Rocky mountain motorcycle ride
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Handlebar cam: Sony HXR-MC1 professional High Definition video cameraSelfie cam: Sony HXR-MC1 professional High Definition video camera with a super fisheye lensHelmet cam: Sony HXR-MC1 professional High Definition video camera with a wide angle lens mounted on a SCHUBERTH C3PRO helmetSide cam: Sony HXR-MC1 with a super fisheye lens mounted on a carbon fiber monopodTripod cam: Sony CX-700V High Definition video camera mounted on a carbon fiber tripodMoraine Lake in Banff Natioanl Park, Alberta Canada.Our Harley-Davidson Vrod camera bike at Annette Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.Medicine Lake with a blanket of fresh snow in Jasper National Park, Alberta Canada.Diane and Jeff at the YoHo Trading Post in Field British Columbia, Canada.Sunshine on chrome in the Rocky Mountains...Bow river in Banff National Park, Alberta Canada.Castle Mountain shot from the Bow Valley ParkwayGetting ready to set up the camera gear before the next wave of tourists arrive.Going through a tunnel in the on the Trans Canada Highway in the Rockies.Point of interest pull out alongside Highway 1 just before Banff.Saskatchewan River Crossing is the only place to get gas on the Icefields Parkway between Jasper & Lake Louise.Diane captured this shot of the Icefields Parkway while we're riding!Our monopod cam setup captures us both while we're riding with a super fish eye lens.Another shot taken by Diane as we're riding on the Icefields Parkway in Alberta Canada.Stunning back drop of the mountains behind the hotel at the Saskatchewan River Crossing.This was awesome... A bus full of #tourists from #Norway arrived at #BowLake and began crowding around our #motorcycle when this lady jumped on while her husband took a picture! Best part is, I fired up the bike while she was on it & BRAAP... She screamed and the crowd loved it!!!! .
Good times ; )Diane the photo ninja captures me without my helmet on while we wait for the traffic to flow again during road construction.Tourists love to take pictures with our camera bike and we are happy to oblidge.Enjoying some shade at Saskatchewan River Crossing on a hot day...Almost everytime we stop at a point of interest a tourist wants to take a picture with the bike and we're happy to oblige.Diane and Jeff alongside Medicing Lake in Jasper National Park. Liberty Sport glasses protecting our eyes from the glare coming off the snow. Tilley Airflow hat never looked better than on Di : )Diane and Jeff alongside Medicing Lake in Jasper National Park. a fellow tourist was kind enough to take this picture for us.I'm eating... Don't take my picture... Lol
We stopped at the Kicking Horse Pass rest stop for a saddlebag lunch (last night's pizza)Diane captured this shot as we were approaching Bow Lake on the Icefields Parkway in Banff National Park.The folks at the Mount Robson Inn make you feel at home while travelling! Oh ya, and don't for get their Contentenal breakfast!!!Another awesome shot by diane as we are riding the World famous Icefields ParkwayWho has two thumbs and loves the Rockies?


.Rounding the last corner as we rode alongside Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.
 I pulled this still image from the video footage captured by our monopod cam.Great shoy captured by Diane as we approached the Banff overpass on the Trans Canada Highway.Diane shot this pic as we approached the Revelstoke Bridge "Big Eddy"Tourists from the UK wanting a picture with our Harley-Davidson Vrod camera bike : )Runaway lane in the Rocky Mountains
We used five different video camera angles to capture as much as we could of the Canadian Rockies.
Tourists from Norway at bow lake