Visit Fitzgerald Motorsport's  website for more of his exhaust systems, motor building, case machining, 26 tooth pulley, straight cut second gear, drag handlebars, engine brace, aluminum oil pan, heads, 58mm throttle body, and he is also a distributor for the DAYTONA TWIN TEC VRFID
The SuckerPunch 2 into 1 exhaust system from Fitzgerald Motorsports is a ceramic coated pipe with or without 02 sensor bungs depending on your application.
These pipes are manufactured to the highest degree of true American craftsmanship. We have over 48 years experience in the precision machining and tool & die industry. The material, bends, welds, and coating are top notch. Made from US mild steel, each pipe also contains a stainless steel cone baffle that is welded into place in the collector. This helps with sound and back pressure, which is needed to tune the pipe properly. No packing material to repack every 2-3 years; just ride and enjoy!

This has taken our 2003 Harley-Davidson Vrod to the next level.

Fitzgerald Motorsports SuckerPunch Exhaust System
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Fitzgerald motorsports
This "SuckerPunch" pipe from Fitzgerald Motorsports has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. The performance is outstanding and the sound is phenomenal, It's more than an exhaust system it's a work of art!
Love that sound... The SuckerPunch 2 into 1 Exhaust system from Fitzgerald Motorsports and VRFID Gen 4 EFI System by Daytona Twin Tec makes a killer combination on our 2003 Harley Davidson VRCSA VROD.

We shot this video in a little town called Field inside YoHo National Park while on our ride in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.