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Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Ride

by Editor on 09/22/17

As many of you know, we have been planing our return to the Canadian Rockies for sometime now... Due to British Columbia's wildfires / smoke and the Provincial Government declaring a State of an Emergency for an unprecedented 8 weeks we had to change our departure dates twice, and most recently it was snowing in Jasper and Lake Louise.

A window of opportunity has opened up and the dates are set for Sept 23 - Oct 5 2017. We will be posting images and videos from Jasper / Lake Louise and the surrounding areas and of course the legendary Icefields Parkway!

We invite you to follow our journey to this world renowned travel destination in social media.

We will have our inReach Explorer with us and be dropping pin points every 30 seconds on this map

There are also videos from a previous trip posted on that page too. 

Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Trip

Vancouver Toy Run Afterburner Party

by Editor on 09/21/17

Trev Deeley Motorcycles is the place to be after the Vancouver Toy Run.

Sunday, October 1 at 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM PDT
1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver, British Columbia

"Join us after the Vancouver Toy Run for Trev Deeley's famous Afterburner Party.

The soups on us! Come hang out and show your 2017 Toy Run pin for a bowl of homemade chicken soup & in-store specials.

We're also collecting un-wrapped educational toy donations for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau!"

here's the direct link to this event on Facebook;
TDMC Vancouver toy run party


by Editor on 09/19/17

Attention all Harley -DavidsonVrod owners, the date has been set for the greatest Vrod rally ever!!!

 Midwest Thunder VRod Rally will be hosted by the Vrod Guru himself, Scott Fitzgerald on June-28-30 2018 at Fitzgerald Motorsports located at 1045 Stater St. Greenville Ohio, USA

Here is the direct link to this event on Facebook:

Midwest Thunder VRod Rally

Demo Day weekend at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver

by Editor on 09/12/17

Mark you calendars for weekend of September 16th & 17th to test ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
Where: Trev Deeley Motorcycles at 1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver, British Columbia.

When: Saturday & Sunday September 16 & 17 between 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Details: Come try out some of the all new 2018 Softails
Group rides leaving every 30 minutes on your choice of 8 bikes we are showcasing each day. Invite your friends and compare notes...
Food will be available on site, and of course the store and museum are open for your viewing & shopping pleasure.
Demo Rides: Based on 1st come 1st served basis. (no pre-registration)
*Please bring your own riding gear & DOT approved helmet. 
*Must have & bring a valid B.C. motorcycle license. 
*Road must be dry on event day.

here's the direct link to this event on the TDMC Facebook page:

Trev Deeley Motorcycles Demo day weekend

LAST CHANCE for a Unlimited Engineering 5.3 Gallon kit for 02-06 VRODS

by Editor on 09/09/17

If you have a 2002-2006 Harley Davidson Vrod this is your LAST CHANCE to get an Unlimited Engineering 5.3 gallon kit for your bike...

Unlimited Engineering has a limited number of these available right now and they will be discontinued after this batch is gone....


I just ordered one for the RedRod, our 2003 Harley Davidson Vrod and happy to have one on its way, I think it's one of the best upgrades that can be done to these bikes.

UE tank for Vrods

Rukka Motorsport introduces VRIDETV to their Facebook followers

by Editor on 09/07/17

Logging into Facebook this morning I was happily surprised to have gotten a notification that Rukka Motorsport has introduced VRIDETV to their Facebook followers. Diane and I, are very proud to be brand ambassadors for Rukka, the makers of the most technologically advanced motorcycle riding gear in the world. We have only had their gear for a short period of time but are amazed at the quality, comfort and the engineering that went into Rukka gear!!!!

Visit our review page to see some of the detailed images we have taken and read the specs on each of the items we are wearing.

Photo credit: Diane Pennock co founder of VRIDETV

rukka facebook announcement

Motorcycle trip to Rockies postponed

by Editor on 09/05/17

We were supposed to be leaving today for a 10 day motorcycle ride to film the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Lake Louise. We have had to postpone this ride due to the wildfires, smoke and air quality advisories in British Columbia. There are more than 100 fires burning in BC and as a result the Province of British Columbia has extended the State of Emergency for a fourth time until the end of the day on Sept 15.

We are both disappointed but very hopeful that we will be able to reschedule our ride for a later date.

Now we wait....

Motorcycle trip Postponed

Labour Day long weekend

by Editor on 09/01/17

Have a great Labour Day long weekend everyone, ride safe and enjoy your time with family and friends.

rukka motorcycle jacket pants gloves

2018 Harley Davidson motorcycles at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

by Editor on 08/29/17

What's in the box???

We had great timing today during our visit to Trev Deeley Motorcycles today,
the all NEW 2018 Harley Davidson Softail motorcycles were being delivered!

Get down to 1875 Boundary Road in Vancouver, British Columbia and check them out!!!!

More outstanding customer service from Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver British Columbia Canada

by Editor on 08/29/17

A BIG huge THANK YOU to the TDMC Customs team at Trev Deeley Motorcycles for checking out my battery & charging system.

The TDMC Express Lane can take care of tires, batteries, oil changes and more!!!

harley davidson battery charger

New camera angle on our motorcycle. test footage

by Editor on 08/27/17

Testing out a new camera angle using a carbon fiber monopod, Sony HXR MC1 Professional HD video camera and a super fisheye lens.

Rukka Energater jacket and pants testing

by Editor on 08/25/17

Loving my new Rukka gear!

I've posted detailed images and product information on the links below:

Energater Jacket here

Energater Pants here

Argosaurus Gloves here

Rukka motorsports and VRIDETV

Sasquatch caught in Harrison British Columbia

by Editor on 08/24/17

While out riding and filming yesterday we spotted the reining hide and seek champion sitting on a bench in Harrison! Diane dashed over and grabbed the allusive Sasquatch by the ear and I was able to grab a quick pic before he got up and disappears back into the trees...

Sasquatch caught by Diane of VRIDETV

50 Details images of the Rukka Energater jacket posted

by Editor on 08/22/17

I am so impressed with this Rukka Energater jacket, the engineering, craftsmanship and the attention to detail is mind blowing! Rukka makes the most technologically advanced motorcycle riding gear in the world and it is certainly obvious when it's sitting in front of me. I've taken 50 detailed images of the key features and posted them here:

I've also included a video review done by Anthony from RevZilla cause in my opinion, nobody does it better than him!

rukka energater jacket

Testing out my new Rukka gear. Port Mann Selfie

by Editor on 08/20/17

I had to go into Vancouver yesterday to pick up a part from Trev Deeley Motorcycles, on the way back I had all 4 video cameras going. I pulled this image of the selfie cam with a super fisheye lens of me going over the Port Mann Bridge.

This was the first opportunity I've had to test out my new Rukka gear and oh my goodness it's absolutely amazing!!!!

Port mann motorcycle selfie. rukka schuberth

How to fix your Vrod fuel gauge & the UE kit explained

by Editor on 08/14/17

I wanted to share this post I copied from a Facebook Vrod group made by the owner of Unlimited Engineering, maker of the 5.3 gallon conversion kit for 02-06 Harley Davidson Vrods.

"Here's the deal with tank size and gauge operation.

The factory tank, if you run it out of fuel, you'll put 3.4 gallons back in it.

The fuel pump is a constant on type pump. Fuel cools this pump. If you run it low on fuel a lot, you'll burn up the pump. As many have found, HD isn't making this part anymore and even when they did, it was a $600 item. You really want to keep about a gallon of fuel in your tank at all times. I consider this gallon my 'reserve' and only use it in emergencies. 

So, 3.4-1=2.4 gal of useable fuel. Most vrods get between 35 and 40mpg. So, you are really looking at under 100miles of range. Yes, some bikes do a little better on mpg and can squeak out a little more.

Increase the capacity to 5gal and you get 4 to 4.25 gal of useable fuel (the Unlimited Engineering tank grows a little w/ exposure to gasoline and will normalize at 5.25gal total capacity.)

This explains how w/ the UE 5gal kit most are getting about 160miles of range. This is enough to ensure you are one of the last bikes in the group to need fuel instead of being the one who needs it first.

Unlimited Engineering tank

The fuel gauge is another topic that needs to be understood.

The gauge is driven from a float and a long resister. As the float rides up the resistor resistance goes down. This is what tells the little gauge what to do.

So first off, there needs to be enough fuel in the tank for the float to actually float. That's about 3/4 to 1 gal in the UE tank.

Second thing is that this long resistor gets oxidized over time. As so many of you have complained, this plays havoc on the gauge. It will wear the oxidization off in spots, and not in others, makes the gauge go crazy. The solution to this is simple, clean the sensor strip about every two years. The UE kit has instructions on how to do this and some scotch bright to do it with, but the short and simple on it is take the scotch bright, scrub the strip a little to remove oxidization and wipe it down. Very simple to do when the fuel pump is already out of the tank.

So, if you want optimal performance from the system, get a UE 5gal tank, clean your sensor strip. Then you can ride until the gauge is reading just before E (way below the 1/4 light) and when you stop for fuel you'll put around 4 gallons back in. Your gauge will read properly and you won't have to push a 600lb v-rod because you ran out of fuel. Life will be good."

TDMC Customs Harley Davidson FXSB Breakout

by Editor on 08/10/17

The TDMC Customs team at Trev Deeley Motorcycles is at it again creating motorcycle magic with their latest custom build, a 2017 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout with a dished tank and Yaffe bars.

Harley Davidson FXSB Breakout

BC Day

by Editor on 08/07/17

Happy BC Day everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends.

BC Day

BC Day


by Editor on 08/06/17

Today Diane and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary : )

22 anniversary

Vancouver Flat Track Club

by Editor on 08/04/17

Pemberton Speedway is the place to be this weekend for Flat track racing!!!

check out the Vancouver Flat Track Club website

See poster for all details

vancouver flat track club

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