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How to fix your Vrod fuel gauge & the UE kit explained

by Editor on 08/14/17

I wanted to share this post I copied from a Facebook Vrod group made by the owner of Unlimited Engineering, maker of the 5.3 gallon conversion kit for 02-06 Harley Davidson Vrods.

"Here's the deal with tank size and gauge operation.

The factory tank, if you run it out of fuel, you'll put 3.4 gallons back in it.

The fuel pump is a constant on type pump. Fuel cools this pump. If you run it low on fuel a lot, you'll burn up the pump. As many have found, HD isn't making this part anymore and even when they did, it was a $600 item. You really want to keep about a gallon of fuel in your tank at all times. I consider this gallon my 'reserve' and only use it in emergencies. 

So, 3.4-1=2.4 gal of useable fuel. Most vrods get between 35 and 40mpg. So, you are really looking at under 100miles of range. Yes, some bikes do a little better on mpg and can squeak out a little more.

Increase the capacity to 5gal and you get 4 to 4.25 gal of useable fuel (the Unlimited Engineering tank grows a little w/ exposure to gasoline and will normalize at 5.25gal total capacity.)

This explains how w/ the UE 5gal kit most are getting about 160miles of range. This is enough to ensure you are one of the last bikes in the group to need fuel instead of being the one who needs it first.

Unlimited Engineering tank

The fuel gauge is another topic that needs to be understood.

The gauge is driven from a float and a long resister. As the float rides up the resistor resistance goes down. This is what tells the little gauge what to do.

So first off, there needs to be enough fuel in the tank for the float to actually float. That's about 3/4 to 1 gal in the UE tank.

Second thing is that this long resistor gets oxidized over time. As so many of you have complained, this plays havoc on the gauge. It will wear the oxidization off in spots, and not in others, makes the gauge go crazy. The solution to this is simple, clean the sensor strip about every two years. The UE kit has instructions on how to do this and some scotch bright to do it with, but the short and simple on it is take the scotch bright, scrub the strip a little to remove oxidization and wipe it down. Very simple to do when the fuel pump is already out of the tank.

So, if you want optimal performance from the system, get a UE 5gal tank, clean your sensor strip. Then you can ride until the gauge is reading just before E (way below the 1/4 light) and when you stop for fuel you'll put around 4 gallons back in. Your gauge will read properly and you won't have to push a 600lb v-rod because you ran out of fuel. Life will be good."

TDMC Customs Harley Davidson FXSB Breakout

by Editor on 08/10/17

The TDMC Customs team at Trev Deeley Motorcycles is at it again creating motorcycle magic with their latest custom build, a 2017 Harley-Davidson FXSB Breakout with a dished tank and Yaffe bars.

Harley Davidson FXSB Breakout

BC Day

by Editor on 08/07/17

Happy BC Day everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends.

BC Day

BC Day


by Editor on 08/06/17

Today Diane and I are celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary : )

22 anniversary

Vancouver Flat Track Club

by Editor on 08/04/17

Pemberton Speedway is the place to be this weekend for Flat track racing!!!

check out the Vancouver Flat Track Club website

See poster for all details

vancouver flat track club

Unlimited Engineering 5.3 Gallon kit for 02-06 VRODS

by Editor on 08/03/17

I am a huge fan of the Unlimited Engineering 5.3 gallon kit for the 2002-2006 Harley Davidson Vrods and think it's one of the best upgrades that can be done to these bikes.

Now for the good news..... bad news.....

Good news: Unlimited Engineering has just gotten more in stock and are available right now!!!
Bad news: They will be discontinued after this batch is gone....


Here's a direct quote from the owner of Unlimited Engineering

Thought you folks with '02-'06 V-rods would like to know that Unlimited Engineering has made one last run of the fuel tank Kit, but once these are gone, that's it, the kit will be discontinued.
We received a partial shipment of tanks yesterday and are taking care of backorders (a huge thank you to those of you who have been so patient.) We do have a couple that aren't spoken for ready for immediate shipment. The balance of the batch will be completed mid to late August.
Here's a link to them if you are interested.
Lock ring tools are also in stock.
I'll apologize in advance for the price increase, but the cost to get this batch done was significantly higher and I'm just having to pass it on.
Shipping in the US48 is a flat $20.

UE 5 gallon fuel tank 02-06 VROD

Mustang Seats at Sturgis

by Editor on 08/02/17

Mustang Seats is ready for the Sturgis early birds! Stop by Black Hills Harley-Davidson and check out their all-new rally displays!

Mustang Seats at Sturgis

First Blood Rambo knife

by Editor on 07/30/17

"That's not a knife, this is a knife!"

Tracey from the Visitors Centre in Hope BC was kind enough to let me take this giant Rambo knife out to the bike and take this picture.

Rambo knife

October 7th is the 35th Anniversary of the iconic action move First Blood staring Sylvester Stallone and Hope BC is the place to be to celebrate it's release!
Tickets available now at the Hope Visitors Centre
Firstblood 35th anniversary

Vrod Chrome Rear Axle covers

by Editor on 07/29/17

The devil is in the details.... 
These rear axle covers finish of the polished swingarm nicely. 

Harley-Davidson Vrod Chrome Rear Axle covers: 45621-02

Vrod Chrome Rear Axle covers

VROD fork stem cap

by Editor on 07/25/17

Details.... It's all about the details....
A friend gave me a Harley Davidson Vrod 100th anniversary secondary clutch actuator cover but it had a large dent on the top. There was no way to repair the dent so I cut out the centre and now use it as a fork stem cap.

VROD fork stem cap

Happy Birthday to VRIDETV's co-founder

by Editor on 07/21/17

Happy Birthday to my lovely wife and co-founder of VRIDETV, you're an incredible women!


Diane birthday

Vrod exhaust bracket

by Editor on 07/19/17

Love my Suckerpunch exhaust system from Fitzgerald Motorsports, it looks, sounds and performs so much better than the Screamin' Eagle pipes I had on before. I really like how the entire swingarm is now visible but the one thing that looked unfinished to me was where the previous system bolted to the frame.

I grabbed a piece of pop can cardboard, rough cut a triangle, pressed it up against the 3 bolts & tapped it with a hammer, pressed the cardboard over the edges of the bracket, then cut it out to make a template. Next step was to trace it onto a piece of aluminium, drill, cut, file, sand, polish and well-la.

VROD exhaust bracket cover

Giant Marshmallows

by Editor on 07/14/17

Who wants smores?

It's a bumper crop of giant marshmallows this year, now I just need to find a chocolate river and a graham wafer highway... ; )


2003 Vrod Facebook group

by Editor on 07/12/17

On July10th, 2017 we started a Facebook group exclusively for 2003 Vrods, if you have one and would like to join here's the link

2003 VRODS Facebook group

Facebook Friends

by Editor on 07/11/17

A Big thank you to all our Facebook friends for helping us reach this milestone, you guys and gals are awesome!!!

Facebook 60,000

Trev Deeley Motorcycles customer service

by Editor on 07/10/17

I've been talking my motorcycles to Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver since I bought my first vrod from them in 2003. I've experienced Outstanding customer service and highly recommend them to take care of all your Harley Davidson sales, service, parts and clothing needs. The techs at TDMC Customs have done all the work on our Project Vrod including a 5 gallon fuel tank conversion from Unlimited Engineering and the installation of the SuckerPunch exhaust system from Fitzgerald Motorsports and tuner from Daytona Twin Tec.

Thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate the tlc you've shown my bike.

Happy 100th Birthday!

Trev Deeley Harley Davidson customer service

Solving the Vrod small fuel tank problem

by Editor on 07/07/17

Project Vrod update: Red Rod edition

Our second 2003 Harley-Davidson V-rod still has the stock 3.7 gallon fuel tank in it and the fuel gage is unreliable. I'm waiting for a larger 5.3 fuel tank from Unlimited Engineering but they are out of stock, so until then I'm using a 1 1/4 gallon gas can as a reserve. I made a 3 piece base plate out of 1/4 inch aluminium flat bar and attached it to the saddlebag mount and held it in place with 3 ROK Straps. This of course is temporary but it kills two birds with one stone, the fuel capacity issue and it balances out the missing left saddlebag that I'm still searching for.


Vancouver Flat Track Club

by Editor on 07/06/17



And it is a Pemberton Speedway DOUBLE-HEADER RACE WEEKEND!!
Be sure to stick around Saturday for the Pemberton Stockcar Association race!!

Free camping all weekend

Gate 3:00pm
Riders Registration 4:00pm - 7:30pm
Practice at 8:00pm
Racing 9:00pm

Youth 1 under 16yrs, 50-80cc
Youth 2 under 16 years, 81cc+
Ladies over 16 years, any displacement
Vintage 1 up to 249cc/2stroke or 399cc/4stroke, model year 1984 or earlier
Vintage 2 250cc/2stroke or 400cc/4stroke and above, model year 1984 or earlier
Beginners first timers, any displacement, any tires
Novice over 16 years, any displacement
Open Intermediate any displacement
Open Expert any displacement ( Pros Only)
Hooligan 750cc+, stock frame
Knobbies knobby tires only
4 bikes makes a class


Go to or for more information.

Vancouver ftc VRIDETV post

4th of July

by Editor on 07/04/17

Happy 4th of July to all our American friends, viewers and sponsors.

Enjoy your time with family & friends.

july 4th

Canada's Birthday

by Editor on 07/01/17

I am, have been, and always will be, proud to be Canadian.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada we love you : )

Canada 150

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