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BC Day

by Editor on 08/03/20

Happy BC Day everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends.

British columbia canada

Coldwater Road

by Editor on 07/31/20

Next time you're ridding from Merritt to Hope I highly recommend taking Coldwater Road out of Merritt. The pic below shows Coldwater River and also the entrance back to the Coquihalla Highway. I've posted an extended length video of Coldwater Road here.

harley davidson canada

VROD Wheels

by Editor on 07/29/20

Seems only fitting that this happened on Wheel Wednesday!

We wanted to put the final touches on our 2003 Harley-Davidson Vrod carbon fiber build so we're boxing up the stock solid wheels and sending them to Ruthless Designz to have design #930 cut into them. 

Here's the link to see the wheels they did on our silver bike

vrod wheels ruthless designz

Map of motorcycle ride to Nicola Lake

by Editor on 07/27/20

It was a great ride to Nicola Lake (just outside of Merritt) yesterday, the weather was amazing and the breeze off the lake was greatly appreciated! 
Below is a map of the ride using an "Explorer" a 2 way satellite communicator with GPS from Roadpost

You can access detailed information here:

Canada USA border

by Editor on 07/24/20

Boundary Road straddles the Canadian and the United States border between British Columbia and Washington State. It's a scenic but short road in Abbotsford near the Sumas border crossing.

canada usa border

A special day

by Editor on 07/21/20

A big Birthday shout out to VRIDETV's very own Diane! 

You're a truly wonderful women!

Diane bd 2020

Love and Hate relationship

by Editor on 07/17/20

Love & hate relationship... Sometimes a picture doesn't tell the whole story....
While riding yesterday I went past the Glen Valley Regional Park and noticed that there wasn't anyone there, amazed, I turned around and went in. It was perfect opportunity for a photo op, or so I thought... 

Parked the bike as close to the bank as I safely could and with in seconds a swarm of relentless blood sucking mosquitos were in full attack mode. I was able to grab a couple of pics and a 15 second video clip for our Tic Tok account before I had to get out of there. 

Seems like I've always had a love hate relationship with mosquitos,  they love me and I hate them... 

I was the all you can eat buffet at the "Mosquito River Restaurant"

I got bit up pretty good so hopefully, you like the pic and enjoyed the back story.

Harley Davidson at the Fraser River 

2003 VROD ECU TSM and key fobs

by Editor on 07/16/20

For sale: Genuine Harley-Davidson ECU, TSM and two key fobs from a 2003 100th Anniversary VRSCA V-ROD.

Electronic control unit part number: 32534-03
Turn signal module part number: 68922-00B
Two paired Key Fobs part number: 68926-00

Package price $490 USD + shipping and Pal Pal fees.

2003 vrod ecm tcm with key fobs

July 4th

by Editor on 07/04/20

Happy fourth of July to all our American viewers, friends, sponsors and thank you everyone for watching VRIDETV.

JULY 4 Harley Davidson VROD

Vrod triple trees

by Editor on 07/03/20

The polishing continues!
One good thing about all this rain we've been having is the amount of polishing I've gotten done. These triple trees came out pretty good but now I'm looking at that seam from the mold and think I might have to sand that off and polish it to give a cleaner look. 


Canada Day

by Editor on 07/01/20

I am, have been and always will be, proud to be Canadian!
Happy Canada Day everyone, enjoy your time with family and friends.

Explore Canada

Genuine Harley-Davidson VROD Hard Shell Saddlebags 91492-01BDJ

by Editor on 06/29/20

FOR SALE: Genuine Harley-Davidson VROD Hard Shell Saddlebags: colour matched molded: 91492-01BDJ
Comes with all the mounting hardware.
These bags & lids have scratches but can be used as is, or ideally be painted to match your bike. As I'm sure you already know, these bags are extremely hard to find earning the name "Unicorn Bags".

Price is $700USD + shipping & all PayPal fees.

I've posted a video on our TikTok @VRIDETV showing them in detail here:




British Columbia enters phase 3 of the Covid19 protocol

by Editor on 06/25/20

At long last Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that phase 3 of the Covid-19 protocol is a go, allowing non essential travel within our Province of British Columbia.

Our camera bike is ready to get back to work!

Professional camera motorcycle

Motorcycle camera bike with 4 SONY professional video cameras

Father's Day

by Editor on 06/21/20

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads of the world, enjoy your day & thank you for all that you do!

(photo credit Diane: Rogers Pass, British Columbia, Canada.)

rogers pass

2020 Midwest Thunder Vrod Rally

by Editor on 06/20/20

Just incase you haven't heard the 2020 Midwest Thunder Vrod Rally is a GO!
This event is hosted by Scott Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Motorsports!

Unfortunately the Canada - United States border is still closed due to the Corona Virus so there will be no Canadians going... We look forward to seeing all the pictures and videos on social media, and also urge everyone attending to practice Covid-19 protocol. 

Here's his invitation:
"Calling all vrod owners the 15th annual mid west thunder vrod rally will be this coming June 25-27 2020 in beautiful Greenville Ohio at Fitzgerald Motorsports we will have details coming out along w hotel info. So pencil in your calendar and turn in those vacation forms at work because this MWT 15 will be EPIC!"

Midwest Thunder Vrod rally

What am I riding into?

by Editor on 06/19/20

Had to stop for a pic when I saw these clouds, wasn't sure what was waiting for me... Hail?

Harley Davidson Vrod on road

How to polish VROD Sliders

by Editor on 06/15/20

I just finished sanding and polishing the sliders for our 2003 Carbon fiber VROD, it's a lot of work but well worth it. This is the second set I've done and found that sanding from 220 to 2000 grit produces the best results. These lower legs have waves in them like a ripple chip from the moulding process and starting with 220 takes off the clear coat and flattens out the ripples.
It's a great project for those rainy days!


2003 VROD ECM Part number: 32534-03

by Editor on 06/12/20

2003 Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-ROD ECM taken out of bike with only 29,000 kilometres.

Price: $225 + shipping

*Already flashed for Screamin' Eagle 16 gauge double barrel muffler kit: 64798-02

Electronic Control Module Part number: 32534-03

These retail for $306.99 USD + tax



by Editor on 06/05/20

The folks at Fitzgerald Motorsports have done it again!

Harley Davidson VRSC / VRod high performance camshafts, dubbed HELLRAISER that we have be patiently waiting for years to manufacture just arrived and we are over the moon with attention to detail and quality. 
Our initial order of (50) are almost sold out and we will begin shipping today via USPS Priority Mail.
Thanks again to our amazing customers worldwide who helped make this happen with pre ordering and then patiently waiting you will not be disappointed.

image courtesy of Fitzgerald Motorsports


Fraser Bridge in Hope British Columbia

by Editor on 05/31/20

We have ridden over the Fraser Bridge in Hope British Columbia many times but today we decided to get a different perspective!

under the fraser bridge in hope BC

Fraser Bridge Sign

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