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Vrod carriage style saddlebag support mounting bolts

by Editor on 07/28/22

The Genuine Harley-Davidson hard shell saddlebags are very difficult to find hence the term unicorn bags. I was missing 2 specialty bolts that are hidden under the license plate bracket we're the red side reflectors are.
According to the mounting instructions they are referred to as "Carriage style" saddlebag support mounting bolt and in the parts list: Screw Flat head M10x1.25x20 long.
These are not available from HD and are not your run of the mill common bolt stocked at your local hardware store. I was able to find a car bumper bolt that was very close in size but not metric only imperial. (Not a big deal cause it takes a nut & not threaded into anything)
After cutting a 3/4 inch off the length & grinding down, then filling the dome flat, I was able to accurately replicate the original ones from HD.
Just in case you ever need a set yourself I took a before & after pic and the package it came in. 

carriage style saddlebag bolts for vrod.jpg

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