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Corbin saddlebags for VROD

by Editor on 09/17/22

Omg I'm liking the way these Saddlebags are looking. If they don't sell soon I might end up keeping them and maaaaaybeeee build a "Sport Bagger VROD"  or "VROD Sport Bagger"
Once the bike is on the ground and the shocks compress they will have enough space to clear the exhaust safety without any heat damage. Still need to figure out exactly how far forward the mounting bolts need to be moved to centre the well around the shock. Appears to be 1 1/4 inches After that's done I'll be able see where the 3rd bolt (for the bottom corner of each bag) needs to be relocated to. (most likely 1 1/4 inches forward also, but it's on an angle, so one step at a time)
The crazy thing is I was selling these bags as is and who ever buys them do all of this  (The smokey skies have prevented me from riding the last couple of days so I had some time for this)

If I do all the work figuring out the mounts and finish them, I'm going to be raising the price on these.... 

corbin saddlebags for vrod

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