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Wildfire aftermath

by Editor on 10/01/22

Yesterday I had the opportunity to ride up Green Mountain Road that runs between Keremeos and Penticton where the Keremeos wildfire raged on...
I shut the bike off and stayed here for 15 minutes or so taking it all in, I could still smell the burnt wood even though it was extinguished quite some time ago. It was silent here, no birds singing only the occasional car or motorcycle going by...
It was an awful sight to see first hand realizing the what the brave firefighters must have gone through saving homes & structures in the area....

vrod fire green mountain road

Vrod volume collector and heat shields

by Editor on 09/27/22

Spent some time detailing the volume collector and heat shields. Cleaned everything with Harley Davidson spray cleaner than polished with Mothers chrome polish. On the mating surfaces for the pipes I cleaned them with Autosol, this will make installation a breeze. This will be going on the blue CVO VRSCSE VROD along with the Screamin' Eagle slip on mufflers and billet clamps.


Harley Davidson photo op

by Editor on 09/23/22

Had to stop at these haystacks for a photo op, thought the black bike against the golden hay would make an interesting picture. 

black harley with golden haystacks background

Screamin' Eagle Vrod mufflers

by Editor on 09/21/22

Very happy to have found this set of genuine Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle slip on mufflers, chrome end caps, chrome billet muffler clamps and volume collector. This set will be replacing what's on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO V-Rod. 

screamin eagle vrod slip on mufflers

Screamin' Eagle Vrod mufflers

by Editor on 09/21/22

Very happy to have found this set of genuine Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle slip on mufflers, chrome end caps, chrome billet muffler clamps and volume collector. This set will be replacing what's on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO V-Rod. 

screamin eagle vrod slip on mufflers

Corbin saddlebags for VROD

by Editor on 09/17/22

Omg I'm liking the way these Saddlebags are looking. If they don't sell soon I might end up keeping them and maaaaaybeeee build a "Sport Bagger VROD"  or "VROD Sport Bagger"
Once the bike is on the ground and the shocks compress they will have enough space to clear the exhaust safety without any heat damage. Still need to figure out exactly how far forward the mounting bolts need to be moved to centre the well around the shock. Appears to be 1 1/4 inches After that's done I'll be able see where the 3rd bolt (for the bottom corner of each bag) needs to be relocated to. (most likely 1 1/4 inches forward also, but it's on an angle, so one step at a time)
The crazy thing is I was selling these bags as is and who ever buys them do all of this  (The smokey skies have prevented me from riding the last couple of days so I had some time for this)

If I do all the work figuring out the mounts and finish them, I'm going to be raising the price on these.... 

corbin saddlebags for vrod

White Lake

by Editor on 09/15/22

The Okanagan is full of amazing roads for motorcycle riding


Info from the BC Parks website
"The White Lake Basin has long been a priority for conservation efforts in the Okanagan. The primary role of the protected area is conservation: to protect the very hot and dry grassland, open pine forest and alkali ponds and rock outcroppings of the Southern Okanagan Basin ecosection. The protected area captures the full elevational gradient from lakeshore to mountain top and provides important habitat for many of British Columbia's red and blue-listed wildlife, plants and plant communities.

White Lake Grasslands Protected Area is contiguous with other protected areas around Vaseux Lake, thereby forming a significant large conservation area."

Carbon fiber Vrod

by Editor on 09/10/22

Our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSC VROD build has been an ongoing project for several years now and I must saw we are very happy with the results.

click here for more on this bike

carbon fiber vrod

VROD CVO Reactor front wheel

by Editor on 09/07/22

Here's a before and after of the Reactor front wheel from our 2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD. It was in quite poor condition, there were many little bumps in the chrome and if left untreated they would have turned into pits, rust then flaking chrome. First i cleaned the wheel with Harley-Davidson spray cleaner, then went over the whole wheel with Autsol, and lastly with Mothers chrome polish. 

VRSCSE VROD Reactor front wheel chrome restoration

Yellow Brick Road

by Editor on 09/02/22


Goodbye yellow brick road VRIDETVcom

Harley Davidson Vrod in the desert

by Editor on 08/30/22

Love the way that road snakes its way through the hills...

Vrod in the desert

Selife cam on motorcycle

by Editor on 08/27/22

The selfie camera mount we made up a number of years ago was originally to showcase our sponsors Rukka Motorsports, Schuberth and Liberty Sport eyewear and their products while riding. Well turns out it works pretty well to promote our line of VRSC V-TWIN RACING STREET CUSTOM Merch too!

Men's and Women's t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, patches, hats and more are available only at:


Old buildings on Sagebrush road

by Editor on 08/26/22

Not sure how old these buildings are but I bet they would have some incredible stories if they could talk... 

VROD with very old buildings

Kaleden Hotel

by Editor on 08/24/22

The Kaleden Hotel is a heritage listed property, which was first constructed in 1911 and closed due to the first world war a few years later.

Kaleden hotel

Ruthless Designz

by Editor on 08/23/22

I reached out to Bill Gorby and asked what's happening at Ruthless Designz.
This is what he sent me:

bill gorby update on Ruthless Designz

Corbin Beatle Bags 2002 - 2006 Vrods saddlebags

by Editor on 08/20/22

For Sale:
These Corbin Beetle bags are even more rare than the Harley-Davidson hard shell saddlebags & are almost double in capacity size.
The colour is orange/orangey red/red, depending on the lighting. 
I was going to have them sanded down & painted 2 tone blue with graphics to match my CVO but the cost of the paint job has got me second guessing my initial thoughts...
That, and this blue CVO Vrod has become a money pit... I have sunk so much money into restoring this thing it's crazy and I keep finding more things wrong with it...
These Corbin saddlebags are no longer available & have been discontinued for quite some time, but when they were the price was $2,000USD + tax + shipping and were not painted. I don't mean this paint job I mean no paint at all on them....
When I bought them I was told they were in excellent condition, well I have a different opinion on that. On the inside of the lid on one of the saddle bags I noticed what appears to be a defect in the lid at the hinge site, still open and closes fine but not pristine like the other one. Also noticed what I would call spider web cracking in area of the bottom of the same lid (possibly dropped on the lid when handling?). Seems someone had made some homemade mounting brackets for them & in order to get them to fit they drilled an extra hole in each saddlebag, not too big of a deal, but WHY! Because of those brackets one of the saddlebags has made contact with the shock taking a small piece of the fibreglass off. Lastly there were no keys for the locks.
So I reached out to Corbin & they did a "special order" and made a set of original mounts for me. The brackets fit the bike perfectly BUT the studs don't match up to the holes on the saddlebags. I cut the one stud off that was out the most, then I was able to slide the bag onto the two studs but the shock doesn't line up in the well. Going to have to remove the two studs, secure the bag in the proper position for the shock & shock relief in the bag and also space the turn signal lens. Then I'll be able to put some bolts through the inside of the bags to see where the contact points are on the mounts on the bike and have the studs welded there, looks like they need to be moved a half inch to the right. Not a big deal just some extra tinkering.
The plan was to sand these down & paint them two tone dark candy blue and light candy blue with matching graphics airbrushed like the airbox and rear fender but just about when I found out how much that was going to cost....
I'm already into these bags for over a $1,300 USD and can't justify spending another $1,500 - $2,000 on a custom paint job.
So, like I mentioned at the beginning of this long post I'm thinking on selling them. 
Just looking to get the $1,300 I'm into them for.
Price $1,300USD + shipping and all PayPal fees. If you would like to buy them click here

corbin saddlebags for 02 06 vrod

Phantom Creek Estates

by Editor on 08/19/22

Found these beautiful statues on the grounds of Phantom Creek Estates on Black Sage Road just outside of Oliver British Columbia Canada.

Phantom Creek Estates

Ye Old Welcome Inn Pub

by Editor on 08/17/22

Love this beautiful old stone wall of the Ye Old Welcome Inn Pub at Gallagher Lake, thought it would make a great background for a pic of our bike. 

vrod stone wall

Osoyoos view point

by Editor on 08/13/22

The Osoyoos view point provides a stunning panoramic glimpse of the tourist town and the road up to and after is a lot of fun on a motorcycle!

osoyoos view point

Thank you firefighters and volunteers

by Editor on 08/12/22

Saw this sign while riding up Anarchist Mountain and had to turn around for a picture. Love seeing stuff like this, those people are heros!

thank you firefighters

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