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Vrod nose fairing fitment

by Editor on 04/03/19

The rest of the brackets came in allowing me to do a test fit of the MDI Carbon Fiber Vrod nose fairing / cowl. It fits but I would like to have it fit tighter to the clamshell and also be a little higher than the chrome bezel of the clam shell.
I'm using a stock Harley-Davidson headlight assembly bracket part number 69271-06 and a DX-TL-7 bracket made by Wayne Motorsports that is adjustable and will allow me to use a 7 inch round light instead of the 5 3/4.

Now the reason it fits like this has nothing to do with the cowl or the brackets,  It's because I'm trying to put 2006 parts on a 2003. My bike has a different clamshell and higher handlebars, but the whole thing about customizing motorcycles is doing just that, customizing.

After spending more time than i'd like to admit I think I've come up with a solution, I will not be using the stock Harley bracket and instead, I'll be making my own bracket and use the DX-TL-7 bracket made by Wayne Motorsports only. Once I've got a working prototype i'll post a pick of the mount.

Vrod cowl fitment

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