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Ruthless Designz 920V VROD Wheels

by Editor on 03/28/21

Here they are fresh out of the wrapper!

OMG, I am so happy with the way these wheels came back, they were in pretty rough shape when I sent them to Ruthless Designz. They were pitted and badly oxidized from years of neglect by the previous owner...

Bill Gorby and his team at Ruthless Designz did an absolutely amazing job on the machining, sanding and polishing of what used to be stock OEM solid Vrod wheels.

I absolutely love the Ruthless Designz #920 option but I asked if they could do a slight modification to them by taking off the three sharp points, my thoughts on that was: first, save on band aids from the amount of times I'll clean them lol. Secondly it kinda gives a nod & pays homage to the look of the VROD Destroyer racing wheels but with a Ruthless Designz styling and street ability. (I'm not sure if Ruthless Designz will add this to their lineup of options but if they do, hopefully they'll call it the #920V design)

These will be going on our Carbon fiber camera bike soon!

ruthless designz 920V VROD Wheels


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