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2003 VROD parts for sale

by Editor on 09/27/19

We are parting out a 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VRSCA Vrod that was in a low speed accident. The right side of the bike is mint, the bike went down on it's left side. The odometer reads 29,971 kilometers.

most of these parts are compatible with the first generation Vrods 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006.

2003 VROD parts for sale

Motorcycle towing

by Editor on 09/23/19

We called on the services of Lonewolf Motorcycle Towing to have our 2003 Harley-Davidson V-Rod moved & were very impressed with their set up! 
The owner Jay Barber provided excellent customer service & we'll be definitely calling him again!

First day of fall

by Editor on 09/23/19

True story ; )

first day of fall

Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear X8-200 Glasses

by Editor on 09/20/19

I'm very excited that my Liberty Sport X8-200 Glasses arrived!
These glasses impressed me when I saw them online and when they arrived all my hopes and expectations were met!  The fit is secure and comfortable and my prescription is perfect! 

Here's the details:
Engineered to be Virtually Indestructible, X8 Men's Ophthalmic frames are designed using our Nylo-FlexTM material, built specifically for ruggedness and flexibility. Tough enough to be bent and dropped, X8 frames are stylish and "Take Action" when going from the classroom or office to the gym or the great outdoors, while providing non-stop vision performance.

Liberty Sport Performance Eyewear X8-200 Glasses

Key Features
  • X8 are designed to be Virtually Indestructible and Active Men for their daily ophthalmic frame.
  • Made with Nylo-Flex™ material for the ruggedness, flexibility, and stability
  • 3D Contour Grip for a flexible and hypoallergenic temple for all-day comfort

  • Lenses
  • Talk to your eye care professional about lens options. 
  • If your eye care professional uses the Liberty Performance Lab, Liberty recommends: React-X Photochromic lenses that are virtually clear lenses indoors that transition rapidly to tinted sunglasses outdoors. Protects eyes from both Digital Device and UV Sunlight exposure.

Rear camera capture

by Editor on 09/17/19

We absolutely love riding in the Fraser Canyon in British Columbia Canada. I pulled this still image from the rear camera video footage of my brother in law on his Triumph motorcycle. It was a great day, spectacular scenery and the weather was perfect!

motorcycle rider in the fraser canyon with VRIDETVcom

Motorcycle riding on Highway 7 in British Columbia Canada

by Editor on 09/14/19

It's called Scenic7BC for a reason..
Motorcycle riding on Highway 7 in British Columbia Canada is our favourite way to get to Hope. It's filled with farm land, waterways, winding roads & many points of interest along the way!

here's a still image we pulled off our video footage from our selfie cam.

Scenic 7 motorcycle ride 

Friday the 13th

by Editor on 09/13/19

Happy Friday the 13th everyone.

This picture was taken of a Franklin Mint Harley Davidson V-Rod on top of a glass cake plate in front of our fireplace.

Friday 13 VROD fire

Motorcycle riding on the Coquihalla Highway

by Editor on 09/09/19

Here's a still image from the video footage captured by our selfiecam during a ride on the infamous Coquihalla Highway in British Columbia. 
This camera angle was originally made to shoot a promotional video for Liberty Sport and after seeing the results we decided to keep it on the bike to showcase other sponsors. Schuberth and Rukka Motorsports are seen every time this point of view is used in our videos as well as still images.

motorcycle riding on the coquihalla highway

Highway 1 Coquihalla loop

by Editor on 09/07/19

Great ride yesterday with my brother in law started in Langley on Highway 1 to Hope for gas at the Chevron. Then up the Fraser Canyon to Spences Bridge crossed over to Highway 8 to Merritt for gas there. Then took Coldwater Road to the Coquihalla Highway, back to Hope for more gas, then Highway 7 to Agassiz then Highway 1 back to Langley.
Must have been a 500+ kilometer ride.

Unfortunately, we rode up to a fatal motorcycle crash near Jackass Pass in the Fraser Canyon and I realized it was one of the two riders we saw in Hope as we were waiting for the gas pumps they were using...
Rest in Peace Sir...

Fraser Canyon Coquihalla loop

Here's a pic of the bikes at Coldwater Road.

Harley davidson vs triumph

VROD shifter linkage

by Editor on 09/04/19

Looking to customize your VRod and ditch that stock turd shift linkage?
Well pickup this HOT NEW V-Rod Shift Linkage from Fitzgerald Motorsports today.

All Shift Linkages are produced from solid 3/4" DIA 304 Stainless Steel
Included in the box is (1) Shift Linkage w/ SS Ball Joints and SS hardware.
Available in FOUR finishes.
  • Option 1) Stainless finished in Black Oxide with CNC milled lettering after oxide to give you a contrast look.
  • Option 2) Polished Stainless that looks & feels like chrome with automotive black enamel paint inlayed to enhance the CNC milled lettering after polish.
  • Option 3) ALL BLACK lettering and all!
  • Option 4) ALL POLISHED lettering all!

VROD shifter rod

ConAir planes

by Editor on 08/30/19

While riding past the airport in Abbotsford I spotted these ConAir planes with foldable wings, pretty cool for a photo op!

ConaAir planes and harley davidson vrod motorcycle

Best Vrod exhaust and tuner

by Editor on 08/28/19

This "SuckerPunch" pipe from Fitzgerald Motorsports has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. The performance is outstanding and the sound is phenomenal, It's more than an exhaust system it's a work of art!
Then pair that with the VRFID Gen 4 EFI System with auto tune by Daytona Twin Tec and you have yourself the best combo for your Harley Davidson Vrod! (imo)

We liked tis combination so much we put it on both our  2003 Harley Davidson VRCSA VROD camera bikes.

VROD Exhaust pipe and tuner

Mission Bridge incident

by Editor on 08/23/19

While riding on the gravel & dirt road under the Mission Bridge I decided to stop for a pic when I saw the girders line up, I pulled over as far as I could incase a vehicle wanted by. While looking into the view finder of my camera I saw my front wheel take a hard turn to the left as my kickstand sunk into the gravel, luckily the bike didn't fall over but it was a very close call!!!!
I decided to take a video after this pic was taken, you can see how much the wheel has moved and how much lover the bike is leaning....

The worst part is that if it did fall it would have fallen down several meters down the embankment...

motorcycle under bridge

Carbon fiber Vrod update

by Editor on 08/19/19

Our 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary V-Rod transformation is coming along nicely, there's still more work to be done but we're very happy with the progress thus far.

Huge thank you to the sponsors of this build:
We are very proud to have your parts and services on this bike build.

Harley Davidson VRSCA CF Vrod

Mission Bridge photo shoot

by Editor on 08/08/19

We've ridden & driven over the Mission Bridge many times but this was the first time we went under it. Much to our surprise we found this park that was perfect for a photo shoot. 

Mission bridge with motorcycle

Kilby Lake

by Editor on 08/07/19

Kilby Lake is an amazing spot for a saddlebag lunch, it checks all the boxes, picnic table, view and even a little shade on a hot day!

Rukka motorcycle jacket pants gloves VRIDETVcom

BC Day long weekend

by Editor on 08/04/19

Happy BC Day long weekend everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends.
Picture taken near the USA Canada truck border crossing welcoming travellers to the best place on earth!

BC Day

Motorcycle rear camera mount

by Editor on 08/02/19

Here's the finished product after many hours of labour to get the rear camera mount on the carbon fiber Vrod completed. The shot is incredibly steady even during heavy acceleration and deceleration, and that was the goal! 

motorcycle rear video camera mount

Incredible old barn

by Editor on 07/31/19

While out exploring the backroads in Abbotsford I stumbled across this incredible old barn and had to stop for some pictures!

Old barn and motorcycle

Canada USA Bborder

by Editor on 07/26/19

This silver post on Boundary Road in Abbotsford British Columbia indicated the International border between Canada and the United States of America.  Check out the video we shot on Tik Tok, here's the link

Motorcycle at Canada USA border

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