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Canadian Gears third interview with Jeff of VRIDETV

by Editor on 02/27/15

Here's a screen shot from part three of the interviews that Johnny Racine & Canadian Gears shot with me at Vridetv.

Johnny Racine interviews VRIDETV

VRIDETV sticker stash at Hell's Gate AirTram.

by Editor on 02/24/15

I rode to the Hell's Gate AirTram yesterday in the Fraser Canyon & stashed one of our Ride Safe stickers

"May all your rides be safe & scenic, Filled with blue skies & winding roads."

So if you're out for a ride in the Canyon, stop by and see if it's still there, if it is..... it's yours : )

Vridetv sticker stashes will be taken place on some of our rides, you can track where we're riding here

hells gate

Kamloops Harley Davidson events

by Editor on 02/19/15

kamloops harley davidson

Check out these upcoming events at Kamloops Harley-Davidson

March 8th Garage Party "Ladies Night"
April 11th Men's Night
April 24-35th Salomon Arm Road Show
May 1-2nd Williams Lake Road Show
May 9th "Test Our Metal" Demo Days
May 29-30th HOD Poker Run

kamloops harley davidson events

Visit their website at:
Follow them on Twitter:
Follow them on Instagram:
Subscribe to their Youtube channel:

Canada Flag 50th Anniversary

by Editor on 02/15/15

canada flag 50th anniversary

Today the Canadian flag celebrates it's 50th anniversary, Inside Halton posted these seven interesting facts about the flag.

With Feb. 15 marking the 50th anniversary of National Flag of Canada Day, here are some facts about our country's flag:

1. Every province and territory in Canada has its own flag. The one symbol that represents us at home and abroad is the red and white National Flag of Canada.

2. The Canadian Red Ensign flies at the Canadian National Vimy Memorial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge in Vimy, France.TodT

3. The maple leaf has been used as an emblem in Canada since the eighteenth century. It has often served to distinguish Canadians abroad, as was the case with Canada's first Olympians in 1904.

4. Red and white were proclaimed Canada's official colours in the proclamation of the Royal Arms of Canada in 1921 by King George V.

5. Dr. George Stanley, a professor at Royal Military College in Kingston in 1964, suggested a red and white single maple leaf design for the flag because it could be seen clearly from a distance.

6. Vexillologists (flag experts) often cite the National Flag of Canada as one of the world's most beautiful based on its simple design and limited number of colours.

7 In 2005, one of the original maple leaf flags that flew over Parliament on Feb. 15, 1966, was returned to Canada by its owner, Ms. Elisabeth Hoffmann-Lamoureux. The flag was presented to Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson during the Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill.

Happy Valentine's Day Flower

by Editor on 02/14/15

Happy Valentine's Day : )

Thank You for watching & sharing VRIDETV

valentines day flower

photo credit: Diane of VRIDETV

Friday the 13th

by Editor on 02/13/15

Happy Friday the 13th everyone & thank you for being apart of VRIDETV

Got a caption?

friday 12th harley davidson vrod fire

Canadian Gears interviews Jeff of VRIDETV

by Editor on 02/09/15

Canadian Gears has posted part two of the interview with Jeff of Vridetv,
in this episode they talk about the concept and camera gear.

Light bracket for tripod. Do it yourself for 1.50

by Editor on 02/06/15

I spent some time surfing the web looking for a bracket to mount an LED light to my tripod. Most of the ones I found clamped onto the stationary parts of the tripod, the problem with that is when you pan with the camera, the light doesn't follow. Before you ask, yes I can mount the light onto the video camera but that's where the shotgun mic will be attached. 

So I decided to make my own...

2x2x3 Aluminum angle 3/16
1 stainless steel wing nut
1 stainless steel 1/4 NC bolt, 1 inch long (cut the head off)

Tools used: 
1/4 drill bit
center punch
220 sandpaper.

Total cost:
$1.50 & a healthy dose of elbow grease.

Light mount bracket for tripod

Mustang Seats Deluxe Touring Seats For Trikes

by Editor on 02/05/15


Deluxe Touring Seats For Trikes Take Flight

Mustang is proud to announce the launch of a trio of touring seats. The new Deluxe Touring Seat fits the Tri Glide Ultra Classic and Street Glide Trikes, as well as all the two-wheeled FL Touring models from 2008-15. The more time in the saddle, the more you really need to discover what a difference comfort makes, says Marketing Director Marilyn Simmons. 

Get the most comfort and style out of your Tri Glide Ultra Classic and Street Glide Trike with our Trike Deluxe Touring seat, says Simmons. Engineered specifically for all-day comfort, the 19 inch wide front seat sets the rider back 1.75 compared to the stock seat. It also angles the body for long-distance comfort.

Of course long distance touring is more fun two-up, so the engineering team focused on the passenger seat to make sure it measures up to Mustang's high-flying standards. The 14 inch wide rear seat provides support across its full width and keeps the passenger firmly in the comfort zone. Now both pilot and passenger will be happy to spend more time in the saddle, suggests Simmons.

We have to earn our wings with every rider on every ride, so we styled this seat along the lines of state-of-the-art automotive interior designs, she adds. The seat features exquisite stitching detail and a front bucket drain for rainy days. The receiver for the optional, removable driver backrest is built into the baseplate. Note: this seat will not work with Mustang or Harley frame-mounted backrest kits. We have to earn our wings with every rider on every ride.

(images courtesy of Mustang Seats)

Although it was expressly designed to fit the 2009-15 Tri Glide Ultra Classic and 2010-2011 Street Glide Trike, Mustang's Trike Deluxe Touring seat will also fit and nicely complement all other 2008-up FL Touring models.

Part numbers for Trike/Touring seats:

79006 Deluxe Touring

79007 Deluxe Touring with heat

79012 Deluxe Touring Driver Backrest Pad and Post only

79013 Deluxe Touring 2009-13 Passenger Armrest kit

79014 Deluxe Touring 2014-15 Passenger Armrest kit

In addition to seats for trikes and FLs, Mustang also offers replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles. How would you like a free seat for your bike or trike? Mustang's customer GIVEAWAYS program kicks-off during Bike Week in Daytona. See the website for details on how to win the Mustang seat of your choice!

Motorcycle accident interview

by Editor on 02/04/15

Our friends at Canadian Gears have posted part one of a three episode interview with Jeff of Vridetv.

Trev Deeley Motorcycles & the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

by Editor on 01/27/15

We posted the announcement of Trev Deeley Motorcycles continued sponsorship of Vridetv last week in our news section & now want to share a few pictures from our visit.

TDMC Marketing & Promotions Manager Sean Wilkinson & Jeff making it official with a handshake

vridetv and trev deeley marketing manager

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition Historian Terry Rea

Terry Rea Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition Historian

Sean, Diane and Terry getting ready to go into the exhibition

deeley motorcycle museum

Diane and Sean having some fun doing a little camera work for VRIDETV in this sweet sidecar 

 motorcycle sidecar at deeley museum

Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition: Visit the largest privately-owned collection of vintage and new motorcycles in Canada. This museum also offers conference facilities and private rental. 1875 Boundary Rd Vancouver, BC V5M 3Y7 (604) 293-2221

deeley motorcycle exhibition

VRIDETV interviewed by Canadian Gears

by Editor on 01/26/15

I'd like to introduce our viewers to Johnny & Tyler Racine of Canadian Gears, they were in town for a couple of weeks filming for their new show that just launched January 25, 2015. They did an interview with me about my motorcycle accident, Vridetv & the Harley Davidson Vrod we use as our camera bike. I'll let you know when that interview has been posted, untill then you can check out their website at

"A unique twist on the automotive/motorcycle market is in the works. An automotive/motorcycle talk show designed for the Canadian automotive/motorcycle market for Canadians. The Canadian automotive/motorcycle market is so different from any other country, from the regular car owner down to the Hot Rod owner enthusiasts. A new perspective that is designed to educate the general public, with many episodes featuring interviews with mechanics, shop owners, hot rodders, motorcyclists and much more. bringing you our Canadian perspective on the one of the biggest markets, Cars cars cars and much more. Stay tuned as we begin to populate our YouTube channel soon. We also want to give back to the community so we will be helping out charity events and creating our own to support local children in need, disabled and challenged individuals etc.. We have a family oriented atmosphere and we know how important it is to reach out to the community."

VRIDETV interview by Canadian Gears

Vancouver Motorcycle Show 2015

by Editor on 01/23/15

The 2015 Motorcycle Show -Vancouver is on right now at the Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre in Abbotsford (Tradex) January 23rd-25th, with the world's top manufacturers showcasing their newest makes and models alongside vintage bike displays, an abundance of industry exhibitors, and shows by some of the most talented stunt and trials riders in North America.

Friday 10:00am-9:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-8:00pm; Sunday 10:00am-5:00pm
Tradex - Fraser Valley Trade & Exhibition Centre, 1190 Cornell St., Abbotsford, BC V2T 6H5

Adults $14.00; Juniors (6-14)/Seniors (65+) $10.00; Children (under 6) FREE with adult purchase; Family Pass $38.00 (2 adult & 2 junior passes); SHE Rides Night; 1/2 price after 5:00pm on Friday night ONLY.


Harley Davidson Vrod touring bike with 146,874 kms

by Editor on 01/23/15

Our 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod now has 146,874 kms & is still going strong!

We have equipped it with some of the very best accessories from leaders in the industry. Visit our Motorcycle page for a full list of accessories, manufacturers and part numbers at

vrod gauges

Sponsorship Announcements

by Editor on 01/16/15

We have some BIG sponsorship announcements coming up!!!!

biker harley davidson

Motorcycle Boot Camp at Trev Deeley Motorcycles. Harley Davidson

by Editor on 01/15/15

Want to ride a Harley-Davidson?
 If you are having recurring dreams of bugs in your teeth its probably time to start riding.
Trev Deeley Motorcycles is now recruiting new riders and hosting a Motorcycle Boot Camp on Saturday February 28th from 11am to 3pm at 1875 Boundary Road in Vancouver.  Register for the event today to save your spot at:

Visit Trev Deeley Motorcycles website at and connect with them in social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

7000 Twitter Followers

by Editor on 01/13/15

A big Thank You goes to all our viewers that helped us reach 7,000 followers on Twitter, you guys are Awesome!!!!!

7000 twitter followers

New Mustang Seat for the Harley Davidson 500 and 750 Street

by Editor on 01/09/15

Mustang Makes Seats For 500 & 750 Streets

Mustang believes in enhancing your riding experience, so instead of offering a base model seat for an entry level machine like Harley-Davidson's new 500cc and 750cc Street models, we went top shelf! A trio of Mustang's popular seats Fastback, Vintage Touring and Vintage Touring with backrest are now available.
Our seats for the 500 and 750 Street are more than replacements they are upgrades to your riding experience. You can now take your Harley from the street to the highway... and beyond, says Mustang Seats Marketing Manager Marilyn Simmons. "The first all-new motorcycle platform that Harley has introduced in 13 years makes the Street something special and we have been planning our replacement seat since we first saw the 500 and 750 prototypes on display at the EICMA show in Milan in 2013.
Rather than a stripped down, bare bones approach to the Street seats, Mustang opted to pull out all the stops for the Fastback seat: contrasting stitching, reinforced welting and mesh inserts are among the styling updates made specifically for the Street seat. However, comfort still remains the hallmark of any Mustang seat, so this saddle feels as good as it looks, adds Simmons. The Fastback places the rider about 1inch back for the ideal riding position."
Riders can set up their Street for a low, lean look with the streamlined Fastback or go for even more comfort with our Touring seat option, Simmons continues. For longer rides, the 12.5" wide one-piece Vintage Touring seat sets the rider back and slightly up compared to the stock seat to better position your legs for comfortable cruising. The 9 inch wide passenger seat ensures that your companion will also be comfortable and happy for the long haul.
The addition of a driver backrest on the Vintage Touring seat provides the ultimate in comfort and versatility. The fully adjustable driver backrest features several height adjustments, pivots to the driver's back angle and removes easily without tools. Again, the 9 inch wide passenger seat ensures that your companion will also be comfortable for the long haul.
Part numbers for Street 500/750 seats:
76420  Fastback
76421 One-piece Vintage Touring
79786  One-piece Vintage Touring with Driver Backrest
In addition to the new Street 500 and 750, Mustang also offers replacement seats for virtually all late model Harley-Davidson motorcycles. For more details, please contact Mustang Customer Service at 413-668-1190 or 800-243-1392 or click here:

images courtesy of Mustang Seats

Harley Davidson street MUSTANG SEATS

mustang seats harley davidson street

mustang seats Street seat for harley davidson

Camera rig for HDR-Cx700V and Sony ECM-CG50

by Editor on 01/07/15

Here's a shot of a new camera rig that we'll be adding to the arsenal of camera gear that we use at VRIDETV:

Sony HDR-Cx700V
Sony ECM-CG50 Shotgun microphone
Sony MDR10RB Hi-Res Headphones
Sony RM-AV2 Remote Commander
TechPro HD Steady Bracket

camera rig. Sony HXR-MC1 ECM-CG50

BACON New Year's Resolution

by Editor on 01/01/15

Happy New Year everyone, did you make any New Year's Resolutions?

BACON Food Porn

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