inch round light instead of the 5 3/4.

Now the reason it fits like this has nothing to do with the cowl or the brackets,  It's because I'm trying to put 2006 parts on a 2003. My bike has a different clamshell and higher handlebars, but the whole thing about customizing motorcycles is doing just that, customizing.

After spending more time than i'd like to admit I think I've come up with a solution, I will not be using the stock Harley bracket and instead, I'll be making my own bracket and use the DX-TL-7 bracket made by Wayne Motorsports only. Once I've got a working prototype i'll post a pick of the mount.

Vrod cowl fitment

Vrod photo shoot

by Editor on 04/01/19

We've added more pictures of the progress we've made on the silver Vrod from a recent photo shoot. 


Project Vrod bike build

by Editor on 03/28/19

The carbon fiber has really changed the look of our Vrod, we're still amazed how it looks in different lighting!

more pictures have been added here

Carbon fiber motorcycle parts

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