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Selfie cam build

by Editor on 11/16/19

Now that the front & rear cameras are built, tested and proven on the carbon fiber Vrod it's time to tackle the selfiecam. It's important on the build to keep it stealthy & as clean looking as possible. First off I had to see if there was enough room behind the carbon fiber nose cowl to fit the SONY HXR-MC1 professional video head at the angle needed. There was but without much room to spare, so it was over to the box of previous camera builds to find some material to start the mock up procedure. This has allowed me to make up a cardboard template that I'll transfer over to 3x3x1/4 aluminium angle to support the video held and mounting plate & that will be attached to a piece of 2 inch 1/4 aluminum flat bar, head in place with 5/16 stainless steal ready-rod. 

here's the link to the video I posted on our TikTok feed. click here

cardboad template for selfiecam

Vrod turn signals

by Editor on 11/15/19

What's your opinion?
Amber turn signal lenses or the smoked lenses with amber bulbs? 

Think I like the smoked ones on the carbon fiber bike & the yellow for the silver bike. Keeping in mind that the front turn signals on the mirrors are yellow on the silver bike and smoked on the CF bike. It's surprising how the little details can make the over all look of the bike.

vrod turn signals

National War Memorial in Ottawa Canada

by Editor on 11/11/19

Remembrance Day,

Thank you to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

"Lest We Forget"

National War Memorial in Ottawa Canada. 

National war memorial ottawa canada

Country roads

by Editor on 11/08/19

There was no way on earth that I could have ridden past this place without stopping for a picture! Exploring country roads on a motorcycle is a lot of fun, cool old barns, machinery, foliage and yes there are some ripe smells at times ; ) 

Harley Davidson country roads

Careful riding in the Fall

by Editor on 11/06/19

The Fall is an incredible time to be riding a motorcycle, please keep in mind that as beautiful as the leaves look, they're very slippery on the roads, especially when wet...

Biker riding in the Fall


by Editor on 11/01/19

Parting out a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA Vrod that was in a low speed accident. The right side of the bike is mint, the bike went down on it's left side. The odometer reads 29,971 kilometers.

most of these parts are compatible with the first generation Vrods 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006.


Headless biker with a zombie head on a hook

by Editor on 10/31/19

Halloween Motorcycle Ride

I got a strange looks from passing motorists while shooting this video. Then again I'm not surprised, it was September...

I wonder what  was going through their head.....

Thank you for watching VRIDETV 

Headless biker with zombie head on a hook

Fall motorcycle ride

by Editor on 10/25/19

Motorcycle riding in the Fall is incredible, especially here in British Columbia, Canada.

harley davidson vrod fall colours

Vrod frame for sale

by Editor on 10/21/19

For Sale: 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod frame.

Price $950 USD + shipping


Bike was in a low speed accident & was written off by insurance company, I still can't believe they wrote it off!

The bike had damage to the left side, airbox cover, rear fender, rear pulley, handlebars, mirror, headlight bucket, shifter shaft and shifter rod.

The frame has a several minor marks on it and the two places that were noticeably out of alignment were the airbox cover bracket where the two posts of the cover go into the grommets and the "Duck Bill" of the frame under where the passenger's seat mounts. That has been straightened with minimal effort. 

I have the legal paper work for the frame and it has a "Salvage" status on the registration. 

If you're interested contact me here

Harley Davidson VROD FRAME for sale

Vrod engine

by Editor on 10/18/19

The 1130cc Revolution engine is out of our 2003 Harley-Davidson parts bike and is ready for pick up two days ahead of schedule. The chrome covers, starter, throttle body and coils have been taken off in an effort to keep the cost down for the buyer. He will be able to take off all those parts from his bike and install them on this motor.

vrod motor

Vrod frame and engine

by Editor on 10/16/19

The bike has been stripped, everything has been tagged and bagged, the only thing left to do is remove the engine from the frame. 

vrod frame and engine

Canadian Thanksgiving

by Editor on 10/13/19

Happy Thanksgiving Canada, enjoy your time with family & friends.

image from our ride in Turkey ; )

motorcycle ride in Turkey


by Editor on 10/12/19

I'm really liking the look of the garage with three 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA V-Rods in it!

3 vrods

Vrod exhaust removal tip

by Editor on 10/07/19

I highly recommend taping off the frame and chrome covers when removing the exhaust system, it doesn't take long and it will help prevent scratches.

vrod exhaust removal tip

Stripping a VROD

by Editor on 10/04/19

I started stripping down this 2003 Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA V-ROD in preparation to pull out the engine that has been sold & will be picked up on the 19 of October.

stripping a harley davidson vrod

2003 VROD parts for sale

by Editor on 09/27/19

We are parting out a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA Vrod that was in a low speed accident. The right side of the bike is mint, the bike went down on it's left side. The odometer reads 29,971 kilometers.

most of these parts are compatible with the first generation Vrods 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006.

2003 VROD parts for sale

Motorcycle towing

by Editor on 09/23/19

We called on the services of Lonewolf Motorcycle Towing to have our 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod moved & were very impressed with their set up! 
The owner Jay Barber provided excellent customer service & we'll be definitely calling him again!

First day of fall

by Editor on 09/23/19

True story ; )

first day of fall

Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear X8-200 Glasses

by Editor on 09/20/19

I'm very excited that my Liberty Sport X8-200 Glasses arrived!
These glasses impressed me when I saw them online and when they arrived all my hopes and expectations were met!  The fit is secure and comfortable and my prescription is perfect! 

Here's the details:
Engineered to be Virtually Indestructible, X8 Men's Ophthalmic frames are designed using our Nylo-FlexTM material, built specifically for ruggedness and flexibility. Tough enough to be bent and dropped, X8 frames are stylish and "Take Action" when going from the classroom or office to the gym or the great outdoors, while providing non-stop vision performance.

Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear X8-200 Glasses

Key Features
  • X8 are designed to be Virtually Indestructible and Active Men for their daily ophthalmic frame.
  • Made with Nylo-Flex™ material for the ruggedness, flexibility, and stability
  • 3D Contour Grip for a flexible and hypoallergenic temple for all-day comfort

  • Lenses
  • Talk to your eye care professional about lens options. 
  • If your eye care professional uses the Liberty Performance Lab, Liberty recommends: React-X Photochromic lenses that are virtually clear lenses indoors that transition rapidly to tinted sunglasses outdoors. Protects eyes from both Digital Device and UV Sunlight exposure.

Rear camera capture

by Editor on 09/17/19

We absolutely love riding in the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia Canada. I pulled this still image from the rear camera video footage of my brother in law on his Triumph motorcycle. It was a great day, spectacular scenery and the weather was perfect!

motorcycle rider in the fraser canyon with VRIDETVcom

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