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3M paint protection film. Vrod invisible bra

by Editor on 05/25/20

I wanted to protect the carbon fiber airbox from zipper scratches and aberration marks from my jacket and this 3M paint protection film is perfect for the job. I cut a piece 8 inches by 14 inches and sprayed both sides and airbox with a 25% alcohol 75% water mix and smoothed it out with a rubber squeegee. 

3m paint protection film

Vrod rear sprocket

by Editor on 05/24/20

Against all better judgement, I've started a rainy day project and decided to give this sprocket new life. I got this from a FB friend Troy in the States and he had it in a box inside his barn for many years. 
First step was to start sanding the pitting out and that thick gray paint with 120 grit sand paper by hand. The first three pictures show the progress and the fourth shows the back where I stopped and decided to think about that before doing it...

Next will be sanding (on rainy days) with 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 grit then finally polish to a mirror finish with Autosol.
Once that is done I will be securing the back ring by: drill & tap & secure with 5 bolts like on the Reactors sprockets. 

Once it's complete this will be going on the Carbon fiber Vrod


Motorcycle accident anniversary

by Editor on 05/21/20

I'm so very grateful to be alive...
Twenty two years ago today I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident when a tow truck turned left in front of me and changed my life forever.
I spent the next 2 1/2 months in the hospital while doctors worked on my legs at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster and then the Burns and Plastic ward at Vancouver General Hospital.
On Aug 6th I was released and sent home in a wheelchair to build up strength to prepare for the next round of surgeries. At my first doctors appointment my orthopedic surgeon gave me two options, the first being amputation of my left leg above the knee and get me fitted for a prosthetic leg, then rehab and be up and around in 4-6 months. The second many surgeries while they rebuild my legs meaning I would be non weight bearing and stuck in the wheelchair until the bone graphs were completed. The damage to my left leg was so severe that even after all the operations were completed a full recovery wasn't even a possibility. This was complicated further by contracting the MRSA Super bug while in the hospital, the infection is in the bone. Due to the amount of surgeries that needed to be preformed it would take approximately a year and a half to complete and because of the infection there were no guarantees the leg could be saved.

 I thanked him for everything he had done for me thus far and for giving me the choice, and said without a doubt option two. He asked me if I was sure because most people wouldn't want to have to go through what you're about to to try and save a leg. I told him that I'd rather try everything possible, have all the operations to rebuild my leg and if some where down the line that I did have to have it amputated because of infection then I would know it was the only option and there would be no wondering "What if." Option number one would have always had the "What if " factor and I wan't wanting to have that...

He smiled and said, "I thought so."

motorcycle accident recovery begins

How to fix a VROD fuel gauge

by Editor on 05/18/20

The 2002 - 2006 Vrod fuel gauge is notorious for failing, many riders just go by the odometer which is more reliable even if the gauge does work...  
Yet, there's people like me that still want a working gauge.

The problem is with the sending unit strip that the float rides on, over time it gets gummed up causing the gauge to act up or not register at all. The fix is relatively easy, remove the fuel module assembly (as outlined in the service manual) and lightly scrub the sending unit strip with a piece of scotch Brite pad. It's that easy...

How to fix the vrod fuel gauge  

VROD wheels

by Editor on 05/15/20

Sending my solid wheel to Ruthless Designz to have them cut and chromed was something i should have done years ago! The difference in handling and appearance is incredible!

Have YOUR Harley Davidson V-Rod OEM rim machined with one of the custom designs on our site. Note: You are not buying a rim, only the design work to be machined into your rim. 

Want customs rims for your bike ? But don't want to spend a lot doing it? Tired of the wind pushing your front end around?This is the perfect solution!!

This is to have YOUR Harley Davidson V-Rod machined with one of the custom designs on our site. Note: You are not buying a rim, only the design work to be machined into your rim. 

check out the webpage we've made up with all the info you need here

VROD wheel cut and chromed

Mother's Day flowers

by Editor on 05/10/20

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world and especially to ours. 

mother's Day flowers

Abbotsford Airport during Covid19

by Editor on 05/09/20

While out on a ride yesterday I went past the Abbotsford International Airport YXX and was taken aback when I saw no planes on the tarmac, parking lots full of rental cars and when I pulled up to the terminal it was like a ghost town...

Abbotsford airport covid19

Ride Safe 2020

by Editor on 05/07/20

This is the first place I ride to every year when I get insurance on my motorcycle. Click here to watch the TikTok video and find out why...

Motorcycle accident scene

Unlimited Engineering 5 Gallon kit for 2002 - 2006 VRods

by Editor on 05/06/20

Exciting news indeed! 
Unlimited Engineering has made another batch of their 5.3 gallon tanks for 2002-2006 V-Rods. This is without a doubt one of the BEST upgrade you can do to your V-rod. It's so nice to be able to carry 54% more fuel and pass gas stations that I used to have to stop at....

here's the details:

  • Made in America by Americans for your American motorcycle.
  • 5.3 US Gallons (20 Liters) after normalization*. This will yield approximately 5 1/4 gallons of useable fuel capacity which is a 54% increase over stock useable of 3.4 gallons - almost 2 gallons.
  • State of the art molding process gives unparalleled safety. The crash testing lab performed tests to American and European safety standards. The tank passed easily. They were instructed to increase the forces until the tank failed. They were unable to achieve a failure even when hitting the tank with many times the force set forth in the standards - they maxed out their equipment without failure.
  • Relocates the ignition out from under your butt to an easy to reach and much more natural position for the key.
  • Included parts to stop the key fob from flapping in the wind.
  • Retains normal operation of the ignition and seat latch.
  • Designed to fit 2002-2006 VRSCA, B, D, SE and SE2 models.

Included in the kit:
Tank Strap
NASCAR developed thermal barrier
Ignition Relocation kit
Ignition bracket
Ignition wire harness extension
Extended seat release cable
misc hardware
Skid Plate kit
Formed skid plate
Aluminum Rivets
3/16" drill bit
Misc hardware
Detailed installation instructions

UE 5 gallon Vrod tank

May is Motorcycle Awareness month

by Editor on 05/01/20

"Motorcycle Awareness saves Accidents and Lives"

May is motorcycle awareness month, please help spread the word...... 

This is my xray after a near fatal motorcycle accident with a tow truck, if you would like to read more on what happened click here

motorcycle awareness xray

Motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 04/29/20

One of the goals on building a camera rig for the carbon fiber Vrod was to design one that was ecstatically pleasing and most importantly rock steady. 

Motorcycle camera mount STEADY

Black Vrod chin spoiler

by Editor on 04/24/20

Think I'm going to leave the painting of motorcycles to the professionals... After sanding off all the original orange paint on this SE chin spoiler I painted it with Krylon Fusion gloss black spray paint and the final results are 2020. Looks good at 20 feet going 20 kilometers per hour. LOL

I'm going to use it as is for this season and have it professionally done when I get the saddlebags painted on the CF bike.

Vrod chin spoiler painted black

Rear facing motorcycle camera

by Editor on 04/18/20

Here's a closer look at our rear facing camera rig on the carbon fiber bike.

camera rig for motorcycle

Easter Lilies

by Editor on 04/12/20

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends virtually with video chat. 

Happy Easter lilies

Custom VROD fork stem cap

by Editor on 04/03/20

I decided to take off an emblem from an extra secondary clutch actuator cover I had in my parts bin and mounted it to the fork stem cap on the carbon fiber bike. It's a small detail but it's all those little things that make the over all presentation in my opinion. The devil is in the details... 

custom vrod fork stem cap


by Editor on 04/01/20

Upside down motorcycle

Carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

by Editor on 03/27/20

I was very happy with the arrival of this carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover made by MDI Carbon Fiber. This will be a very nice addition the the rest of the carbon fiber parts on our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCcf V-Rod. 
One thing I wanted to do to it was find something to fill the hole for the ignition cylinder since mine had been relocated after the 5.3 Unlimited Engineering fuel tank was installed. I tried a lot of different things to fill that hole and wanted to find something that looked as how it would have come from the factory, then I finally found the perfect piece, a 100th anniversary handgrip end cap. Next thing to do was try and figure out a way for it to fit in there the way I wanted it to. Several different methods came to mind, then a few attempts with results making me thinking there must be a better way, then it hit me... I cut off approximately 3/4 of an inch off the soft rubber sleeve from the hard plastic tube of the grip, popped on the end cap and slid that into the hole allowing me to make the adjustments for precise fitment. 

carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

Vrod chin spoiler fitment

by Editor on 03/23/20

I had a few questions in social media about the chin spoiler fitment on our 2003 Vrods. Normally it's not an issue but when you also have a chrome voltage regulator you run into a small problem. It will fit but you really have to push to get the sides of the rad shroud onto the raise bolt holes. It was way to tight in my opinion and decided to trim it as shown in this picture to have it fit properly. I ended up cutting up a plastic lid and made a feeler gauge to have the same clearance on both sides. 

Now that the black one is done it's time to trim down the orange chin spoiler, then sand off all that orange paint to have it painted.

SC chin spoiler for VROD

Spring riding season

by Editor on 03/20/20

So nice to see the arrival of Spring, have a great riding season everyone and ride safe! 

Spring motorcycle riding season

CoronaVirus Covid19 self isolation pastime. Virtual tourism.

by Editor on 03/17/20

A lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now with the Coronas Virus / Covid-19 being declared a pandemic. If you have been quarantined and are looking for a way to help pass the time check out our extended length videos, they're as real as it gets without getting bugs in your teeth!

virtual tourism 
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