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May is Motorcycle Awareness month

by Editor on 05/01/20

"Motorcycle Awareness saves Accidents and Lives"

May is motorcycle awareness month, please help spread the word...... 

This is my xray after a near fatal motorcycle accident with a tow truck, if you would like to read more on what happened click here

motorcycle awareness xray

Motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 04/29/20

One of the goals on building a camera rig for the carbon fiber Vrod was to design one that was ecstatically pleasing and most importantly rock steady. 

Motorcycle camera mount STEADY

Black Vrod chin spoiler

by Editor on 04/24/20

Think I'm going to leave the painting of motorcycles to the professionals... After sanding off all the original orange paint on this SE chin spoiler I painted it with Krylon Fusion gloss black spray paint and the final results are 2020. Looks good at 20 feet going 20 kilometers per hour. LOL

I'm going to use it as is for this season and have it professionally done when I get the saddlebags painted on the CF bike.

Vrod chin spoiler painted black

Rear facing motorcycle camera

by Editor on 04/18/20

Here's a closer look at our rear facing camera rig on the carbon fiber bike.

camera rig for motorcycle

Easter Lilies

by Editor on 04/12/20

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends virtually with video chat. 

Happy Easter lilies

Custom VROD fork stem cap

by Editor on 04/03/20

I decided to take off an emblem from an extra secondary clutch actuator cover I had in my parts bin and mounted it to the fork stem cap on the carbon fiber bike. It's a small detail but it's all those little things that make the over all presentation in my opinion. The devil is in the details... 

custom vrod fork stem cap


by Editor on 04/01/20

Upside down motorcycle

Carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

by Editor on 03/27/20

I was very happy with the arrival of this carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover made by MDI Carbon Fiber. This will be a very nice addition the the rest of the carbon fiber parts on our 2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCcf V-Rod. 
One thing I wanted to do to it was find something to fill the hole for the ignition cylinder since mine had been relocated after the 5.3 Unlimited Engineering fuel tank was installed. I tried a lot of different things to fill that hole and wanted to find something that looked as how it would have come from the factory, then I finally found the perfect piece, a 100th anniversary handgrip end cap. Next thing to do was try and figure out a way for it to fit in there the way I wanted it to. Several different methods came to mind, then a few attempts with results making me thinking there must be a better way, then it hit me... I cut off approximately 3/4 of an inch off the soft rubber sleeve from the hard plastic tube of the grip, popped on the end cap and slid that into the hole allowing me to make the adjustments for precise fitment. 

carbon fiber vrod fuel cell side cover

Vrod chin spoiler fitment

by Editor on 03/23/20

I had a few questions in social media about the chin spoiler fitment on our 2003 Vrods. Normally it's not an issue but when you also have a chrome voltage regulator you run into a small problem. It will fit but you really have to push to get the sides of the rad shroud onto the raise bolt holes. It was way to tight in my opinion and decided to trim it as shown in this picture to have it fit properly. I ended up cutting up a plastic lid and made a feeler gauge to have the same clearance on both sides. 

Now that the black one is done it's time to trim down the orange chin spoiler, then sand off all that orange paint to have it painted.

SC chin spoiler for VROD

Spring riding season

by Editor on 03/20/20

So nice to see the arrival of Spring, have a great riding season everyone and ride safe! 

Spring motorcycle riding season

CoronaVirus Covid19 self isolation pastime. Virtual tourism.

by Editor on 03/17/20

A lot of crazy stuff going on in the world right now with the Coronas Virus / Covid-19 being declared a pandemic. If you have been quarantined and are looking for a way to help pass the time check out our extended length videos, they're as real as it gets without getting bugs in your teeth!

virtual tourism 
tags; sightseeing motorcycling adventure travel Canada touring tourist 

Harley Davidson 100 anniversary emblems

by Editor on 03/09/20

These came off pretty easy, just needed, patience, a hairdryer and some dental floss in order to remove these 100th Anniversary emblems from the airbox on our parts bike. 

harley davidson 100 anniversary emblems

VROD chin spoiler fitment

by Editor on 03/06/20

According to the Harley-Davidson parts catalogue this chin spoiler will not fit with this regulator... However with a little trimming and patience it most certainly does. 
Genuine Harley-Davidson colour-matched radiator cover and spoiler part number: 57621-06DH vivid black.
Genuine Harley-Davidson chrome voltage regulator cover part number: 74497-03 


VROD parts

by Editor on 03/01/20

Gotta love the V-Rod community.
There are some pretty great people in the V-Rod world and a lot of them are in Facebook groups. I've bought, sold and shipped parts from around the world but this is the first time I had someone bring them to me during a vacation. Stomper & his wonderful wife from Ontario came out to BC a few days ago and packed all of these parts into their suitcase!
Prior to this, we messaged each other few time on Facebook and he said they had a couple of hours to kill once they landed until their ride was able to pick them up. I offered to pick them up at the airport and bring them back to our house to visit and talk V-Rod stuff. 
Here's the funny part of the story, I had no idea what he looked like because his profile pic is a V-rod engine and he had no idea what I looked like cause I've got my helmet on in my pic. Both our wives asked if you've never met & don't know what each other looks like, how will this work at the airport? 

I had already told him what I drove & would be parked out front, he told me the colour of the suitcase and that was all we needed. I will say that I was surprised that he did actually look like his profile pic ; )


VROD colour-matched radiator cover and spoiler part number: 57621-06DH

by Editor on 02/28/20

Super stoked to have these arrive!
Genuine Harley-Davidson colour-matched radiator cover and spoiler part number: 57621-06DH vivid black.
Genuine Harley-Davidson chrome voltage regulator cover part number: 74497-03

These are V-ROD unicorn parts!

SE chin spoiler radiator cover VROD

Leg Brace

by Editor on 02/26/20

Going through some old stuff and I came across one of my leg braces from years ago...
After a motorcycle accident with a tow truck, I was confined to a wheelchair for a couple of years while the doctors performed surgery after surgery to rebuild my legs. My left leg had the most damage, three compound fractures that left a tennis ball size hole in my femur and a golfball size hole in my tibia. Bone graphs were needed to fill the holes using bone that was harvested from my iliac crests but there still wasn't enough, so additional materials called osteoset beads were mixed in to fill the defects. Once the doctors were confident in the strength of the bond I was fitted with this brace at G.F. Strong Rehabilitation Centre to begin the long road to walk again. 
If you're interested you can learn more about the accident click here 


VROD shifter linkage

by Editor on 02/22/20

The Vrod shifter rod I ordered from Fitzgerald Motorsports arrived for the carbon fiber bike! 


VROD cam tensioner covers

by Editor on 02/14/20

When it comes to customizing a motorcycle I'm a firm believer that, "the Devil's in the details" it's the little things that make the over all presentation pop.  Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports has come through once again with this beautiful cam tensioner cover! 

Visit the Fitzgerald Motorsport's website for this cam tensioner and exhaust systems, motor building, case machining, 26 tooth pulley, 32 tooth pulleys, Vrod shifter rods, B2 handlebars, straight cut second gear, drag handlebars, engine brace, aluminum oil pan, heads, 58mm throttle body, and he is also a distributor for the DAYTONA TWIN TEC VRFID.

VROD cam tensioner cover

Motorcycle riding videos

by Editor on 02/08/20

Extended length videos

Escape Parked Motorcycle Syndrome with VRIDETV....
We know there's a lot of people out there that have had to park their bikes until Spring...

We asked the question: Would you like us to post some motorcycle riding videos 30 to 60 minutes long, with no editing, no music, just the sounds of the wind in your face and the motorcycle's engine and exhaust?
The response was overwhelmingly YES : )

BEST Motorcycle riding videos are at VRIDETVcom

3 camera mount set up on motorcycle

by Editor on 02/04/20

Our carbon fiber Harley Davidson V-Rod camera bike is ready! After many, many, hours of design, fabrication and finishing the three camera mount set up is complete. Since starting VRIDETV in 2006 I've built countless camera rigs for our motorcycles and these were the most challenging. On this bike the goal was to have a rock solid steady shot of course but also have it compact and aesthetically pleasing. 

BEST motorcycle camera mounts

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