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Sponsored Rider

by Editor on 12/07/18

We spend a lot of time riding in the Fraser Canyon, it's rich in history, the scenery is amazing and the 7 tunnels are always fun to get your "Braap" on ; )
During one of our stops Diane was able to shoot 10 of sponsors in this picture! 

Sponsored motorcycle rider

VROD RALLY: Midwest Thunder 14 at Fitzgerald Motorsports

by Editor on 11/30/18

Well mark the calendar fill out the vacation form and get your butt to the 14th annual Midwest Thunder VROD VRSC Rally being held on June 27-29th 2019 in Greenville Ohio at Fitzgerald Motorsports

here's the direct link to this event on Facebook: 

Vrod rally

Here is a TENTATIVE itinerary!

June 27th 
-Arrive to Greenville at your leisure.
-1230pm kickstands up we are heading to the #usafmuseum in Dayton Ohio entry is FREE and the new main attraction is the newly restored Memphis Belle! 
-If you are arriving later no worries we have a second group heading out at 5pm for ripraproadhouse for dinner. This is the same place we went this past summer and the food is A++

June 28th
-We are saddling up for the popular event from last year and heading to munciedragway for some old fashion run what you got "grudge racing". $20 per bike to race, this is a private event and we will have the track for 4 hours. For people that don't want to race we are working on some other things, more details to come. 
-6pm Pizza  Party at Fitzgerald Motorsports

June 29th
-The always popular Dyno Shootout! 
- Afternoon scenic ride to huestonwoods State Park
-6pm Hog Roast 
-LIVE Rock n Roll band! 
-Raffle ticket door prizes and the 50/50 tickets winners drawn. 

We will have beer sales once again w proceeds going to the Greenville Boys Baseball Association. 

Again this schedule is subject to change! As information is available we will post on the MWT Midwest Thunder Facebook page! at Fitzgerald Motorsports.

Fall in the Fraser Canyon

by Editor on 11/28/18

Diane shot this just before hopping on the bike as we began our ride home from Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon.

Biker in Boston Bar

Harley Davidson at White Rock Beach in British Columbia

by Editor on 11/24/18

This was an amazing day at White Rock Beach in British Columbia, just look at how calm the ocean is....

(photo credit: Diane)

Vrod at the ocean's edge

United States Thanksgiving

by Editor on 11/22/18

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American viewers and sponsors, enjoy your time with family and friends.

thanksgiving turkey ride

SCHUBERTH Helmets and Held Biker Apparel's BIG 2-Day Parking Lot Sale!

by Editor on 11/21/18

It's the SCHUBERTH North America and Held Biker Apparel's BIG Parking Lot Sale on Friday, November 30th and Saturday, December 1st!  During this sale you'll find everything you need for urban, sport-touring, cruising, or adventure riding.  From tinted visors and accessories for your SCHUBERTH helmet to get you ready for riding reason to Held riding apparel and bags, this free event has something for everyone. The event kicks off Friday at 9am until 3pm and Saturday at 9am and ends at 3pm.  The festivities are taking place in the parking lot at SCHUBERTH North America in Aliso Viejo, click here for directions: SCHUBERTH Parking Lot Sale

schuberth parking lot sale

SCHUBERTH will have unbelievable deals* on discontinued colors and graphics in different models to choose from.  Held biker apparel will have amazing prices* on gloves, riding gear, and a limited inventory of riding bags!
*ALL SALES ARE FINAL (No exchanges or refunds and No warranties offered)

No parking fees, no entry fees, just walk on up to this free event and shop to your heart's content.  The sale will be a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday and help get you excited for riding season.  Not sure about the size helmet you wear?  Step into our mobile showroom to get fitted and while you are inside you can see our current portfolio of helmets and the variety of colored and tinted visors we offer.

Located at 33 Journey, in Aliso Viejo, CA, 92656; no matter if your favorite place to ride to is Cook's Corner, Hell's Kitchen, Palomar Mountain, down PCH, Jackson State Forest, the Sequoia National Forest, or Ranchita to Borrego Springs, SCHUBERTH North America and Held Biker Apparel will have you covered.  


Helmet manufacturer SCHUBERTH is based in Magdeburg, Germany.  They have been designing and manufacturing high-end head protection systems since the early 1950s.  With their wide range of innovative products, the company is a world leader in motorcycle and motorsport helmets as well as protective helmets for industrial, fire service, police, and military use.  For more information please visit

OEM Vrod wheels can be machined by Ruthless Designz

by Editor on 11/18/18

I have been wanting to get my OEM 2003 Harley Davidson V-Rod wheels machined for years, well I finally pulled the trigger... 

I have them boxed up and on route to Ruthless Designz in Myrte Beach South Carolina to have the man himself, Bill Gorby work his magic on them. They have many different designs available, but the one that I went with was #930 as shown in this pic. I thought that it was a perfect match to the cut outs in the rear pulley and rotor, as well as the shape of the plastic dust covers in the front wheel.

I'm stoked and can hardly wait to get them back and on the bike!

Vrod wheel being sent to Ruthless Designz

Tilley Vancouver

by Editor on 11/17/18

Holy smokes look who made the home page on Tilley Vancouver's website!

click image to read article

tilley vancouver index featuring VRIDETVcom

BEST Vrod exhaust and tuner

by Editor on 11/16/18

NEW VIDEO shot at the Columbia Icefield:

This "SuckerPunch" pipe from Fitzgerald Motorsports has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. The performance is outstanding and the sound is phenomenal, It's more than an exhaust system it's a work of art!
While talking with Scott Fitzgerald he asked if I had a tuner, I told him I didn't and asked what he recommended. The best tuner out there is made by Daytona Twin Tec LLC he said and it actually replaced the oem ECU.
I really liked that because many of the piggy back type tuners have problems.
Now, my thought on this was, if the guy who makes the best exhaust system recommends the DTT then that's the one for me!
After I got off the phone with Scott I immediately went to the Daytona Twin Tec's site to check out the tuner for myself and I was blown away!!!!

Selfie Cam

by Editor on 11/14/18

Here's a still I pulled off our selfie cam video footage from our ride in the Canadian Rockies as we were filming the world famous Icefields Parkway.

motorcycle rider in the Rockies

Remembrance Day

by Editor on 11/11/18

Thank you to the brave men and women who fought for our freedom.

National War Memorial in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Unveiled 21 May 1939. 

November 11th is Remembrance Day, "Least we Forget"

National War Memorial

Camera angle

by Editor on 11/09/18

I pulled this still off the video footage captured by a SONY HXR-MC1 Professional camera with a super fisheye lens, from our monopod cam.

bikers snow ride

Revelstoke Bridge, The Big Eddy

by Editor on 11/07/18

Diane shot this pic while we were approaching the Revelstoke Bridge, "The Big Eddy"

click here for more images from the Rockies.

Revelstoke Bridge, The Big Eddy


by Editor on 11/05/18

I initially rode past this freshly cut field and thought that it looked pretty cool, decided to turn around for a photo thinking the contrast of the straight lines of the field & round lines of the bike would have a nice contrast.

Vrod in a hay field VRIDETVcom

Muscle mirrors on an older V-Rod

by Editor on 11/03/18

Muscle mirrors installed with their own wiring harness.
I just couldn't bring myself to cut into the stock wiring of my 2003 Vrod, so I picked up  6 socket connectors from Harley & 3 feet of dual wire with outer jacket. Then I opened up the multi-lock connector pulled out the stock 3 wire signal light wiring & replaced it with this harness.

Vrod Muscle mirrors wiring VRIDETVcom

vrod mirrors and signal lights


Happy Halloween

by Editor on 10/31/18

Happy Halloween everyone & thanks for watching VRIDETV

headless biker

The Explorer

by Editor on 10/29/18

We take this Explorer on every ride, one of the many things I like about it is the two way satellite communicator with GPS.  We are travelling a lot and most of the time we are not in cell phone service, it's only a matter of time before we are first on the scene of an accent where people need assistance. With a touch of the SOS button a text message dialogue will begin with a representative of Roadpost to provide the help needed. Take a look at the display, all the info they need is right there & accurate within 19 feet!

Delorme Explorer Garmin

Escape Parked Motorcycle Syndrome with VRIDETV

by Editor on 10/27/18

We know there's a lot of people out there that have had to park their bikes until Spring...

We asked the question: Would you like us to post some motorcycle riding videos 30 to 60 minutes long, with no editing, no music, just the sounds of the wind in your face and the motorcycle's engine and exhaust? The response was overwhelmingly YES : )

We've built an interactive map below using Google Maps. Click on a red marker and a video of that exact area opens up showing you exactly what it's like to ride that road.
To help everyone get through the winter, turn on a space heater and fan in front of your monitor, pick a destination, push play and you're virtually riding....

motorcycle riding videos

Biker selfie cam

by Editor on 10/25/18

Here's a still I pulled off our selfie cam video footage from one of our Fall rides in the Fraser Canyon. We're very happy with that camera mount, nice and steady even at 100kph.

biker selfie cam

Hope Slide closed

by Editor on 10/24/18

Diane and I rode out to the Hope Slide for a photo shoot shoot but when we arrived the gates were locked and the closed sign was displayed prominently. It was only 4pm which makes me wonder if it is closed for the season?

Hope Slide closed

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