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VROD chrome rear master cylinder cover. part number: 42204-04

by Editor on 05/22/22

Some bling for the VRSCSE CVO VROD
Looks much better with this genuine Harley-Davidson chrome rear master cylinder cover on.
part number: 42204-04

VROD chrome vrod rear brake master cylinder cover

My motorcycle accident anniversary

by Editor on 05/21/22

Every day is a gift...

I'm so very grateful to be alive...

Twenty four years ago today I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident when a tow truck turned left in front of me and changed my life forever.
I spent the next 2 1/2 months in the hospital while doctors worked on my legs at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster and then the Burns and Plastic ward at Vancouver General Hospital.
On Aug 6th I was released and sent home in a wheelchair to build up strength to prepare for the next round of surgeries. At my first doctors appointment my orthopedic surgeon gave me two options, the first being amputation of my left leg above the knee and get me fitted for a prosthetic leg, then rehab and be up and around in 4-6 months. The second many surgeries while they rebuild my legs meaning I would be non weight bearing and stuck in the wheelchair until the bone graphs were completed. The damage to my left leg was so severe that even after all the operations were completed a full recovery wasn't even a possibility. This was complicated further by contracting the MRSA Super bug while in the hospital, the infection is in the bone. Due to the amount of surgeries that needed to be preformed it would take approximately a year and a half to complete and because of the infection there were no guarantees the leg could be saved.

 I thanked him for everything he had done for me thus far and for giving me the choice, and said without a doubt option two. He asked me if I was sure because most people wouldn't want to have to go through what you're about to to try and save a leg. I told him that I'd rather try everything possible, have all the operations to rebuild my leg and if some where down the line that I did have to have it amputated because of infection then I would know it was the only option and there would be no wondering "What if." Option number one would have always had the "What if " factor and I wan't wanting to have that...

He smiled and said, "I thought so."

Motorcycle accident recovery

vrscse cvo vrod blue paint

by Editor on 05/20/22

It was a long shot but I reached out to and asked him if he had any blue touch up paint for my 2005 VRSCSE CVO V-ROD, sure enough he did!
Thank you Sir, you sure do have everything!!!!!

2 Pak of Genuine Harley-Davidson VRSCSE CVO VROD touch up paint. Dark candy blue and light candy blue. part number 94275

vrscse cvo vrod blue paint

VRSCSE CVO VROD radiator side covers

by Editor on 05/19/22

This 3 stage polish/wax system by Mothers did a good job with the shine but didn't help that much with any of the scratches. I'll have to get something especially for that, then re due these.

vrscse cvo vrod radiator side covers

VRSCSE CVO VROD radiator maintenance

by Editor on 05/18/22

Meanwhile back at the asylum...
I've done this to 4 of my Vrods and I gotta say this rad has the least amount of debris in it.
Yes I picked out the tiny little rocks out from the fins.
A lot of debris, (dirt, mud etc.) collects behind the over flow tube that runs down the center.

Why do I do this?
Lol, you already know the short answer...
Long answer is for better air flow and to prevent those tiny rocks from possibly causing a pin hole leak. I sprayed the connections for the voltage regulator & fans with electrical cleaner.
See you at the meeting & don’t forget to bring snacks...

vrscse cvo vrod radiator maintenance

2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD forward controls

by Editor on 05/17/22

Disassembled the forward controls for cleaning and inspection on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD. I cleaned everything with HD spray cleaner, some parts needed to be replaced but now it's back together and minty! 

vrscse cvo vrod forward controls

For Sale: VROD rear master cylinder chrome cover kit 42204-04

by Editor on 05/14/22

After seeing a USED rear master cylinder chrome cover kit part number 42204-04 sell for $585 USD on eBay I've decided to put one of mine up for sale that I've been saving. 

For Sale: VROD chrome rear master cylinder chrome cover kit 42204-04
Price $599 USD plus shipping & buyer is responsible for all PayPal fees. 
Comes with all mounting hardware and installation instructions. 
contact info is at the bottom of this page.

for sale: vrod chrome rear master cylinder cover 42204-04

Harley-Davidson VROD Saddlebags: color-matched molded: 91492-01BDJ

by Editor on 05/13/22

It was a good find a few months ago buying these (unicorn saddle bags) Harley-Davidson Saddlebags: colour matched molded: 91492-01BDJ. I've had them squirrelled away since then and decided to install them on the 2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD. That colour actually might work!
I was originally thinking on having them painted two tone blue with the matching graphics like the rear fender but that might just be too matchy matchy...

blue vrscse cvo vrod with hardshell saddlebags

VROD chrome billet muffler clamp kit part number 65271-03

by Editor on 05/12/22

Very happy to have found this brand new in the box unicorn parts for the VRSCSE CVO restoration. 
VROD chrome billet muffler clamp kit part number 65271-03.

vrod chrome billet muffler clamp kit 65271-03

VROD script hand lever insert part number 44514-02

by Editor on 05/11/22

Very happy to have found this 'brand new in the box' unicorn part for the VRSCSE CVO restoration. 
VROD script hand lever insert part number 44514-02

vrod script hand lever insert 44514-02

CVO VROD inner fender restored

by Editor on 05/10/22

Probably spent more time on detailing this tail section then I should have but completely dissembling it was definitely the way to go. Replaced the fender supports & licence plate supports with a set of pristine ones I had, throughly cleaned the under side of the frame and cleaned all electrical contacts and plugs with electrical cleaner. Now it's time to put the fender on and cover all this detailed work up. Wait what?

vrod detailed rear fender assembly

VROD licence plate detailed and reassembled

by Editor on 05/09/22

Now that it's all back together it was definitely worth dissembling this entire licence plate assembly, signal lights and licence plate lights. I feel that all these small details will contribute to the over all presentation of the bike when done. 

2005 VRSCSE CVO vrod licence plate assembly

Mother's Day

by Editor on 05/08/22

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world and especially to ours. 

Mother's Day flowers

VROD licence plate assembly dissembled for deep cleaning

by Editor on 05/07/22

There seems to be an OCD Betting Pool on just how deep my issues are...
For those of you involved and correctly saw this coming, contact your bookie...
Completely dissembled the licence plate assembly for a deep cleaning with a toothbrush and HD spray cleaner/polish. All the wiring and sockets were sprayed with electrical cleaner then throughly cleaned, chrome turn signals were cleaned and polished with Mothers and reassembled with blue loctite on the bolt, the smoked lens were also detailed inside and out. The support plates were replaced with a pair of mint ones I had in my parts bin. The light for the licence plate was throughly detailed as well... 

This is normal right?

vrod licence plate assembly disassembled

VROD coolant bottle caps

by Editor on 05/06/22

Finally someone has stepped up to the plate and made these!

Fredy Jaates in Estonia saw the need for an HD part that is prone to breaking and has made these replacement caps for the old style VROD coolant bottles. I needed one for my 2005 VRSCSE CVO VROD and ordered an extra one in case I need it in the future. Fredy's are much stronger than the OEM ones and fit perfectly!
It still blows my mind that I ordered these from him on Monday in Estonia and they arrived today (Friday) in a little town in the south Okanagan of British Columbia Canada. 
Thank you for outstanding customer service Fredy!

visit his website at

vrod coolant bottle caps by fredy

Highway 97 at Vaseux Lake

by Editor on 05/06/22

Stopped alongside Highway 97 at Vaseux Lake to take a few pictures, this one was my favourite. There's just something about the curvature of the meridian framing the water, bike and scenery...

Harley Davidson VROD at Highway 97 at Vaseux Lake

CVO VROD fender supports

by Editor on 05/05/22

Removed the inner fender allowed me to see the condition of the supports. Nothing out of the ordinary, just mucky but once I cleaned the area it revealed un unhealthy amount of rust. Luckily I have a mint set stashed away in my bin of parts, so off these come. 
This bike will be pristine when I'm done with it.

VROD rear fender supports

CVO VROD inner fender

by Editor on 05/03/22

Pulled the rear fender off on the CVO VROD and was happy to see there were no surprises waiting for me under there. Judging buy the amount of dust & grime this may have been the first time the fender has been off, that's a good thing in my books! One of the bolts was rusted in place pretty good but with a little penetrating and patience I got it out without snapping it. I'll run a tap through the six holes to clean the threads and then coat the bolts with anti seize so they will turn in by hand, then torque to spec. Then a full OCD clean of this area..

CVO VROD inner rear fender

Time to order a new throttle body gasket. part number 29439-01

by Editor on 05/02/22

While chasing down the coolant leak I removed the airbox leaving the air cleaner assembly on I could see the throttle body gasket sticking out. This pic shows that someone tried repairing it with some sort of red/orange sealer instead of buying a $6 gasket.... 
Time to order a new throttle body gasket. part number 29439-01
While I have the air filter assembly off it's a good time to clean and tighten the grounds and do a full OCD clean.

vrod throttle body gasket 29439-01

VROD belt rubbing on frame

by Editor on 05/01/22

Not sure who was responsible for checking the the belt tension but they failed...
It was very, very loose, so loose in fact it was rubbing on the frame and had well over an inch of play...
My guess is it's been like that since a new tire was put on & I'm not sure if that was a shop or one of the previous owners.
Glad I only rode this bike for an hour and half back in November on the day it arrived...

vrod belt rubbing on frame

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