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by Editor on 03/01/20

Gotta love the V-Rod community.
There are some pretty great people in the V-Rod world and a lot of them are in Facebook groups. I've bought, sold and shipped parts from around the world but this is the first time I had someone bring them to me during a vacation. Stomper & his wonderful wife from Ontario came out to BC a few days ago and packed all of these parts into their suitcase!
Prior to this, we messaged each other few time on Facebook and he said they had a couple of hours to kill once they landed until their ride was able to pick them up. I offered to pick them up at the airport and bring them back to our house to visit and talk V-Rod stuff. 
Here's the funny part of the story, I had no idea what he looked like because his profile pic is a V-rod engine and he had no idea what I looked like cause I've got my helmet on in my pic. Both our wives asked if you've never met & don't know what each other looks like, how will this work at the airport? 

I had already told him what I drove & would be parked out front, he told me the colour of the suitcase and that was all we needed. I will say that I was surprised that he did actually look like his profile pic ; )


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