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Carbon fiber Vrod update

by Editor on 08/19/19

Our 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary V-Rod transformation is coming along nicely, there's still more work to be done but we're very happy with the progress thus far.

Huge thank you to the sponsors of this build:
We are very proud to have your parts and services on this bike build.

Harley Davidson VRSCA CF Vrod

Mission Bridge photo shoot

by Editor on 08/08/19

We've ridden & driven over the Mission Bridge many times but this was the first time we went under it. Much to our surprise we found this park that was perfect for a photo shoot. 

Mission bridge with motorcycle

Kilby Lake

by Editor on 08/07/19

Kilby Lake is an amazing spot for a saddlebag lunch, it checks all the boxes, picnic table, view and even a little shade on a hot day!

Rukka motorcycle jacket pants gloves VRIDETVcom

BC Day long weekend

by Editor on 08/04/19

Happy BC Day long weekend everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends.
Picture taken near the USA Canada truck border crossing welcoming travellers to the best place on earth!

BC Day

Motorcycle rear camera mount

by Editor on 08/02/19

Here's the finished product after many hours of labour to get the rear camera mount on the carbon fiber Vrod completed. The shot is incredibly steady even during heavy acceleration and deceleration, and that was the goal! 

motorcycle rear video camera mount

Incredible old barn

by Editor on 07/31/19

While out exploring the backroads in Abbotsford I stumbled across this incredible old barn and had to stop for some pictures!

Old barn and motorcycle

Canada USA Bborder

by Editor on 07/26/19

This silver post on Boundary Road in Abbotsford British Columbia indicated the International border between Canada and the United States of America.  Check out the video we shot on Tik Tok, here's the link

Motorcycle at Canada USA border

Golden Ears Bridge

by Editor on 07/23/19

Underneath the on ramp to the Golden Ears Bridge made a great spot for a photo op. (You can see the Bridge arch & cables in the distance on the left.)

golden ears bridge

Happy Birthday

by Editor on 07/21/19

Happy Birthday to VRIDETV's co-founder Diane, you're AWESOME : )


100 videos in 100 days on Tik Tok

by Editor on 07/19/19

Since joining the social media platform Tik Tok, we've posted 100 videos in 100 days, watch them here

If you're on it follow us here.
If you're not on Tik Tok you can still watch our videos here

Tik Tok motorcycle touring and travel

Carbon fiber Vrod

by Editor on 07/16/19

This carbon fiber Vrod build has been both challenging and exciting, the most difficult part by far has been the camera mounts. The goal being to have them as "stealthy" as possible and still provide a steady shot... After many hours of fabricating, testing and tuning I'm very happy to say we've achieved our goal!

more info on this bike here

Carbon fiber Harley Davidson motorcycle VRIDETVcom

Old farm on the Langley backroads

by Editor on 07/03/19

I couldn't ride past this farm without stopping for a picture, it looked as if it should be in a movie or on the cover of a book or made into a 1,500 piece puzzle...
The backroads in Langley British Columbia Canada are full of  beautiful places like this...

Harley Davidson motorcycle with a country farm

Canada Day

by Editor on 07/01/19

I am, have been & always will be, proud to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends celebrating the greatest country in the world!

Canadian motorcycle rider and videographer

Front motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 06/27/19

Our front camera mount setup has been tested & intentionally pushed to try and make it fail.... It has passed with flying colours and the footage is steady.

camera mount for motorcycle

Summer motorcycle ride

by Editor on 06/21/19

Today at 8:54am PST Summer official arrives, enjoy every minute of it and ride safe!

... and as always, thanks for watching VRIDETV

summer motorcycle ride VRIDETVcom

Father's Day

by Editor on 06/16/19

Our message to the Fathers all around the world...

fathers day motorcycle ride

Vrod headlight cowl parts

by Editor on 06/15/19

I have received a number of messages/emails on what was needed to install this cowl for a 2006 Night Rod onto a 02-06 VRSC
You can use the stock Harley-Davidson mount p/n: 69271-06 but I felt that it made the fairing sit to low on my bike showing too much of the clamshell.

The DX-TL-7  headlight bracket that allowed me to use a 7 inch headlight instead of the 5 3/4 is made by Wayne Motorsports

The 7 inch LED headlight recommended by Wayne Motorsports is the Truck-Lite 27270C but I decided to try the Phase 7 knock off that saved me approximately $200 cdn. But, in order to make that light fit I had to remove some of the middle bracing with a dremal. I wasn't worried about structural integrity because Tim's bracket is very well made.

A stock headlight seal from Harley-Davidson was need between the headlight and cowl. part number: 68134-97

A H4 to H9 H11 headlight adapter was also need, the only one I could find was for a 2014 RoadGlide but I had to remove the H9 H11 sockets because they had different alignment docks inside the sockets than my 03.

vrod headlight cowl parts

VROD headlight mounting bracket

by Editor on 06/14/19

Before and After:
In order for the headlight cowl assembly to sit where I wanted it to on my 03 Vrod, I had to put the stock Harley-Davidson mount aside and make my own mount. I started with two pieces of 2x2x1/4 inch aluminum angle, then went at it with a hacksaw, drill/bits, files, sandpaper then hand polished. (and a couple of band-aids)

Vrod headlight mount

SCHUBERTH C4 modular helmet

by Editor on 06/10/19

I've been racking up the miles with this SCHUBERTH C4 modular helmet equipped with the SC1 communication system and absolutely love it!

We had the C3 Pro for two years and it was truly the best helmet we've ever worn, so when the C4 came out we were blown away with changes the engineers made making a great helmet even better!!!

motorcycle rider at hells gate tunnel

Flashback Friday on our Vrod

by Editor on 06/07/19

Our 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary Vrod has gone through quite the transformation over the years...

On this Flashback Friday, we invite you to visit out Project Vrod page to see all the steps that it took to get to this point..

harley davidson Vrod

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