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Happy Easter long weekend everyone

by Editor on 04/18/14

Strange thing is, Diane only painted two  last night..... & this morning.... 

Sasquatch Shenanigans

by Editor on 04/17/14

Just incase you've missed the recent Sasquatch Shenanigans my friend Mike has been posting in social media, I thought I'd share the latest in today's blog post.

start quote: "My good friend Vridetv Canada is searching for his long lost brother. I made this image to assist with the search efforts." end quote.
When I saw this in the morning I literally laughed out loud and at the risk of encouraging him, I had to take a screen shot of his handy work....
Well played my friend, well played.....


All kidding aside, the guy is a marketing genius, check Mike out on Twitter at 

sasquatch shenanigans

Vridetv filming in the Fraser Canyon with Connect Media & Travel the Canyon

by Editor on 04/16/14

Over the past weekend I had the opportunity to do a video shoot with Riley from Connect Media and Tourism Fraser Canyon,

It was a great day for the shoot, blue skies, warm day and lots of motorcycles enjoying the Fraser Canyon. I met with Riley at Tourism Hope, we ran through the shot list and went over a few hand signals ensuring to get a good shot.
I gave Riley a five minute head start in his car so he could get to each location and set up his tripods and camera gear. For this sequence I used our handlebar cam and my helmet cam, both SONY HXR-MC1 professional HD video cameras and had them on continuously. We had a great day of filming from Hope to Hells Gate Airtram where I had an opportunity to meet Brian McKinney who was kind enough to allow me to shoot some video and stills even though they don't officially open until April 17, 2014. We are currently transferring our video footage from our video cameras into Final Cut Pro and hope to begin editing Friday. 

hells gate airtram

Vridetv turns 2 on Tumblr

by Editor on 04/11/14

We received this notification from Tumblr this morning, it's Vridetv's second Birthday on Tumblr.
Check out our Tumblr page, follow us and we'll reciprocate, it's that easy : )


motorcycle tire punctured & blows out at 100kph

by Editor on 04/10/14

It was a great day for a ride yesterday, sun was out, heated gear plugged in and I had a couple of meetings in the Fraser Valley. The first was to pick up a Avon jacket from our sponsor Avon Tyres North America, had a short visit with a very cool lady. Then I was off to the Ruby Creek Art Gallery to meet Mike to discuss and upcoming video shoot for the gallery.
After wrapping up the meeting I headed out to Hope, grabbed some gas and started the ride back to the office. Then it happened......  at 100kph on the #1 Highway in Chilliwack I ran over something and it punctured and blew out my rear tire. Luckily I was approaching the Vedder exit and was able to pull of the highway and come to a safe stop. Within minutes a rider on a yellow/black Kawi stopped to see if I needed help, thank you Aris, it was very nice to meet you and I appreciate you taking the time to check on a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. 
I was approximately 1 1/2 kilometers from Mountainview Harley Davidson I called them at 5:10 and asked if they could send their truck and trailer to pick me up but it was in Surrey. Now how cool is this..... I asked him what time they are open until he replied 5:30, but don't worry, we'll stay here until you arrive. He asked exactly where I was and called O'Connor Towing and sent them to pick me up.

A BIG thank you to Jeff & Kyle for getting to me quickly and getting my bike safe and sound to the shop!

Here's a shot of the size of the blow out on the tire..... I'm guessing it was a bolt or something (what's your guess, add it to the comment) I had a mini air compressor and tire plug kit with me but because of the size of the hole I was unable to seal it myself to get to the shop.

When we arrived at at Mountainview Harley Davidson at approximately 6pm, the guys have already been waiting a half an hour past quitting time but you would never have known it. What a great bunch of guys, hand shakes, smiles, super friendly and helpful. They got my bike unloaded and safely tucked away into the shop. BUT it doesn't stop there... They asked how was I getting home, I'm not sure yet, where do you live, Aldergrove. No problem I live there says John and offers me a ride home!!!!!!
BUT it doesn't stop there... While on the drive home John offers to take the AVON tire I have at my house to the shop in the morning to save me the trip, how cool is that!!!!

AS much as it sucked having the tire blow out yesterday, It couldn't have worked out any better. Normally I'm out of cell service on rides (got to get a satellite phone) but this time I was lucky... 

I am very grateful to be safe and sound and appreciate the help of Aris, for stopping. Jeff & Kyle of O'Connor Towing and especially to Mountainview Harley Davidson staff members Dave, Jack, Murray and John. (I'm missing another name) You all went above and beyond customer service, thank you so much for all your help, it's greatly appreciated.

No Mr. Zuckerberg, we will not pay Facebook

by Editor on 04/09/14

If you have a Facebook page, you will have seen the "Boost Post" button every time you make a post. You can decide how much you would like to spend and it will automatically calculate the number of people that could see your post. I understand why they do this, it must be a money machine for them but.....
We will not pay to have our content seen on Facebook, so the next time your logged into your FB account visit us at and please click on the "Invite your Friends" to like our page and help us share our content on Facebook.

We look at it this way, our website is completely free for our viewers, so why should we pay to have it seen on Facebook.....

The Muggs will be featured on VRIDETV

by Editor on 04/08/14

We are pleased to announce that The Muggs music will be featured on upcoming VRIDETV videos. 

The Muggs are an original blues rock trio hailing from Detroit!  Riff heavy, melodic, & classic rock oriented, the Muggs deliver a gritty, raw musical style of their own that can only come from Detroit Rock City

May is Motorcycle Awareness month. Ride Safe patch

by Editor on 04/07/14

It's approaching quickly... May is Motorcycle Awareness month.
Get the official Ride Safe patch for yourself, a riding buddy, or loved one.

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads"

click image below

BC Classic & Custom Car Show with the FONZ Henry Winkler

by Editor on 04/02/14

CARS, STARS & GUITARS at the BC Classic & Custom Car Show on April 18,19 20, 2014. at the Abbotsford Tradex.

Here's the direct link to the British Columbia Classic & Custom Car Show Fan Club:

Packing Tips for a Motorcycle Journey

by Editor on 03/31/14

Packing Tips for a Motorcycle Journey

Before the concept of motorcycle saddle bags, packing for a long ride would get on the nerves of most bikers. In fact, the stress would badly dampen the excitement of a long, power packed journey. However, thanks to a broad spectrum of motorcycle saddle bags available today, they cater to different packing requirements and different machines. In fact, the compelling organization makes packing engaging and interesting. Still, you cannot take everything with you. Prioritize your bare necessities. Here are some packing tips to make life on the road easier:

  1. Make your List: As soon as you decide to tour, start making a list of the things you think you will need to take with you. Don't worry about the initial long list. You can always cut it down, but you must not miss anything important, such as first aid kit, tools, repair boxes, etc. must be packed.
  2. Travel Light: Travel as light as possible, especially when its a motorcycle journey. Depending upon your travel days, you may want to throw in all your necessities in your motorcycle saddle bags. But, that often proves to be a blunder. The key is short listing. Pack minimally and take only the essentials of the journey. Drop everything else. 
  3. Pack Sensibly: Logic and analytical reasoning are a biker's most powerful tool, even if it is about packing. For a good bike handling and balance, pack all the heavy things at the bottom and on the inner side of the bag. Cushion up the vulnerable items with bungee net or your towels, T-shirts, etc. 
  4. Motorcycle Luggage: For a long journey, avoid a backpack to prevent the shoulder strain. Use motorcycle saddle bags. The touring bikes like the Honda Gold Wing come accessorized with extra storage space
  5.  Small Items: Things like mobile phone charger, cameras, camera batteries, toiletries, etc. are smallish enough to skip attention, but are quite important. 
  6.  Motorcycle Documents: Surely, you are excited about your motorcycle journey, but just do not forget your motorbike documents and driving license by any chance. 
  7.  Do not Forget: Unless and until you are going to a remote area, there will always be some scope to buy things along your way, in case you do forget some essentials to pack in your motorcycle saddle bags. Looking for these miss outs in a new land is fun and an interesting adventure. Purchase only as much your motorcycle saddle bags can accommodate. 

Author Bio: Kevin Parker enjoys reading and writing about motorcycles, safety, motorcycle tours along with many other interesting daily topics at Motorcycle Saddlebags. Furthermore Kevin Parker has been riding for over 6 years.

Why We Ride... The Movie

by Editor on 03/28/14

April 6th, Ride from Trev Deeley Motorcycles down to The Rio theatre for the Western Canadian Premier of "WHY WE RIDE" a documentary on the love of motorcycles and the community rallied together by two-wheels.

Trev Deeley Harley-Davidson will be partnering with Ducati Richmond and Pacific Motorsports to bring this much-anticipated film to Vancouver. Grab a coffee and baked good at our store and ride your motorcycle down with us to show your pride (and show off your bike). Reserved motorcycle parking at the Rio is first come, first serve so we are leaving here at 1:30!

Over $1000 worth of motorcycle gear will be given away as door prizes at this event by the three dealerships so it's an afternoon you will not want to miss!

12:00 pm - Snacks at TDMC

1:30 pm - Ride leaves the TDMC Parking lot for The Rio Theatre.

2:00 pm - Doors Open at The Rio

3:00 pm - Movie starts

After the Movie - Door Prizes are drawn

Grab your tickets today at Trev Deeley Motorcycles Reception counter for $8, or at the $10 at the door!

Here's the direct link to this event on Facebook

Motorcycle Season is here, RIDE SAFE

by Editor on 03/23/14

Have a great riding season everyone & RIDE SAFE

"May all your rides be safe & scenic,
Filled with blue skies & winding roads"

When designing this patch it was very important to us to be respectful to all the MC and RC Clubs. We spent a lot of time going through a number of colour combinations and decided on going with a colour pallet similar to the Harley-Davidson logo. Orange text and border to emphasize the Ride Safe message, and VRIDETV in a dark grey to blend into the black background.

The Ride Safe patches are free with every $10 donation and come with a Ride Safe sticker. The donations will go towards the rising cost of operating expenses and the growth and development of Vridetv. Our goal is to continue keeping our entire website free for our viewers : )

GoodBye Winter and Hello Spring

by Editor on 03/20/14

Today at 9:57 am PST we can officially say goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring : )

Vridetv videos on Tourism Kamloops Website

by Editor on 03/18/14

We are very pleased to announce that Vridetv videos can now be seen on Tourism Kamloops website, here's the links:

Kamloops is well known for its diverse landscape. Views of silt bluffs and hoodoos, cactus and sagebrush, pristine rivers and lakes, and pine dotted mountains make the area a treat to explore via motorcycle. Breathe in the fragrance of sage one moment and sweet clover the next, and experience a variety of temperatures that range from warm in the valleys and canyons to cool in the mountain and alpine routes. Tourism Kamloops has created a Motorcycle Circle Tours map that highlights eight exciting routes offering a selection of distances, road types and points of interest along the way. From the Gold Rush Explorer which takes you on roads that were a part of the original Gold Rush Trail to the Centre of the Universe Circle Tour where you ride past the Balancing Rock, Deadman Falls and to an area Buddhist monks actually claim to be the true centre of the universe. New to the map are three Dual Sport routes taking riders on routes past meadows and grasslands to some great stops for a well earned break.
Order your free copy at

Happy St. Patrick's Day

by Editor on 03/17/14

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone, have a great day & ride safe : )

International Women's Day

by Editor on 03/08/14

Happy International Women's Day to all the women of the world : )

ZootFresh USB Power Wire

by Editor on 03/07/14

Brand new for 2014 ZootFresh introduces the USB-PowerWire.

 Mine arrived today and I can sum it up in one word: Brilliant 

visit their website at

Temporary signage

by Editor on 02/26/14

We don't get a lot of snow on the South coast of British Columbia, but when we do you gotta have fun with it.
Check out the new Vridetv signage Diane made today  : )

Women's Only Garage Party at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver BC

by Editor on 02/21/14

Do you have a lady on your back seat who wants to move to the driver's seat? Share this photo on her wall and invite her to our Women's Only Garage Party on March 20th. Trev Deeley Motorcycles will be creating a safe girls-only environment for ladies to meet our bikes and ask about how to get started. Don't let another riding season pass her by!

Location: 1875 Boundary Road in Vancouver.

Register for the free event today to save your spot at:

Visit Trev Deeley Motorcycles website at and connect with them in social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Gerbing's Heated Clothing sends box of AWESOMENESS

by Editor on 02/20/14

Our long time sponsor Gerbing's Heated Clothing has sent a box full of AWESOMENESS to keep Diane and myself warm on those cold days and nights. We will be posting a list specifications and detailed images in our review section at a later date, but until then here are the links to the goodies in the box:

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