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Mustang Seats to Las Vegas BikeFest as a Vendor & Sponsor of the 2016 Indian Scout Motorcycle Giveaway

by Editor on 09/23/16

Las Vegas, NV - Mustang Seats, makers of the world's highest quality, most comfortable handcrafted motorcycle seats, returns to Las Vegas BikeFest, not just as a vendor this year but as a sponsor of the 2016 Indian Scout that will be given away on Friday, September 30. 
Mustang will have their rig set-up on North 9th Street in Rally Central. There you will be able to check out the variety of motorcycle seats and find the perfect one for your favorite ride and of course they will be able to install it for you right there on the spot.
Along with the Mustang Seats rig being out at the rally, this year they are a sponsor of the 2016 Indian Scout Motorcycle Giveaway that one lucky person will win on Friday, September 30.  The winner of the motorcycle will also receive a $250 Gift Certificate from Mustang Seats. 
Mustang Seats is proud to be part of BikeFest's huge Motorcycle Giveaway and wishes all riders the best of luck in winning a new bike, Mustang's Sales Manager Jesse Sargent commented.  Win or lose, however,  we invite all riders to stop by Mustang's huge rally truck rig and check out our incredible selection of seat styles for Harley, Indian, Victory, Kawasaki, Triumph, Can-Am, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Suzuki.  Our factory-trained reps will help you try seats on your bike for the best fit for both you and your passenger and, of course, installation is free.  Also, living up to Mustang's #1 rating in customer service, we will ship your old seat back home for you for free as well.
When you hear Mustang Seats, the first thing you think of are motorcycle seats made of the highest quality and the most comfortable.  To have such a company that stands behind their product displaying and selling at Las Vegas BikeFest is an honor for us.  They represent the message behind Las Vegas BikeFest and that is bringing the finest to riders all over the world.  It's very special this year to also have them as a sponsor of the 2016 Indian Motorcycle Scout we will be giving away.  One lucky winner is going to go home with a beautiful new bike and a fabulous new seat from Mustang Seats, states Event Manager, Mindi Cherry. 

Mustang Seats Vegas

About Las Vegas BikeFest:  Las Vegas BikeFest 2016 will be held September 29 - October 2, 2016 in the heart of downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street East.  Always striving to bring more, this year attendees will be entertained by Branscombe Richmond and his Renegades and Roadies Tour on September 29th and October 1.  The inaugural year for the Las Vegas Motorcycle Hall of Fame, inducting Keith Ball, Lorenzo Lamas, Robbie Knievel and Evel Knievel  is scheduled for Saturday, October 1.    Death defying stunts will be performed by the riders and the Straight Up Stunt Team.  There are over 30 live bands playing throughout the rally, contests including giving away 4 motorcycles, $1,000 Shopping Spree, $10,000 Poker Run, Poker Walks, 4 different Bike Shows and so much more.  Registration will be held at the headquarter hotel, the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino on the world-famous Fremont Street Experience. More information regarding vendor space, schedule of events, event registration and official hotels can be found at, or by calling 1-866-BIKEFEST (1-866-245-3337).

Signs: Possibly the best slogan ever

by Editor on 09/23/16

I've ridden past a lot of signs over the years & this one could have the best slogan ever! (read the fine print under Hot Wax)

Hot Wax Spa and Harley Davidson Vrod

Trev Deeley Motorcycles Demo Day

by Editor on 09/21/16

trev deeley motorcycles demo day

Can you hear it? The low rumble of thunder in the mountains? You know what this means!? 
Trev Deeley's Test Our Metal Demo Ride Day is back; and this time we're in Squamish! 

That's right we will be closing our store on Sunday September 25th and opening up a pop-up store in Squamish B.C.!! Come ride the new Milwaukee 8 or any of the other new legendary 2017's on one of the most iconic and well known roads in all of Canada, the Sea-To-Sky Highway!

This event will be weather dependent! So check back for updates as we get close to the date!

The Deets!
What: Trev Deeley Motorcycles Test Our Metal Demo Ride Day
When: Sunday September 25th from 10:00am till 3:00pm
Where: Chances Casino - 9000 Valley Dr, Squamish, BC V8B 0B3
Why: Do we really need a reason?

In order to ride you must have:
Must be 19 years of age
Your driver's licence will full class 6 motorcycle endorsement.
A DOT approved helmet
Proper riding gear (riding boots and jacket are a must, pants (yes please don't forget to wear pants...), eye protection and gloves optional but recommended)

here's the direct link to this event on Trev Deeley Motorcycles Facebook page

MUSTANG SEATS: Ride the Famous Arkansas Pig Trail in Comfort!

by Editor on 09/17/16

mustang seats pig tail ride

The Bikes, Blues & BBQ Rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is the place to be September 21-24.   Riding in the rugged Ozark Mountains is a motorcyclist's dream with beautiful scenery, rivers, hot springs and twisting back roads, particularly along the world famous Pig Trail
Bikes, Blues & BBQ is a family friendly rally where you can take demo rides, enjoy live free music, check out the apparel, parts and accessories offered by hundreds of unique vendors, and have some bites and judge for yourself during the KCBS Arkansas State Championship BBQ Contest.  Plus, since BBBproudly donates proceeds to benefit local charities, it's all for a good cause! 
Wind your way a few minutes north on I-49 to Mustang's huge rally truck rig at the largest H-D dealer in Arkansas: Pig Trail Harley-Davidson in Rogers.  Check out Mustang's incredible selection of seat styles for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Kawasaki, Triumph, Can-Am, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Suzuki.
Not only will Mustang's factory-trained reps help you try seats on your bike for the best fit for both you and your passenger but, after you select your perfect replacement seat, they will mount it for you for free.  Finally, living up to Mustang's #1 rating in customer service, they will ship your old seat back home for you for free so you can ride the Pig Trail without pain! 
Can't make it to Arkansas? See Mustang's complete rally schedule for the rest of the year:
Feel the difference that Mustang makes!  For more information, visit or call Mustang at 800-243-1392 or 413-668-1100.  

Project Vrod Stage one complete

by Editor on 09/16/16

Last friday was an awesome day for us at VRIDETV, Trev Deeley Motorcycles dropped off our motorcycle after the team at TDMC Customs completed stage one of Project Vrod

Thank you once again for your outstanding customer service!

harley davidson vrod and Trev Deely truck trailer

Shortly after this picture was taken we began installing our front camera mount, rear camera mount, luggage rack, back rest, camera bags, saddlebags and everything else we stripped off to save the techs time. All in all it was about three days work getting everything re fitted, lined up and road testing the camera angles. After checking over the test footage a few more tweaks were done to have the shot we're known for!

Yesterday we to shoot some test footage with all 4 cameras running, when we arrived at Tourism Hope, Project Vrod got the Red Carpet treatment... Here's the link to the video:

Harley Davidson Vrod at TDMC Customs in Vancouver

by Editor on 09/08/16

It's an exciting day for us at VRIDETV, our Harley-Davidson Vrod camera bike is at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver to undergo the final steps to complete stage one of Project Vrod.


The team at TDMC Customs is going to be removing the stock 3.7 gallon fuel cell and  installing a 5.3 gallon fuel cell from Unlimited Engineering. This 2020D tank will actually provide 53% more usable fuel!!!
It is going to be so nice to pass gas stations that I used to have to stop at...

UE tank

After that they will be installing a set of Progressive Suspension Fork springs that will dramatically improve the handling of the bike. They'll soak up the small road bumps, but yet are firm enough to absorb the molar-rattling ones. Spring rates have been chosen to reduce front end "dive" during braking, yet still provide excellent ride comfort.

Progressive Suspension fork springs

I am Super Stoked to have these upgrades being done by the techs at TDMC Customs, our camera bike is in good hands. I have been going to Trev Deeley Motorcycles for all my services on this Vrod and they are also the dealership that we bought our original 03 Vrod that we rode across Canada.  I'm a customer for life!

The Frozen Canuck

by Editor on 09/05/16

We were contacted by Sandy Bird asking if we would like to be featured on a Moto-Vlogger Series for her website,
It was a definitive Yes, Sandy has been sharing our content with all her social media contacts for a long time and we are so stoked to have been asked to be a part of her new series.
Here's a screen shot of the first part of the interview, click here for the full article.

the frozen canuck interview with VRIDETVcom

Selfie cam test shot

by Editor on 08/27/16

Pulled this still image off the video test footage from the selfie cam on our Harley Davidson Vrod camera bike. I used a Super fisheye lens on on Sony HXR-MC1 POV camera, there's pros and cons.
Pro: gets most of the rider, lots of background. Con: edges are some what distorted.
All & all I think it's still a usable shot for another camera angle for our videos. What do you think?

Motorcycle rider selfie

Harley Davidson discontinues VROD

by Editor on 08/24/16

Get a 2017 V-Rod while you can, there will not be a 2018...
Harley-Davidson has discontinued both the Muscle and the NightRod, production will as early as October. Before you freak out and yell at the screen that this rumour has been going around for years, STOP, take a breathe... This is really happening. My source is solid, believe me I wish it wasn't true. I'm a huge fan of the Vrod, I put on 152,000 kms on my first on Vrod and it was still running strong! Best built motorcycle I've ever ridden.

The Harley-Davidson Dealer meeting is on right now in Boston, that is where my source was told that this is indeed true.

(screen shot taken from Harley-Davidson's website)

2017 muscle

Vrod electrical problem solved

by Editor on 08/23/16

The team at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver has solved the electrical problem on our Vrod, it was one of the electric fans and more specifically the upper. They had to order it in and I'm happy to say that it has arrived and to be installed today. The tech also did a battery test and discovered that it had a dead cell, new battery time.
Thanks guys, I appreciate all your help!

vrod engine

2006 Harley Davidson Sreamin' Eagle CVO Vrod

by Editor on 08/13/16

I almost fell over when I saw this killer Vrod this morning at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver. It's a 2006 Harley-Davidson VRSCSE2 CVO V-Rod with only 30,270 miles on it with a Screamin' Eagle Race Tuner & Vance & Hines 2 into 1 Exhaust. Here's the best part, it's for sale, if your interested give them a call at 604-290-BIKE

CVO Vrod

Gnome N at Bates Motel

by Editor on 08/10/16

Gnome N Bates

On aug 6th Diane and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary, we picked up this guy to commemorate it. Spent some time trying to come up with a name for him and came up with this....

Outstanding Customer Service at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver

by Editor on 08/05/16

trev deeley harley davidson vrod

Update on the wiring problem:
This morning I rode my bike to Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver to have the TDMC Customs team look at the electrical issue. Turns out to be a bigger problem than I thought and the bike needs to stay. That was kind of a bummer and I'm thinking to myself how am I going to get home?  Here's the awesome part, they gave me a ride home all the way to Aldergrove (45 min each way on a Friday) WOW, that is outstanding customer service!!!  Huge Thank You to all the staff, you guys are the BEST!!!

Blown fuse. Vrod codes U1096 and U1255

by Editor on 08/04/16

Our 2003 Harley-Davidson Vrod is having some electrical issues, it keeps blowing the 15Amp battery fuse. Here's the scenario:

Vrod fuse box cover

No speedo, odometer or clamshell light.

Here are the codes:

P> P1481 Current Fan output open/low 4.15 FAN OPERATION CHECK

S> U1255 Current Missing response-at IM 4.33 DTC U1096, U1255

S> U1096 Current Loss of IM serial data-at TSSM 3.20 DTC U1096, U1255

C> None

Once I cleared the codes they didn't come back.

I had a HD dealership look at it and they diagnosed it as a relay (Gray) 

Happened again…blew the same fuse (so they were historic not current)

I replace the fuse and tried to recreate the scenario: I started up the bike and let it run until the fans came on, both upper and lower came on, then cycled off. I left it running to see if the fans would continue to cycle on and off.. they did, 5 times and during the 6th time while the fan was running I gave it a little throttle and it blue the fuse. (my guess is that was a coincidence)

Then I shut the bike off and a small puddle of coolant was noticeable on the left side of the bike, I'm assuming that was from the overflow tube.

History of bike: 03 Vrod it only has 10,700 kms. The owner before me didn't ride it for a couple of years.

I definitely inherited this problem from the previous owner, I found a package of 15amp fuses in a small pocket of the saddlebags that originally came with the bike. Sure would have been nice if he told me there was a problem...

I posted all of this on a Vrod group on Facebook and received an overwhelming amount of help from fellow riders. It's so cool that they took the time to read my post and shared their thought on how to solve the mystery. After making a list of all the suggestions I began going through the bike checking off "To dos". 

vrod electrical

Grounds checked and cleaned

Fan connectors cleaned and disconnected/reconnected 4 times to scuff terminals

Started the bike let it warm up, both fans cycled on and when they did, I noticed a brief drop in the engine idle. let the fans run for a minute then revved the bike a little and the fuse blew again...

I replaced the fuse, restarted the bike, turned it off to check codes.

Here are the codes:

P > U1096

S > U1096

C > none

After writing down the codes I cleared them, turned off the ignition, then restarted the bike, turned it off and checked the codes again. There were none, showing that the were historical not current.

It was good to see no codes show up but the issue was still not resolved.

At this point there might have been some swearing....

I'll be the first to admit that this is now something beyond my skill set, an HD tech with a multimeter and a Harley-Davidson "Breakout Box" (speciality tool) will now have to be the one to solve this problem.

Vrod codes U1906 and U1255

Tourism Surrey

by Editor on 08/02/16

Big thank you to the folks at Discover Surrey BC the official website of Tourism Surrey for featuring our BC Day picture on their site. #TrueSurrey

True Surrey 

BC Day 2016

by Editor on 08/01/16

Happy BCDAY everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends.

Explore BC

I snapped this reflection selfie of the #ExploreBC poster in the window of Tourism Surrey's visitor centre.

BC Day

Happy BCday everyone : ) Thank you for watching Welcome to British Columbia, "The Best Place on Earth". This picture was taken in South Surrey at the Truck Border Crossing of the Canada US Border at 176th Street, seconds away from Tourism Surrey's Visitor Centre Discover Surrey ExploreBC  Destination British Columbia ExploreBCDAY

Mustang Seats at Sturgis

by Editor on 07/28/16

Press Release:   Ride the Black Hills in Mustang Comfort and Style!

mustang seats

Once again, motorcyclists are beginning to converge on the Black Hills of South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Rally. From Mustang's huge rally rig at Black Hills Harley-Davidson to their two billboards on I-90 to their factory reps at the J&P Cycles store on Lazelle in the heart of downtown Sturgis, Mustang will be all through the Black Hills during this year's rally.
Stop by one of Mustang's two locations where you can check out Mustang's incredible selection of seat styles for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory, Kawasaki, Triumph, Can-Am, Honda, Ducati, BMW, Yamaha and Suzuki. 
July 30-August 13:  Huge Rally Truck at Black Hills Harley-Davidson 2820 Harley Drive, Rapid City (Exit 55)
            August 3-13:  Mustang Factory reps at J&P Cycles Store 1650 Lazelle Street, downtown Sturgis
Not only will Mustang's factory-trained reps help you try seats on your bike for the best fit for both you and your passenger but, after you select your perfect replacement seat, they will mount it for you for free.  Finally, living up to Mustang's #1 rating in customer service, they will ship your old seat back home for you for free while you ride the Black Hills! 
Plus, Mustang is a proud sponsor of the following must see events:
Aug. 7:  The Flying Piston Builder Breakfast where you can meet legendary and cutting-edge bike builders at the CrossRoads Big Engine Bar at the Buffalo Chip on Sunday, August 7. 9:30 am.
Aug. 7-12:  Skin & Bones Tattoo Inspired Motorcycles and Art program curated by famed photographer Michael Lichter at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Sunday, August 7 Friday, August 12, 2-10 pm.     
Aug. 10:  Perewitz Custom Paint Show hosted by Dave and Jody Perewitz (Mustang's New England neighbors) at the Iron Horse Saloon in downtown Sturgis on Wednesday, August 10, 11am - 4pm  
Aug 11:  Garage Girls Ultimate Biker Makeover winners will be announced on stage at the Buffalo Chip, Thursday, August 11    
Can't make it to Sturgis?  See Mustang's complete rally schedule:  For more info, visit or call 800-243-1392.  Feel the difference that Mustang makes! 

mustang seats

mustang seats

Comfort on a Mustang Wha'ts it take to make a premium quality seat? Start with styling, the finest materials, and a perfectly contoured seat. Design and build every seat in Three Rivers, Massachusetts. Produce every seat with a satisfied customer in mind. That's what you can expect from Mustang, recognized as the worldwide leader in replacement motorcycle seats.  Proudly handcrafted in the USA since 1980.
| Mustang: We go the distance

Hogust party at Trev Deeley Motorcycles in Vancouver

by Editor on 07/26/16

trev deeley

On August 6th 2016 from 11:00am till 3:00pm we will be holding our first HOGust Summer Party in our West parking lot at Trev Deeley Motorcycles. This event is a chance to kick back, unwind and enjoy the summer days in beautiful Vancouver B.C. We've pulled out all the stops for this event! For the food we will be having a pig roast and pulled pork sandwiches from Memphis Blues from 11:30am till 2:30pm (while supplies last). To get your hands on a pulled pork sandwich or pig roast, cornbread, slow roasted beans, coleslaw and a soda/water you will need to provide a minimum donation of $5.00 per plate to the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. 

For entertainment we are proud to feature the VanCity Stunters featuring Matt Bush, Jackson Chater, and Bill Hitchon. FYI Bill stunts ATV's In addition to the Stunters we will be having various venders and organizations at the event, including, A.I.M., The West Coast Rottweiler Rescue and the PNE Prize Home Lottery. Also you only ever see this once a year at our Show and Shine but we are bringin it back for round 2!, Karen's Sidewalk/Red Pen Sale! In case you missed it last time, this is your chance to pick up some killer gear at incredible prices.

In addition to the above entertainment, we would like to invite anyone with a vintage bike or show bike to come on down and display their treasure. There is no registration, entry fee or contest. This is just a chance to show off your ride. So spread the word!

And for those of you on the Pokémon GO train! We will be setting up a Pokelure at the tower in our west parking lot. For those of you that don't know a Pokelure is a game mechanic in the popular mobile game Pokémon GO. The Lure will be active from 9 am till 5 pm and provides a high chance to attract a rare Pokémon. If you or anyone you know plays this game, they'll know what I'm talking about.

Come and help us celebrate summer at our first annual HOGust Summer party! See you there!
1875 Boundary Road Vancouver
Event details:
Saturday August 6th 2016
Music and good times from 11:00am till 3:00pm
Food from 11:30am till 2:30pm (or while supplies last)
Stunt shows at 12:00pm and 2:00pm
Pokelure 9:00am till 5:00pm

Photo Bombed by the Cat

by Editor on 07/21/16

Happy Birthday to Vridetv's co-founder Diane : )

What's going on in this pic?.... 
She's lying on the ground to get a low to high angle shot of our Harley Davidson Vrod camera bike, then out of no where, Harry the cat shows up to micro manage the Photo shoot...

women camera and a cat

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Mustang Seats comfort on a harley davidson.