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Hope Slide closed

by Editor on 10/24/18

Diane and I rode out to the Hope Slide for a photo shoot shoot but when we arrived the gates were locked and the closed sign was displayed prominently. It was only 4pm which makes me wonder if it is closed for the season?

Hope Slide closed

Don't Drive Distracted

by Editor on 10/22/18

The folks at "I Pinky Swear" asked us to share their press release on their up coming ride across Canada in 2019.


On September 1st 2015 Linda "Pinky" Brown was hit by distracted driver while riding her V-Rod. She was then airlifted to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto where she stayed for almost 2 months. Well in Sunnybrook Pinky started a page on Facebook called Don't Drive Distracted-I - I Pinky Swear. This Facebook page has attracted a lot of attention all over the world. It has become a national campaign to bring awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. On June 1st 2019 Pinky, with her friend Nicole, who also rides a V-Rod, and their media team will be heading out to every Harley-Davidson dealership in all of Canada to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. Social media is a wonderful way to connect with people but nothing beats face-to-face interactions. Please visit their website at or go to their Facebook page for event details.
You will be able to follow the team throughout the tour on a live interactive map in hopes that people join in to make a massive parade. Awareness is the key to saving lives and preventing people from feeling pain for the rest of their life.

The 2019 National Distracted Driving Awareness Tour starts in Ontario on June first. Join in!! Ride,drive!! Help make our roads safer!! Event details:

Photographer dedicated to her craft

by Editor on 10/19/18

We stopped alongside the Trans Canada Highway while filming in the Fraser Canyon to shoot some still shots. I was busy shooting the bike and when I turned around my "stress-o-meter" red lined when I noticed Diane had hopped over the meridian and laid down on the edge of a cliff, to in her words, "Get the shot..." 

She certainly is dedicated to her craft!

Photographer dedicated to her craft

Vrod Muscle mirrors

by Editor on 10/12/18

I sure like the way these 2014 Vrod Muscle mirrors look on our 2003 Vrod but I'm going to have to wait a little longer before the final install. Here's why, I just couldn't bring myself to cut into a perfectly good wiring harness and splice them in. I've decided to do it the right way (in my mind) and make up my own wiring harness using genuine Harley-Davidson connecting pins that I can insert into the circuit block, this will make two connection instead of six.
I put the stock mirrors and signal lights back on now and will get the necessary parts and go at it again on a rainy day : )


Motorcycle riding in Turkey

by Editor on 10/08/18

Happy Thanksgiving Canada, enjoy your time with family & friends.

motorcycle riding in Turkey


by Editor on 10/05/18

Happy Thanksgiving long weekend Canada, enjoy your time with family & friends and thanks for watching VRIDETV.


Vancouver Toy Run

by Editor on 10/04/18

Vancouver Toy Run Afterburner Party

Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM PDT

1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver, British Columbia V5M 3Y7

Join us after the 40th Annual Vancouver Toy Run for Trev Deeley's famous Afterburner Party. Extra Pins available for purchase in-store.

The soups on us! Come hang out and show your 2018 Toy Run pin for a bowl of gourmet homemade chili & in-store specials. Other BBQ items available as well from our great local BBQ partner Whiskey Six BBQ.

We're also collecting un-wrapped educational toy & cash donations for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau!

Direct link to this event on Facebook:

vancouver toy run party

Tilley Vancouver

by Editor on 10/03/18

Tilley Vancouver is a family run business for 30 years and a leader in travel apparel!
 We wanted to let our viewers know about their Thanksgiving sale!

"Thank you all for your support! 
We hope you can come to the store (or call us at 604-732-4287 for mail order) to take advantage of our sale.
Offer valid until Sunday October 7th on in stock items before shipping and taxes."

Tilley Vancouver on VRIDETV

His first motorcycle ride with us and this happens

by Editor on 09/29/18

You never know what going to happen on a motorcycle ride... Luckily our cameras were rolling and we captured a once in a lifetime event...
I've known Jon for years but this was the first time we've ever ridden together. I was actually testing out the new rear camera rig but decided to take the handlebar cam too, sure glad I did...

click image to watch video


Project Vrod silver edition update

by Editor on 09/28/18

We have been busy working on our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod 100th anniversary camera bike and have posted more images / info at


The SAF camera wedge mount

by Editor on 09/25/18

We are very happy with the way our rear camera mount came out, but after reviewing the footage of several rides the one thing that I wanted to do was angle the camera up a bit. What I didn't know was by how much, so keeping that in mind I built this adjustable S.A.F. wedge mount.

camera wedge

Rear camera test

by Editor on 09/19/18

Big shoutout out to the owner of the bike behind mine. Back story: After a couple of days making a wedge bracket to raise the rear camera higher, the sun came out long enough to test it. Met a fellow rider on the Langley backroads, told him what I was doing and asked if he'd ride behind me for the test footage.... He agreed Thank you Sir

(picture taken with iPhone 5S... I know, I need to update...)

motorcycle rear facing camera

UE tank for 02-06 Vrod

by Editor on 09/15/18

Robin from Unlimited Engineering announced today that he only has 20 Unlimited Engineering fuel tanks left, when they are gone they are gone for good. When it's down to 10, the sale & dealer discounts goes away too. Get them while you can.

I got mine, so get yours while you still can!

If you have a 2002-2006 Harley-Davidson Vrod this is your last chance to get your hands on a 5.3 gallon kit for your bike. Unlimited Engineering has made one last batch of these tanks and once they're gone, that's it because they will be discontinued!!!!

here's the direct link:

In my opinion this is one of the very best upgrades to do for the 02-06 Vrods and there is nothing better than riding past gas stations that I used to have to stop at... beep beep : )

ue 5 gallon tank for Vrods

Project Vrod update: Red Rod

by Editor on 09/13/18

We have been busy working on our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod 100th anniversary camera bike and have posted more images / info at


VROD Muscle Mirrors

by Editor on 09/08/18

I've liked the look of these genuine Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle mirrors from the very first time I saw them & have thought about getting a set for my bike. Well, a few weeks ago I made a post on one of the Vrod Facebook groups that I belong to and was contacted by a friend from Australia that is building a killer 2014 Vrod Muscle. He said he had taken off his stock mirrors and upgraded to a custom set that went better with his build and could send his old ones if I wanted them!

They arrived today and they're in pristine condition, thank you so very much Ant, I appreciate your help on my build.


McLaren 720S

by Editor on 09/06/18

The owner of this McLaren 720S was very accommodating when I asked if I could take a pic of her beautiful Supercar! She said yes, "would you like the doors up" How cool is that!
Thank you once again for your time, it was great talking with you!

McLaren 720s on VRIDETVcom

McLaren 720S SuperCar on VRIDETVcom

Long weekend gas prices

by Editor on 08/31/18

It amazes me how the price of gas goes up every long weekend... What an incredible coincidence!

gas prices

Moto Hooligan airbox system on our Harley Davidson VROD

by Editor on 08/28/18

After installing a Moto Hooligan airbox system on our silver V-Rod I was so impressed that I decided to get one for the red bike too!

I think it's time to start looking for a used airbox cover because I think it would look pretty cool to trace out the Moto Hooligan lid onto it and then cut it to make a "shaker style hood" Then I wouldn't be covering up this beautifully crafted piece of art!
I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, if so I haven't seen it yet...

Moto Hooligan airbox for VROD

Air Quality Experiment in Langley, British Columbia Canada

by Editor on 08/27/18

We posted this air quality experiment last week on our social media networks and decided to post it here now that the warnings have been reinstated.

 On Aug 16, 2018 a state of emergency was declared Province wide for British Columbia as 559 wild fires burn.

Air Quality Experiment: Aug 20, 2018
This morning at 10 am Diane cleaned the glass table outside & 8 hours later wiped it with a paper towel. That is a scary amount of particulate matter accumulated... is reporting that it's a 10+ on the air quality index, they also said that the particulates are so small that they can go through your lungs & enter your blood stream causing a number of potential Heath problems. So let this picture be a reminder to listen to the warnings & protect yourself the best you can...

  I will not risk Diane's or my health riding a motorcycle in these conditions... We desperately need several days of heavy rain to help the brave fire fighters get these fires under control.

Air quality experiment

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