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VROD chrome front brake caliper mounting kit by COLONY

by Editor on 08/25/23

After removing all the grungy old OEM nuts, bolts and washers and replacing them with Colony chrome hardware on my 2005 VRSCSE CVO Vrod and seeing the difference it made in the over all presentation of the bike, I couldn't look at my 2003 without thinking I gotta do the same to this one.
Therefore, Chrome Friday is BACK, every Friday I'll make a post on a Colony Chrome upgrade for my bike.

BEST $15.07 ever spent on my V-ROD.
Got this Colony Show Polished Chrome Front Brake Caliper Bolts to replace the grungy old OEM bolts. (1 package does only 1 caliper. I bought 2 packages to do both calipers. $30.14)
Devils in the details!

Click here for the direct link to these on Colony's eBay store. 

http://www.vridetv.com/VROD chrome front brake caliper mounting kit COLONY

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