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VROD mini backrest 52759-04

by Editor on 12/09/21

These cast and chrome mini sissy bars (part number 52759-04) are known to be a unicorn Vrod part because the are so difficult to find! Happy to have located this one that will end up on the 2005 VRSCSE.

VROD cast and chrome mini sissy bar 52759-04

Chrome Front Sliders 46526-02A

by Editor on 12/08/21

With the front wheel and fender off the bike it was a good time to clean and detail the chrome lower legs (part number: 46526-02A) with HD spray cleaner, Autosol and Mothers chrome polish. 

VROD Chrome Front Sliders 46526-02A

CVO motorcycle cover

by Editor on 12/07/21

Working away in the garage when the doorbell rings, it's the Fed Ex guy. I opened up the box and was surprised by this brand new in the bag CVO embroidered motorcycle cover! 
Whoops, was I not supposed to open it until Christmas?
The Fed Ex guy never mentioned that...

CVO motorcycle cover

Update: Di is now home and, boy oh boy is that Fed Ex guy in trouble... LOL

VROD lower triple tree

by Editor on 12/06/21

Removed the headlight and mounting bracket and detailed the lower triple tree with Autosol and discovered a two headed bearded monster under all the oxidation. 

VROD lower triple tree

VROD aluminum wheel restoration part 3

by Editor on 12/04/21

Thought I could skip a few grades of sandpaper but wasn't happy with the results. Dropped down to 220 and sanded down to the raw aluminum. Dry sanding first, next will be wet sanding with the 220. Then I'll be repeating the same process with 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 and then finally polish.
This method is tried and true giving the mirror like finish. Once again this is my process & my opinion, it may differ from your technique. 
Remember to wear appropriate gloves and mask.

Vrod front fender

by Editor on 12/03/21

After sanding the front wheel the last couple of days, decided to take a break & let the elbow grease regenerate. Shifted my attention to detailing the front fender assembly.

First thing I did was to spray the four nuts on the underside of the fender with a little penetrating oil, then removed them separating the chrome mounting bracket and fender. 

Next I cleaned all the parts with Harley spray cleaner.

Then I polished the chrome with Mothers and also use their 3 stage waxing system on the Sterling Silver painted fender. I also used a small amount of AutoSol where needed to remove marks in the chrome.

(I know some of you are wondering if I did the underside of the fender? No of course not that would be crazy) (Okay, I confess I did)
The four fender fasteners were also cleaned of the old loc-tite and new blue loc-tite was applied on reassembly.

Here it is reassembled and fully detailed ready for installation. 

VROD front fender

VROD aluminum wheel restoration part 2

by Editor on 12/02/21

Tapped up the tire with 2 in masking tape to the tire getting all mucky with sanding dust and later polishing compound. Deepening on the condition of the wheel here's the grits of the wet & dry sandpaper I use: 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000. If the wheel is in really rough condition with deep pitting and scratches I'll start at 220 then work my way up. If the wheel looks something like this one, I'll do the outer bead with 600 as a test. Then polish a small section of it to see how it looks. If the pits & scratches are gone I'll continue with the 600 & work my way up. If not I'll drop down to 400 and repeat the test. This is all done by hand & I found it helpful to fold up a rag then fold the sandpaper around it. Only took me a few sets of finger prints to figure that out.

VROD aluminum wheel restoration part 1

by Editor on 11/29/21

The solid wheels on the Harley-Davidson Vrods will get pitted and oxidized if neglected... The good news is that they can be brought back to life and look better than new! 


by Editor on 11/26/21

How many Vrods can I fit in the garage and still have a little room to work?
Turns out that number is four...
Two bikes are ready for hibernation and the other two are awaiting their turn for maintenance.

4 vrods

Thanksgiving in the USA

by Editor on 11/25/21

Happy Thanksgiving to all our viewers and sponsors in the United States, enjoy your time with family and friends.

Thanksgiving usa turkey flag

Harley Davidson truck and trailer

by Editor on 11/23/21

Check out Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson of Kelowna's killer truck and trailer that delivered my bike.

Gasoline alley harley davidson kelowna truck and trailer

Screamin' Eagle CVO VROD group

by Editor on 11/19/21

Harley-Davidson only made 4,570 Screamin' Eagle CVO VRODS.
If you are lucky enough to own one, you're invited to join the CVO VRODS Group on Facebook.

CVO VROD group

Production numbers & colour options of the 2005 and 2006 VRSCSE VRSCSE2 CVO VRODS

by Editor on 11/15/21

Production numbers & colour options of the Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle Custom Vehicle operations VRODS

Electric Orange/Black 1,097
Two-Tone Light Candy Cherry/Dark Candy Cherry 790
Two-Tone Light Candy Teal/Dark Candy Teal 446

2006 VRSCSE2
Scarlet Red/Charcoal Slate 918
Electric Orange/Black 796
Chrome Yellow Pearl/Platinum Pearl 523


2005 VRSCSE VROD walk around video

by Editor on 11/12/21

It's finally arrived after a long journey from Nova Scotia to British Columbia...
Shot a quick video on my iPhone moments after the bike was delivered.
This 2005 Harley Davidson V-Twin Racing Street Custom Screamin Eagle, Custom Vehicle Operations VROD is the rarest of all in this colour. Only 446 were produced in this beauty two tone dark candy teal and light candy teal, but only 20 were sent to Canada.

National War Memorial in Ottawa Canada

by Editor on 11/11/21

Remembrance Day

Thank you to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

"Lest We Forget"

National War Memorial in Ottawa canada

VROD delivered by Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson Kelowna

by Editor on 11/10/21

The day finally came for me to actually see the bike in person!
Big thank you to Kent of Gasoline Alley Harley Davidson of Kelowna for delivering my bike yesterday and to Janice Lautard and CJ for making the arrangements. 
Now it's time for an OCD deep cleaning before posting pictures...

Kelowna Harley Davidson pick up and drop off

VROD prepped for storage

by Editor on 11/08/21

Hard to believe that it's that time of the year already but it is...
I've done a full detail OCD cleaning and polishing on our carbon fiber VROD, jacked it up, strapped it down, attached a battery tender and covered it up. 
I still have to go buy some fuel stabilizer but once that's done this bike will be ready for hibernation.

motorcycle storage

2005 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle CVO VRSCSE VROD

by Editor on 11/05/21

After playing "What's in the box? What's under the cover?" and "Guess the year and colour?" Here's the post you all have been waiting for...

Now it's time to thank the good folks at Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson in Kelowna British Columbia Canada, and especially the service manage Janice Lautard. She played a key role in making this deal happen by allowing me to have the bike shipped to GADH, do the un-crating and arranging transportation to have the bike delivered to me early next week. Also gotta give a shout out to TJ for his help yesterday and last but not least CJ for providing me with this picture of the bike. All of your help is greatly appreciated and your customer service is outstanding!

here she is...

2005 Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Custom Vehicle Operations VRSCSE VROD 
Two-Tone Candy Blue and Dark Candy Blue

more info and images here:


Day and Ross shipping

by Editor on 11/04/21

A big shout out goes to the folks at Day and Ross shipping, that was the company that safely and securely transported the motorcycle I bought on the other side of the country. They picked it up at Privateers Harley-Davidson in Halifax Nova Scotia and delivered it to Gasoline Alley in Kelowna for a distance of 5,494 kilometers.

day and ross trucking shipping

VROD Saddlebags for sale

by Editor on 11/03/21

For sale: Genuine Harley Davidson VROD nylon saddlebags and all mounting hardware.  
We have had a long stretch of rainy weather here so I decided to take the saddlebags and all the mounting hardware off my bike. I shot this video and pictures just before I went ahead and bubble wrapped the saddlebag frame, made cardboard holders for the mounts and cut down a box to the smallest size allowable to save money on the shipping.
Here's the info:
Genuine Harley-Davidson Nylon Saddlebags p/n 91441-06
Saddlebag Mounting Hardware Kit p/n 91440-06
One of the four zippers only closes 90% of the way, the other three are good.
The colour of the bags has faded.
I was planning on having the zipper fixed and redying them and selling for $750USD
But I have decided to sell them "As Is" for $550USD plus shipping and all Pay Pal fees. If you're interested scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on contact.

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