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Canada Day

by Editor on 07/01/19

I am, have been & always will be, proud to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day everyone, enjoy your time with family & friends celebrating the greatest country in the world!

Canadian motorcycle rider and videographer

Front motorcycle camera mount

by Editor on 06/27/19

Our front camera mount setup has been tested & intentionally pushed to try and make it fail.... It has passed with flying colours and the footage is steady.

camera mount for motorcycle

Summer motorcycle ride

by Editor on 06/21/19

Today at 8:54am PST Summer official arrives, enjoy every minute of it and ride safe!

... and as always, thanks for watching VRIDETV

summer motorcycle ride VRIDETVcom

Father's Day

by Editor on 06/16/19

Our message to the Fathers all around the world...

fathers day motorcycle ride

Vrod headlight cowl parts

by Editor on 06/15/19

I have received a number of messages/emails on what was needed to install this cowl for a 2006 Night Rod onto a 02-06 VRSC
You can use the stock Harley-Davidson mount p/n: 69271-06 but I felt that it made the fairing sit to low on my bike showing too much of the clamshell.

The DX-TL-7  headlight bracket that allowed me to use a 7 inch headlight instead of the 5 3/4 is made by Wayne Motorsports

The 7 inch LED headlight recommended by Wayne Motorsports is the Truck-Lite 27270C but I decided to try the Phase 7 knock off that saved me approximately $200 cdn. But, in order to make that light fit I had to remove some of the middle bracing with a dremal. I wasn't worried about structural integrity because Tim's bracket is very well made.

A stock headlight seal from Harley-Davidson was need between the headlight and cowl. part number: 68134-97

A H4 to H9 H11 headlight adapter was also need, the only one I could find was for a 2014 RoadGlide but I had to remove the H9 H11 sockets because they had different alignment docks inside the sockets than my 03.

vrod headlight cowl parts

VROD headlight mounting bracket

by Editor on 06/14/19

Before and After:
In order for the headlight cowl assembly to sit where I wanted it to on my 03 Vrod, I had to put the stock Harley-Davidson mount aside and make my own mount. I started with two pieces of 2x2x1/4 inch aluminum angle, then went at it with a hacksaw, drill/bits, files, sandpaper then hand polished. (and a couple of band-aids)

Vrod headlight mount

SCHUBERTH C4 modular helmet

by Editor on 06/10/19

I've been racking up the miles with this SCHUBERTH C4 modular helmet equipped with the SC1 communication system and absolutely love it!

We had the C3 Pro for two years and it was truly the best helmet we've ever worn, so when the C4 came out we were blown away with changes the engineers made making a great helmet even better!!!

motorcycle rider at hells gate tunnel

Flashback Friday on our Vrod

by Editor on 06/07/19

Our 2003 Harley Davidson VRSCA 100th Anniversary Vrod has gone through quite the transformation over the years...

On this Flashback Friday, we invite you to visit out Project Vrod page to see all the steps that it took to get to this point..

harley davidson Vrod

Trev Deeley Motorcycles Annual Show n Shine in Vancouver

by Editor on 06/05/19

Mark your calendars for the West coast premier bike event is happening in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, the Trev Deeley's Annual Show n Shine.

SAVE THE DATE - Trev Deeley's Annual Show N' Shine returns later this year to capitalize on even better Vancouver weather! 
Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM PDT
1875 Boundary Road, Vancouver, British Columbia.

This will mark our 23rd Annual Show N' Shine. We will have judging done strictly by peoples choice with a top prize trophy & 3 runners up.  All makes & models welcome! Think your bike's got what it takes to take home the gold? Be sure to come down between 10am and 12:00pm to register your bike by donation to AIM. For our registered entrants there will be over tons of  door prizes to be won.  General public can get in the voting by earning a ballot for every 50/50 ticket they purchase from our HOG Chapter!! 

This year's activities:
* Show n' Shine Competition
* Beer Garden by: Coal Harbour Brewing Company
* Gourmet Local BBQ by: Whiskey Six BBQ
* Cigar Lounge by: tba
* HOG Chapter 50/50
* Tattoo Pop-up by: tba
* Karen's Famous Sidewalk Sale
* Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition (by Donation)
* Live Music by: The Vicious Cycles MC!

Here's the direct link to this event on Facebook

trev deeley show n shine

Vrod parts & swag from Fitzgerald Motorsports

by Editor on 06/03/19

Patience pays off...
This box of AWESOMENESS arrived from Fitzgerald Motorsports, and a Big shout out to Scott Fitzgerald for shipping it all together to save me money on the international shipping.

Carbon fiber Vrod cowl

by Editor on 06/01/19

Test fitted the 7 inch round LED headlight into the carbon fiber nose fairing from MDI Carbon Fiber using the DX-TL-7 bracket by Wayne Motorsports. Now I'm waiting on the seal that goes between the cowl and headlight, once I have that I'll take it all apart, install the seal and do the final sanding and polishing the the bracket I made that holds this unit onto the triple tree.

click here for more on Project Vrod Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber cowl

Vrod Rally

by Editor on 05/28/19

Attention all Harley - Davidson Vrod owners, the greatest Vrod rally is fast approaching...

 Midwest Thunder VRod Rally will be hosted by, Scott Fitzgerald on June-27-29 2019 at Fitzgerald Motorsports located at 1045 Stater St. Greenville Ohio, USA.
More on this family friendly event at

Vrod Rally

Motorcycle accident

by Editor on 05/24/19

This was posted on May 21, 2019 through our social media networks but wasn't able to post it until today on our blog section:

This is one of the reasons why the "Motorcycle Awareness" campaign is so important to me... 13 surgeries & almost three years in a wheelchair...
I'm so very grateful to be alive...

Twenty one years ago today I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident when a tow truck turned left in front of me and changed my life forever....

I spent the next 2 1/2 months in the hospital while doctors worked on my legs at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster and then the Burns and Plastic ward at Vancouver General Hospital.

On Aug 6th I was released and sent home in a wheelchair to build up strength to prepare for the next round of surgeries. At my first doctors appointment my orthopedic surgeon gave me two options, the first being amputation of my left leg above the knee and get me fitted for a prosthetic leg, then rehab and be up and around in 4-6 months. The second many surgeries while they rebuild my legs meaning I would be non weight bearing and stuck in the wheelchair until the bone graphs were completed. The damage to my left leg was so severe that even after all the operations were completed a full recovery wasn't even a possibility. This was complicated further by contracting the MRSA Super bug while in the hospital, the infection is in the bone. Due to the amount of surgeries that needed to be preformed it would take approximately a year and a half to complete and because of the infection there were no guarantees the leg could be saved.

I thanked him for everything he had done for me thus far and for giving me the choice, and said without a doubt option two. He asked me if I was sure because most people wouldn't want to have to go through what you're about to to try and save a leg. I told him that I'd rather try everything possible, have all the operations to rebuild my leg and if some where down the line that I did have to have it amputated because of infection then I would know it was the only option and there would be no wondering "What if." Option number one would have always had the "What if " factor and I wan't wanting to have that...

He smiled and said, "I thought so."

read more here in hospital VRIDETVcom

Vrod wheels

by Editor on 05/17/19

I finally had a chance to go for a longer ride (630 kms) to test out the wheels that Ruthless Designz cut and chromed for our Vrod camera bike. Firstly they are beautiful, the machining is precise and the chroming is flawless! Secondly the bike handles so much better on the highway because the cross winds can flow through the wheel instead of catching the air like the stock solid wheels did.
Oh my goodness I should have done this a long time ago!

Highway 3 motorcycle ride VRIDETV

Allison Lake Provincial Park

by Editor on 05/13/19

It was pretty awesome rolling into Allison Lake Provincial Park and be the only ones there!
That picnic table was a perfect spot for a saddlebag lunch.

Allison Lake British Columbia Canada

Mother's Day

by Editor on 05/12/19

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms around the world and especially to ours : )

Mothers day flowers

Motorcycle ride recommendation

by Editor on 05/11/19

Here's a motorcycle ride that will take you through mountains, alongside rivers, lakes, rolling hills, desert like conditions, canyons and seven tunnels! 
The elevation changes will have your ears popping, the temperature changes yesterday went from better do the vents up to OMG it's 37c 

Langley - Hope - Princeton - Merritt - Spences Bridge - Hope - Langley

click here for the interactive map

Motorcycle ride princeton to merritt by VRIDETVcom

Tracker Ap / Stocker Ap / Safety Ap

by Editor on 05/10/19

We take that Explorer with us on each and every ride, it's a two way satellite communicator with GPS. You can track where we are riding here

Remember to click on the map filters for current tracking.

Roadpost explorer at medicine lake VRIDETVcom

Camera bike ready for Hollywood North

by Editor on 05/09/19

Our Harley Davidson V-Rod camera bike is dialled in and ready to shoot!
We are based out of Langley British Columbia Canada and would like to offer our services to the TV & movie industry affectionally know as Hollywood North.
We use four Sony HXR-MC1 Professional video cameras and can configure them to the shot you need.

Hollywood North camera bike for hire VRIDETVcom

Vrod mirrors

by Editor on 05/08/19

Carbon fiber build update: I've decided to take off the 2003 stock V-Rod mirrors & signal lights (left) and go with the 2015 Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle mirrors with built in LED turn signals for a cleaner look.

Vrod mirrors VRIDETV

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