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GREEN'S Automotive / GREEN'S Wheel Repair

by Editor on 04/13/21

Went to Green's Wheel Repairs in Richmond yesterday to have a couple of wheels straightened, met with Brad & was happy to hear he could have them done in 3 or 4 days. (They are one of the few places that specialize in motorcycle wheels)
I remember going to GREENS about 35 years ago at their old shop to get a nitrous bottle refilled for my Camaro, and nothing has really changed, the customer service is still outstanding! 


Eye imaging

by Editor on 04/10/21

Diane and I are getting reading to order our new glasses from Liberty Sport but before we do we wanted to have our prescription checked by the optometrist. Afterwards, the doctor took some imaging of my eye to check the over all health, but it looks more like something from a Sci Fi movie...

Eye image

Motorcycle travel videos on Youtube

by Editor on 04/09/21

Have you checked out our Youtube channel lately?
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Motorcycle travel show

VROD parts for sale

by Editor on 04/07/21

More 2002-2006 Harley Davidson VROD parts have been added to our for sale page.


Details, details, details...

by Editor on 04/02/21

Before installing the brake disc onto this rear wheel I decided to sand and polish the face of the wheel that the rotor doesn't cover. At the end of every red line is a surface that can be seen so it needed to be sanded and polished, then multiply that by five. The Devil is in the details... 

vrod wheel face

Motorcycles, are they ever really done?

by Editor on 03/31/21

Really happy with the progression of this bike, there's still a few mods that I want to do but it's getting there.


Ruthless Designz 920V VROD Wheels

by Editor on 03/28/21

Here they are fresh out of the wrapper!

OMG, I am so happy with the way these wheels came back, they were in pretty rough shape when I sent them to Ruthless Designz. They were pitted and badly oxidized from years of neglect by the previous owner...

Bill Gorby and his team at Ruthless Designz did an absolutely amazing job on the machining, sanding and polishing of what used to be stock OEM solid Vrod wheels.

I absolutely love the Ruthless Designz #920 option but I asked if they could do a slight modification to them by taking off the three sharp points, my thoughts on that was: first, save on band aids from the amount of times I'll clean them lol. Secondly it kinda gives a nod & pays homage to the look of the VROD Destroyer racing wheels but with a Ruthless Designz styling and street ability. (I'm not sure if Ruthless Designz will add this to their lineup of options but if they do, hopefully they'll call it the #920V design)

These will be going on our Carbon fiber camera bike soon!

ruthless designz 920V VROD Wheels


Well wrapped Vrod wheels

by Editor on 03/27/21

It's pretty exciting when the FedEx guy delivers two big boxes that you've been patiently waiting for, lol who am I kidding, I've been checking the tracking number twice a day!
Once I opened up the boxes and removed the protective packaging the two black bags were carried to the kitchen table & when opened the wheels were plastic stretched wrapped! I had to share how well the folks at Ruthless Designz in Myrtle Beach take care of their workmanship! 

wrapped vrod wheels

Motorcycles... A Labour of Love

by Editor on 03/26/21

After months of work, our carbon fiber Vrod camera bike has emerged from the garage to see the light of day...

We've posted more image here

chrome and black VROD

Vrod on bike lift

by Editor on 03/24/21

Slowly but surely checking off the tasks on the "Thing to do list" before taking our 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA carbon fiber V-Rod off the lift for riding season. Looks like we have at least another week or so of rain here so that's plenty of time to get the rest done.

vrod bike lift

NEW motorcycle rear camera mount

by Editor on 03/23/21

Here is the final result of our new rear camera mount for our 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA carbon fiber VROD. It took a lot longer than I thought but I'm happy with the results. 

new motorcycle rear camera mount

Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park Alberta Canada

by Editor on 03/22/21

Extended length video
Medicine Lake is a truly amazing place to see in Jasper National Park in Alberta Canada. We've ridden there several time but this was the first time with snow on the ground. When we pulled into the parking lot there were ice covered puddles, snow along the sides and everyone was wearing big winter coats. They looked at us like we we're out of our minds... LOL 

Rear camera plate

by Editor on 03/21/21

For those of you that have been following the new camera plate I've been making, here's the finished product. This started out as a piece of 5 inch x 7 inch x 1/4 inch aluminum flat bar, it's since been drilled, cut, sanded, polished and is now ready to be mounted. 

Motorbike camera plate

Spring riding season

by Editor on 03/20/21

Have a great Spring riding season everyone and ride safe!

Winter spring motorcycle riding

Drilling into carbon fiber

by Editor on 03/18/21

The point of no return... 
Well I must admit, it was a little nerve racking drilling four holes into this beautiful carbon fiber fender for our new camera mount. 

drilling into carbon fiber

Medicine Lake motorcycle riding video in Final Cut Pro

by Editor on 03/16/21

Here's a screen shot of the next video that's being edited in Final Cut Pro featuring Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park. It's a truly amazing place to ride a motorcycle even if there's snow on the ground! 

medicine lake FCP screen shot

Before and after of our rear camera mount

by Editor on 03/15/21

Here's a before and after of the rear camera mount on our 2003 VROD carbon fiber bike. By drilling four holes into the fender and the inner fender I was able to make this new streamlined version. 

before after rear camera mount

VROD Wheels by Ruthless Designz

by Editor on 03/13/21

I'm getting pretty excited now!!!
Just received this picture from Bill Gorby of Ruthless Designz in Myrtle Beach South Carolina of my wheels all wrapped up and ready for shipping. 
These wheels are cut with his #920 design and I decided to go with polished instead of chrome for the carbon fiber bike. Good Lord, you can see how shiny they are even through the wrapping!!!!

I can hardly wait for these to arrive, see them  in person and unwrapped!

ruthless designz wheel wrapped

Motorcycle selfie cam

by Editor on 03/12/21

NEW VIDEO: Testing our selfie camera mount in the Fraser Canyon, British Columbia Canada. This camera angle was specifically made to showcase our sponsors Rukka Motorsports, Schuberth Helmets and Liberty Sport. 

Progress update on rear motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 03/11/21

Slowly but surely I'm making progress on this rear camera mount for the carbon fiber bike, over think and over build is the motto for this one!

I still have to round the corners and edges, then do all the sanding, polishing THEN come the hard part.... Drilling 4 holes into a perfectly good carbon fiber fender, that's going to hurt... But if this works as good as I think it will it'll be worth it.

new rear motorcycle camera mount

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