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Pond with white ring around it

by Editor on 08/20/21

I pulled this image from our selfie cam video footage to show that pond with the white ring around it. Not a hundred percent on why it's like that but I'm guessing it's minerals in the water, and when it dried along the edges left the white residue.
What do you think it is?

Okanagan motorcycle rider

Exploring Okanagan backroads

by Editor on 08/19/21

May all your rides be safe & scenic, filled with blue skies & winding roads...

We had another break in the wildfire smoke, so we jumped on the bike and went exploring some backroads. Pulled this still from the video footage of our monopod cam, love the way the road looks like a grey ribbon disappearing behind us...

bikers on winding road

Custom 2003 VROD Rear Wheel

by Editor on 08/18/21

A lot of time and elbow grease has gone into this wheel! 
The folks at Ruthless Designs took my Harley-Davidson OEM solid wheel and machined their 920 design, then sanded and polished it. OMG they do nice work.
Once I got it back, the folks at TDMC Customs at Trev Deeley Motorcycles installed and balanced the Avon Cobra Tyre. 

Then it was time for me to get to work on sanding and polishing the Disc, bolts, compensator bowl and pulley. 

Here's the final results.

CUSTOM 2003 vrod rear wheel

Liberty Sport X8-300 glasses

by Editor on 08/17/21

The pros and cons of the Liberty Sport X-300 Glasses:
  • My sanding and polishing addiction has only gotten worse since I've gotten these. Now I see every little imperfection on the part I'm working on... So it's their fault... LOL
  • Three lens coatings are available Anti-Glare, Anti-Scratch and Anti-Fog
  • Three colour options: Shiny black/Grey or Translucent Dark Grey/Blue or Translucent Whiskey/Grey
  • Prescription Type: Signal vision or Progressive or Non-Prescription
  • Lens colour options: Clear, Light responsive, Blue light filter, Blue light filter and light responsive, Polarized and light responsive.
  • Engineered to be Virtually Indestructible, X8 Men's Ophthalmic frames are designed using our Nylo-FlexTM material, built specifically for ruggedness and flexibility. Tough enough to be bent and dropped, X8 frames are stylish and "Take Action" when going from the classroom or office to the gym or the great outdoors, while providing non-stop vision performance.
Here's the direct link to these glasses on Liberty Sport's website:

Liberty sport x8 300 glasses

Polished VROD rotor bolts

by Editor on 08/17/21

After spending the time sanding and polishing the rear brake rotor, the bolts definitely needed to be done too. Same process as the fronts: I wrapped the threads in electrician's's tape to protect them, then inserted into a drill chuck. Sanded with 220, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 then polished with Autosol. 

polished vrod rotor bolts

VROD disc sanding and polishing

by Editor on 08/15/21

Put the new sander to work on this rear disc.
Sanded the inside with 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 then polished with AutoSol.  I left the outer part of the disc where the brake pads touch, seemed like a lot of extra work that would be scratched up on the first ride. WAIT: Before you say it, yes I know I have a problem, no an intervention wouldn't help... My affliction is terminal but I have embraced it...

Hmmm, now I need to do the fronts...

VROD brake disc sanding and polishing

VROD with a lake view

by Editor on 08/14/21

Missed this dirt road the first few times I rode past but this time I spotted it out of the corner of my eye. I was able to get right up to the lakes edge, thought it made a great spot for a photo shot.

VROD lake view

VROD with flames

by Editor on 08/13/21

Happy Friday the 13th everyone, have a great day, ride safe & thanks for watching VRIDETV.

We took this picture using a Harley-Davidson Vrod model from the Franklin Mint, placed it on a glass pedestal cake plate, then set it in front of a fireplace... a little behind the scenes.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone, have a great day, ride safe & thanks for watching VRIDETV

2003 Harley Davidson VROD instrument cluster part 67393-01D

by Editor on 08/12/21

For sale: Genuine 2003 Harley Davidson 100th Anniversary VROD instrument cluster in kilometers not MPH part number 67393-01D. Good working condition except the black reset button is not functioning. It is replicable with part number 67584-98. The silver ring that holds the two pieces together was pinched when the clamshell bent, this does not affect anything just wanted to mentioned it. There is 29, 917kms on the odometer. Price: $220 USD plus shipping & buyer is responsible for all PayPal fees.  
contact info is at the bottom of this page.

more 2003 Vrod parts available here:

for sale 2003 vrod insturment cluster. gauges

Break in the wildfire smoke

by Editor on 08/11/21

There was another break in the wildfire smoke for a second day in a row, grateful to be able to ride some more! 

Have a great day everyone, ride safe and thanks for watching VRIDETV


Window of Opportunity

by Editor on 08/10/21

It was great to be able to get out for a ride!
The smoke from the wildfires has been quite bad in the Okanagan but there was finally a window of opportunity today.

Harley Davidson Vrod and the open road

Liberty Sport Sunglasses

by Editor on 08/09/21

There's not to many times you'll see us without our helmets on, but when you do we're still protecting our eyes. Liberty Sport glasses have been protecting our eyes for over 10 years and we both enjoy the comfort and high tech benefits that they provide. Available with a number of lens options with or without and RX, magnetic eye cups, soft bridge padding, high impact nylon frame, protective case and an adjustable strap are just some of the reasons we recommend them.

Take care of your eyes with Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport heritage of excellence

26th Wedding Anniversary

by Editor on 08/06/21

Have a great day, ride safe & thanks for watching VRIDETV everyone! 
We're going to take the day off, unplug from the internet and celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary. 

bikers 26th anniversary

Highway 3A from Kermeos to Kaleden British Columbia Canada

by Editor on 08/05/21

NEW Extended length video: Motorcycle riding on Highway 3A from Kermeos to Kaleden British Columbia Canada. This is an extended length video showcasing the entire ride, so que up some of your favourite music, push play and go for a virtual ride VRIDETV's extended length video series put you in the riders seat, it's as real as it get without having to wear a helmet or getting bugs in your teeth ; ) This video was shot with a SONY Professional video camera mounted to the handlebars of a Harley Davidson VROD.


by Editor on 08/04/21

Stoked with the final product!

I ordered this shirt on July 27th & got it on the morning of Aug 3 which I think is remarkable considering it was a long weekend. Very happy with the company's work that made it, glad I chosen them.
The material is comfortable, fit is as described on the size chart and the logo printing itself is a very good quality. Super happy with the results and confident in selling them to fellow VROD enthusiasts. 

If you're interested in ordering here's the link:


Vrod rotor bolts

by Editor on 08/03/21

With all the wildfires currently burning in British Columbia right now, riding is unfortunately out of the question for me. Working on the bike helps pass the time until I can get back out there.
The Devils in the details...

Before and after shot of the rotor bolts. 
I wrapped the threads in electrician's's tape to protect them, then inserted into a drill chuck. Sanded with 220, 400, 600, 800 then polished with Autosol. 

VROD rotor bolts polished

British Columbia The Best Place on Earth

by Editor on 08/02/21

Happy BC Day everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends. 

British Columbia sign

VRSC Merchandise ad

by Editor on 07/30/21

Here's the self-contained advertisement we made to market our VRSC store throughout social media and the inter webs. 


by Editor on 07/29/21

I've seen most of the Vrod shirts available online, for the most part there's nothing new and many are knock offs...
We have designed a VRSC V-TWIN RACING STREET CUSTOM logo and have created an online store for our fellow VROD enthusiasts to shop at. 
The company we chose is based in the United States, they will print items one at a time, package it and ship it. This saves us having to buy a bunch of different sizes and styles of shirts, store them, package them and ship them...
 As a result of this service we're unable to get a bulk discount on the products so the prices are a little more, but still reasonable. 

VRSC shirts printed on front only start at $19.95 USD

Here's the direct link to our online store:

Here are the designs

VRSC shirts available at

VTWIN RACING STREET CUSTOM shirts available at

Motorcycle cameraman cleaning lens

by Editor on 07/26/21

I've been cleaning bug guts off of our handlebar cam since 2006, I wonder how many ounces or pounds that would add up too?

Bug guts are my nemesis...

motorcycle cameraman cleaning lens.jpg 

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