• Fixed flexion deformity left ankle.

  • Fixed flexion deformity left knee.

  • Crepitation with joint movement left knee.

  • Joint space narrowing and subchondral irregularity consistent with post-traumatic arthritiis left leg (left knee joint).

  • Atrophy of left thigh, left leg.

  • Painful right knee with monerate risk for post-traumatic arthritis of the patello-femoral  joint.

  • Loss of mobility, strength, restriction in physical function (functional impairment).

  • Loss of independent ambulation.

  • On going issues of pain and swelling-both lower extremities.

  • Neurological injury resulting in sujective numbness-dorsal foot.

  • Extensive soft tissue scaring and deformity.

  • Potential for osteomyelitis is acknowledged because of deep infection in regard to the proximal tibial fracture.

  • Right thumb injury, right wrist, carpal tunnle syndrome.

  • Compression fracture at T-8.

  • Bilateral rotator cuff injury.

  • Methasone resistant staphylococcus infection left tibia.

  • High probability of future surgical intervention to address functional limitation caused by post-traumatic arthritis and orthopedic compromise.

  • Knee replacement surgries or possible amputation.
Physical Impairments
(ver batim from medical legal reports)

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