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Carbon fiber Vrod pig cow and chicken

by Editor on 10/22/20

We see a lot of things on our rides and some of them make us turn around and stop for a picture.

carbon fiber vrod pig cow chicken

Project VROD before and after

by Editor on 10/19/20

Our 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA VROD has come a long way since we bought it.
Here's a before and after with all the changes and mods up to date. There will be more work invested into it over the upcoming winter and we'll be posting the progress updates here and our social media networks.

vrod before and after

Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada

by Editor on 10/16/20

Rounding the last corner as we rode alongside Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
I pulled this still image from the video footage captured by our monopod cam.

Jasper national park

Thumb squeegee

by Editor on 10/10/20

No, I'm not doing the unicorn salute... LOL
I'm using the built in squeegee on the thumb of Rukka's Argosaurus glove to remove the fogs water droplets.

rukka glove thumb squeegee

Motorcycling in the fog

by Editor on 10/09/20

Well looks like it's that time of the year again, motorcycle riding in the fog... Many years ago when I rode a shovel head chopper wearing a leather jacket, jean vest,  jeans, chaps and a beanie for a helmet I was chilled to the bone.
I'm sure glad those days are long gone and now I get to wear the most technologically advanced motorcycle riding gear in the world made by Rukka Motorsports. It's been over three years now and both Diane and myself have thrown everything at this gear from the damp fog, sub zero temperatures to over 40 degrees celsius and it's performed flawlessly! 

motorcycle rider in fog 

Smoke or fog

by Editor on 10/07/20

Got out for a short ride yesterday on the backroads of Langley and found myself on this old dead end road, not sure if that's smoke or fog but I like the effect. 

vrod on old farm road

2003 Vrod front brake line pn: 44454-01C

by Editor on 10/06/20

For sale: 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA Vrod front brake line (part number: 44454-01C), this came off a bike with only 29,000 kilometres. 
Price $155USD plus shipping & paypal fees. If you're interested please click on the contact at the bottom of this page.

2003 vrod front brake line

Two Vrods

by Editor on 10/05/20

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to ride with a fellow Vrod owner & friend with his 2007 Screamin' Eagle Tribute VRSCX V-ROD. He's done some very nice upgrades: Screamin' Eagle 16 gauge double barrel muffler kit, Engine guards, backrest, luggage rack, windshield, Avon Tyres, auxiliary lights and swapped out the spoke front wheel for a solid front wheel that was machined to match the slotted rear wheel. 


Hope British Columbia

by Editor on 10/04/20

We have ridden through Hope British Columbia countless times stopping for gas at the Chevron then heading towards our next stop. There have also been a number of time where Hope was the destination stopping in at the Tourism Centre to see Brian McKinney who has a wealth of knowledge about this great community. 

biker in Hope British Columbia

This barn has seen better days but it's still hanging in there

by Editor on 10/02/20

We find the coolest barns in our travels, some are pristine, some are falling down but they all make a great backdrop for a photo shoot. This barn has seen better days but it's still hanging in there...


Red Barn

by Editor on 09/29/20

We find the coolest barns in our travels, some are pristine, some are falling down but they all make a great backdrop for a photo shoot. This red barn really makes the carbon fiber pop! 

Red barn harley davidson

Carbon fiber VROD

by Editor on 09/25/20

It's taken a lot of work and elbow grease to get this 2003 Harley-Davidson Vrod to this point, the bike was pretty rough when we got it. Check out the progress of this build here

Carbon fiber VROD

Last ride of Summer

by Editor on 09/22/20

It was great to have the wildfire smoke clear and actually squeeze in a ride on the last day of summer. Made my own parking spot at the Mission Bridge ; )

carbon fiber vrod

VROD front wheel

by Editor on 09/16/20

Time to give the front wheel a "polish only" without sanding to see what kind of a result that would achieve. 

VROD front wheel

VROD Ignition switch 2 keys lock assembly and frame lock

by Editor on 09/15/20

SOLD 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA Vrod

Ignition switch 71403-01
Lock assembly (with cable) 52385-01
2 keys 71452-91A
Matching frame lock (neck lock) 45804-01A

Price for everything in the picture $95USD + shipping 
If you're interested click on the contact tab at the bottom of this page. 

vrod ignition

Smoke from the fires in British Columbia

by Editor on 09/14/20

We miss the blue skies and warm summer days already, with all the smoke and poor air quality blanketing British Columbia our riding has stopped until it clears up. According to Global News, Vancouver had the worst air quality in the world a couple of days ago! 

motorcycle riding

VROD rear wheel

by Editor on 09/11/20

Decided to give the rear wheel a "polish only" without sanding to see what kind of a result that would achieve. 


Vrod compensator bowl before and after

by Editor on 09/09/20

Here's an update on the compensator bowl for our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA Vrod carbon fiber build. It was a fair bit of work sanding out that casting seam and the rough texture from the moulding process but it was worth it!

before after vrod compensator bowl

Carbon fiber VROD

by Editor on 09/08/20

Marina Park in Fort Langley British Columbia is a beautiful area right alongside the Fraser River, here's one of the pictures taken on that ride.

Carbon fiber VROD

Vrod wheels dilemma

by Editor on 09/04/20

So excited to have these wheels back from Ruthless Designz after they cut their #930 design that I placed them by the bike to see how they'll look. 

Love it, but now I've reached somewhat of a dilemma, my intention was to sand and polish them by hand and then install them, but that takes a lot of time. Being that it's already September 4th,  part of me is saying put them on now and enjoy the rest of the riding season with them on the bike and sand & polish in the winter. 

Having the wheels in their current state without tires and rotors is perfect to do the work. If I put them on now I'd being paying to have the tires installed, then pay again in the winter to have the tires removed to do the sanding and polishing, and then pay again to have the finished wheels installed again... 

The dilemma...

vrod wheels mock up

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vrod before and after
vrod before and after